These are my thoughts on season five episodes. More thought coming soon!

Coming of Age

Oh good grief, Grace, how could you let him sweep you off your feet? Yikes! hee Poor Fat. I liked Hub's expression when he read the note on Fat's back. ~laughs~ That was an interesting switch in mechanics. ~blinks~ I was a little surprised that Fat wasn't aware that the boys cheated. I would've thought that Del or Max would've told Fat about it. That was nice of Van to get Fat's shoes back. I liked Hub's hat. ;)

Oh Happy Day

I wondered if May would get possesive about the wedding. It was kinda neat to see the "old" Grace pop back out. I wondered if May would have a heart attack or a stroke when Toppy told her that Grace had eloped. I thought it was neat that Hub got a letter from Patrick Mullins. I think that was a really neat idea. The little girl was cute. I loved it when Grace was talking to Fat and the lady walked by. ~laughs~ How nice of Callie to promote Honey's shop!

The Trick Cyclist

I liked the way the doctor talked. ~laughs~ Well, now we know how Toppy got her nickname. I liked it when Archie went charging into the office. hee It's too bad that WaMB was pretty much ignored with awards. I thought that Grace, Toppy, and May did an superb job acting in this episode. I found it odd that they never showed Fat visiting May. I always thought that he was pretty attached to her.

New Girls in Town: When I saw that Wanita was black I thought that May would have a fit, but she didn't really even bat an eye. I liked Max's expression when Rebecca said she was shy. ~laughs~ Poor Fat, Pritchard always gets in the way. If I remember correctly, this is the episode where Fat punches Pritchard. ha I saw that one coming. ~grins~. At first I thought the writer was going to let Fat lose! "That's not fair!" But then Fat won and I was happy. It was interesting that they had Mrs. McFarlane watch May. I wonder who decided to pick her. ~laughs~

The Spanish Prisoner

Okay, this episode exceeded my imagination- and I have a pretty good one. I presume that Nigel and the singing dude were the business partners. Ah yes, that's right, on the phone Van said Nigel. What a way to make money. ~rolls eyes~ I hope that sometime he tells Grace the truth, but I have a feeling he won't.

Marriage of True Minds

I had wondered if they would have Tommy be in an episode. There were some pretty funny lines in this episode. I think this is the episode with Hub and Laura. Laura doesn't seem quite right for Hub. I'm not sure why though. I thought it was interesting that giving the what-you-call-it was a sign of showing interest in a girl. It was a little fun watching Max get so irritated. ~laughs~

I can't remember if this is in MoTM or FGaC, but Toppy would've known about double entry book keeping! She was doing it at the mining office and said that she didn't have the head for double book entries!

For God and Country:

I knew that Max became a mayor, but I thought that it was in between season five and WaMB Christmas. I loved Callie studying the book. ~laughs~ I don't think it helped her too much. I knew she was going to go and blab to May that Hub was thinking about becoming a priest. It was nice of her to listen to Hub... Wanita seems to be pretty good for May. She's certainly not afraid of May. I was hoping that what she said to May would sink in. Oh! hee I can't remember if this episode had the part with the secret admirer letters, but that was hilarious!

Enter Eddie Jackson

I think that it was good for Fat to lose. It was neat seeing more of Eddie. I think that there could have been some interesting episodes involving him. I wonder what exactly Mr. Flett sees in the lady. She doesn't seem to be too much like Grace. I thought that it seemed a little uncharacteristic of Grace to tell Wanita to stop May's exercises. Grace usually looks on the bright side. Have Jake was, I think, a good way to place what year it was and how things were in Europe. I knew that they could have him win because I was pretty sure the Jesse Owen won. Callie was funny when Hub said "He won!" ~laughs~

The Summer Plague

I was a little disappointed that the fishing contest was canceled. I would've like to know who would've won. Poor Max! He certainly was right in trying to cancel the fishing tournament. I'm surprised that they didn't decide just to move it to a later date. Maybe though they thought that too would still be dangerous. That was great of May to lend Honey her car. I was a little surprised that after lending the car that Honey still held a grudge. I'm glad that Mr. Flett apologized to Grace. He seemed to upset with Grace, but I think that he was really upset with himself for letting Grace go.


Sadly, Travis reminded me of a Travis I know. I was a little surprised that the miners sat on strike that long. Most of them really didn't look like they wanted to be on strike and/or wanted everything that Travis was trying to get them. I thought it was interesting that the efforts that he'd been doing were actually hurting businesses. Good grief, it was about time Honey dropped her grudge with May! My mother and I both figured out that the winner of the Bell Award was going to be May. ~laughs~ The part when Maisey tries to audition was hilarious. I have a hunch though that later in the episode it wasn't her singing. The lip movements and the sound didn't quite match, but I could be wrong. I really don't know.

Cracked Mirror

I wondered if Grace would find the truth out about Van. Poor Grace... The plot with the cowboy was hilarious. Leave it to Callie to charge admittance to the interview. I loved it when Max pulled the mustache off. ~laughs~

Secrets and Lies

I felt sorry for both Grace and Van. Van isn't my favorite character, but I didn't want to see him leave... especially under those conditions. I did, however silently cheer when Grace smacked him. He did a great job with his expression. The black and white movie clips were intriguing. It's always neat seeing the actors with different hairstyles. I think Fat had Pritchard's glasses on. ~winks~ I was wondering if Van would give money to the mine, but he didn't in this episode. Maybe he will in the next episode?


I wish they would've done a little bit more with the chain letter. I would've loved to know who all Callie sent letters to. ~grins~ Yikes, Grace! You're right, Van, that wasn't the Grace Bailey you met at the beginning of the season. I had a hunch that he had already returned the money, and my mother wondered if he was the James Mainprize? the third. When I saw that there was an enlisting "center" in New Bedford I wondered if that was when Van joined. I'll have to admit, I don't really like Honey's idea of going back to college... ~ducks core samples~ I didn't realize that Max was "made" principal before the series ended. I thought that he became principal in between season five and W. Christmas.

Overall, I liked season five. ~ducks more core samples~ However, I do think that they could've ended the show much better- especially since they knew it was the last season.

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