These are my thoughts on season four episodes.

All This and Heaven Too

Every tv series has to have its escaped convicts. ~laughs~ I think they did a pretty good job with Mr. Sainsburry's make-up. I recognized him but I couldn't figure out who he was. When Grace said it- "doh!" I loved it when Grace was on top of the car. He expression was hilarious! I wondered why they chose such a small guy to be with Mr.S but when they switched clothes I realized why.

It Don't Mean a Thing

Not one of my favorite episodes but it was a nice introduction to Althea and Laura. Ah yes, this is the episode that Grace moves out. I love the part when she's in the kitchen painting her toenails and Toppy is trying to find something to eat. ~laughs~

Girl in Trouble

Poor Fat! ~laughs~ My mother had missed quite a few episodes and she was trying to figure out why Marjorie was getting so upset with Grace. I had to explain it to her. I was glad that Grace pointed out to Hub the Alice was using him...

A River Rages

When Grace was in the room with the writer I thought that I wasn't going to like the episode, but then I ended up liking it. In my opinion, this is a classic WaMB episode. It seemed to be more... Season two-ish. The others are good, but they seem to be losing a little bit of the WaMB sparkle. What a clever Grace for thinking of using the microphone! My mother hasn't been watching Wind with me and I was going to tell her that the first three episodes of season four had very little swearing. She ended up watching A River Rages with me and of course she was in the room when Archie and the writer were um... yelling at each other. If it wasn't for that moment I would really like this episode... My mother mentioned that when Hub got older he seems to be kinda crabby. I wouldn't entirely agree with that, but he has been slightly crabbier than he was....

Faith Healer

From the title I didn't think I would like this episode. I thought it might be similar to the Little House episode with a Faith Healer. I thought it was funny that Fat thought "Eve" had amnesia! :D Good ol' Grace and Toppy. I'm glad that May decided to let Grace manage her own money. You can tell when May is feeling better when she says "Get that charlatan out of my room." But overall I liked this episode. I like it that Grace got her job back at CRNB. I think that her having a job there helped the show.

The Remembrance Day

Yikes! Poor Mr. Cramp. I thought that maybe he didn't really deserve the medals because they had the wrong person! My guess was way off. When they introduced the "Peg Bowen-ish" character I didn't think I would like her, but I liked her in this episode. coughHis name starts with a "D", not a "J"!cough :D That was kinda sad that she wouldn't accept her son, but it was nice of him to come and visit her... and leave money with Grace.

The Shadow Boxer

Del! I'd forgotten that he was in one more episode. I was a little annoyed with the way Grace treated him, but I was glad for her too! ~laughs~ Her refusing him show- I think- how much she had grown and learned not to be so... naive. I cringed when Max was telling Del off. I had a feeling he was going to do that. I was afraid that Del was going to leave then and there, but I'm glad he didn't run off. Poor Fat. I sorta know what he was feeling there. I have eight brothers and I sorta know the feeling that sometimes you really want to sock them one. :b That was nice of Laura for not giving up on Alice... This episode reminded me a tiny bit of "The Champ". Mainly because a brother comes back and the other sibling chews the brother out and it had to do with boxing... wait, the other was wrestling... though they did through some punches in. :b

Murmur Most Foul

This episode is hilarious! Ten minutes into it I got my mother and rewound it back to the beginning. I take back what I said about season four. So far I like this season much better than season three (more on that after this review). This is really the Cramps season. In season two I really didn't like the Cramps, but I like them a whole lot more in this season. I love the parts where they would put Max's story into black and white and have the actors have them act it out. I would think that this must be a fun episode for the actors. I like Fat and Pritchard's trap. ~laughs~ Did anyone other than me think that after Callie said "I'll sue!" and put her head on the snow that she started cracking up and really wasn't "crying"? Just the way she did it- and her expression- made it look as though she were laughing. That's totally fine with me... I don't want to make it sound as though I disliked it! I thought it was humorous.

A Family Again

I think that Laura did a good job. I think that they did a good re-cast- better than the Cecily re-cast. ;) I didn't really have any trouble adjusting to her, but I think that's because I'd watched WaMB Christmas a few times and got used to Laura from that. I had wondered if people in the town would stay away from Honey. I liked the one lady's expression when Honey coughed. ~laughs~ That was great of Toppy to give Honey the job. It shows how much Toppy had changed. I was glad that Honey went to Alice at the train station and talked to her again. I think that what she had said to Alice earlier was partly right, but I think she said some of it because of Hub's friendship with her. The singing at the end had some interesting harmonizing.

Formal Affair

Alice, you stinker! That was so nice of May to get the suit for Hub. Ah, yes, Doris was in this episode. She got really tall! I love the part when May tells Doris what she's really like. I thought that after Doris heard that she might change a tiny bit, but nope! Ooh, I also liked the snowball fight. ~laughs~ Laura reminds me of someone, but I'm not sure if she reminds me of someone I know or someone I've seen in another movie. Her father looked rather interesting. It would've been neat to see more of him.

Foolish Heart

I would've liked to see how Grace and Toppy's skit came out. I don't really like Grace and Jim together... I actually prefer Grace and Judd more than I like Grace and Jim. ~laughs~ Jim just seemed too... stiff. The part when Grace and Pritchard were trying to convince his grandparents was hilarious. It was the best when Hub and Alice came inside. ~laughs~ I'll have to admit, in some ways I was glad that Alice left town. I don't think that there was too much left for the writers to do with her, and having her go to Toronto was a good way to write her out.

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