These are my rather shabby reviews on various episodes from season three. Eventually I'll have real reviews on all of the episodes.

The Fever

eww This is one episode I won't be rewatching for a while. When Mrs. MacFarlane and Hub went to get Alice and then they brought her back I noticed that her lipstick had disappeared. I mentioned it to my mother and she thought that perhaps Lorna made Alice take it off. If so, that was kinda neat. Oh, I also really liked Callie when she made Alice go home. I'm not a huge Callie fan, but that was one of the first times I really liked Callie. ~grins~

The Chrystal Skull

Grace and Toppy are hilarious in this episode. I'll have to admit, I was a little disappoint that (highlight) the guy ended up being Maisey's father. I was kinda hoping they wouldn't go that far. Overall though, that episode was hilarious. It was neat seing Becky Lester- errr Rubish Trammel.

Public Enemies

hrm... was this the one with Mr. Sansburry and that horrible degrade of Mr. Kendrick? eewww How gross! ~sorry, I was rather fond of the old Mr. Kendrick/Dr. Snow~ I really don't remember this episode.

New Directions

Ollie, you goober, why did you have to tell Del all of that rubbish? It was hard to see Del go! ~sniffs~ I did like Grace's line when Del finished putting the no-slip things on the stairs. "Before when walking down the stairs you really took your life into your own hands." ~laughs~

A Mission for Honey

When Maisey and Fat got locked in the movie theatre was funny. That was a neat episode. It was nice seeing Honey again. I don't think she was in any of the above episodes. I liked it that May helped Honey. You could tell that she had been rolling over what Honey had said to her.


I really liked The Marathon. I'd read in books that the U.S. would hold dancing competitions for people to try to earn money. This is kinda funny. I thought I was watching "The Strap" and Grace started talking to some guy that I didn't recognize. From reading posts on the forum I figured out that it was Jim Flett. I thought it was weird that he didn't have an introduction. As the episode continued I was trying to figure out why the episode had nothing to do with a stap. At the end of the episode I fast forwarded to the next one and it quit fast forwarding. I got really scared because I thought that the tape broke. I was thinking "Oh no! This is the only copy! My friends going to kill me!" (She really wouldn't. ;)) I then ejected the tape to look at it and realized that I watched The Marathon instead of The Strap. You have no idea how relieved I was!

The part when Grace sang "Beautiful Dreamer" was kinda sad! Any idea why they didn't show any clips of Judd? I thought that was a little odd. I can't remember if this was the episode that Grace mentioned "three bum romances". I figured it meant Judd, Ollie, and Del but then they showed clips of Ollie, Del, and Luc!

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