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Season Two

Many Happy Returns

The New Bedford Penny Carnival opens up new possibilities. May speaks with Honey and the boys for the first time since the family left May's house. Max is offered a position at a school in Albany, New York and proposes to Honey. Though the boys put up an argument, in the end they agree to the move and to Max. Fat informs May and Grace about the change and May decides 'her boys' will not move so far away. Through May's persistence, we learn the mine is having financial troubles. Finally, she bullies the school board to re-hire Max as Vice-Principal at the New Bedford School. In the meantime, Grace gets a job as a switch-board telephone operator. Max's brother, Del, arrives in an interesting state causing Honey to work some magic, including receiving May's help. May has a 'spell' outside Honey's home the morning of Max and Honey's wedding, bringing Honey and May to a new understanding.

Never Sleep Three in a Bed

It's getting awfully crowded in one apartment for the kids, Honey's Hair Salon, Max studying for his new job, and Del also sleeping on the couch. However, a solution comes forth that has everyone happy. Fat and Hub both have to figure out how they feel about their father being gone and how they feel about Max being in their life. Del shows his less than responsible side, but makes a change for the better by getting a job. More problems arise for the mine, which Bob tries to deal with alone until Grace confronts him and we find out that he and Toppy are having difficulties.

The Agony Column

Sergeant Stoneman decides to teach May a lesson about driving after she has a small fender-bender. Ollie tries to get closer to Grace. Grace loses her job at the Telephone exchange, but finds something better right away. In the end, the whole town learns something about love from an intriguing character.

Triple Trouble

A new girl, Maisey McGinty, and her Grandfather move to New Bedford and open a Pawn Shop. Turns out Leo McGinty and May have a past that Grace is dying to learn of. After some confrontations, the boys and Maisey become friends and they help her cause further hi-jinks at the St. James Mission and about town.

Summer Dreams, Summer Nightmares

The upcoming Farewell to Summer Dance has everyone thinking of having someone to take. Ollie accepts help from Del, who enlists Hub and Fat, to improve his chances with Grace. Bob finds there is a new and heavy deadline for the mine, leading to some bad decisions. An accident and injuries changes things for many. Bob and Toppy make a difficult choice to better their marriage.

The Champ

Uncle Joe Callaghan comes back to town as part of a professional touring group of Wrestlers. Del does not believe Joe is on the level, which causes tension. Hub gets to know one of the wrestlers, The Kid, well enough to influence him for the better. In the end, much trouble is avoided in town when Joe and The Kid turn a new leaf.

By Gosh or By Golly

Maisey and Fat try starting a salvage business. Honey finds out some terrific news, but helping Max with all the work he brings home almost jeopardizes it. A distinguished gentleman shows up needing work on his car. Through an overheard conversation, it is found he has high connections. The mine has been out of commission as the miners are worried the area is not safe and once again, the bank is knocking. May tries to persuade the gentleman to help the town, but it turns out it only takes her own influence.


Mrs. Whitney, the new school principal, lays down the new laws for students and teachers alike. To replace some extracurricular activities, Max devises a Career Day for students to hopefully find a goal. Fat and Maisey turn their day of learning about the New Bedford Hotel into a day of sleuthing after the Cramps, while Hub gains a new interest in and a new understanding of the mine, coming up with a plan that helps the school and keeps the mine in a good light with the town. Del and Grace's friendship reaches a new level after he begins working part-time at CRNB.

Radio Waves

Callie Cramp takes on the running of CRNB Radio station and promotes Grace to station manager. Grace and Max put together a series, him writing while she directs, and Callie manipulates Grace into canceling a show in order to put the serial on the air. Grace has to stand up to Callie in the end. Hub and Maisey get some help from Del to make a hand radio in the hopes of hearing over the airwaves about loot hidden by thieves. The two make a bad choice in order to get better reception and Hub ends up witnessing an act of vandalism. He must decide whether to tell about what he saw, thereby telling on himself.

A Ghost of a Chance

Max and Honey are off to see a publisher that wants to meet Max, leaving Grace and Del to tag-team care for the kids and the Salon. Del has a date that comes to the Salon to get "all dolled up" for the night and Grace does her best, but you have to wonder about sabotage. Mr. Cramp tells Fat a story that gets the boys and Maisey all worked up about a ghost in the hotel. Grace breaks it off with Ollie and finds out that Del was responsible for all the romantic gestures Ollie had made at the beginning.

A Meeting of the Clan

May's cousin Jessie comes to New Bedford to "get May back on track." Jessie's biggest order of business is to somehow make May realize she should enjoy the life and family around her, even going so far as to try and play matchmaker, though that backfires. Hugo Gerrard and his son, Luc come to town and wish to buy the land May has at Bass Lake. Max has an article to write for a geology magazine and in testing the equipment he must write about, he stumbles on a discovery on the Bass Lake property that might turn the tide for the Bailey Silver Dome Mine. St. Andrews Day becomes a day of celebration for the whole Bailey/Sutton family.

All That Human Hearts Endure

May makes a deal with Luc Gerrard to help the mine fight the bank. In order to elevate his interest in it, she gives Hub the shares that were intended for his father. As he is a minor, Honey has to act as his proxy and tensions rise. Due to the stress of everything, May has a heart-attack. Bob is called to return in order to figure out how to continue. May convinces Hub that she is not very sick and has him act as her eyes and ears to learn what is being discussed, leading to more troubles. Grace, encouraged by Del, finds she can do more than she knew. She and Del also explore another level in their relationship. In the meantime, Maisey is left to run the Pawn Shop for the first time and makes a bad deal that she and Fat have to fix before Leo returns.

Smiling Through

After the confrontations of the previous episode, Grace has moved to the New Bedford Hotel and May has a private nurse who lasts only so long. Cousin Jessie eventually arrives to replace her. The bank is trying to shut down the mine again so Luc offers to cover the mine's debt. To celebrate the new liberty, Grace and Luc convince May they should throw a party for the minors and their families. Callie spurs a new notion of love for Grace causing jealousies to arise. Luc's father pulls the plug on the money Luc was to give sending the mine spiraling and the bank forecloses. All seems rather lost until the newest member of the family arrives to show that life will move on no matter what happens.

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