This is my guide, written by Christy, on Wind at My Back episodes from season three.

Warning: May Contain Spoilers

The Resurrection of May

Since the bank has closed the mine, New Bedford is slowly dying. The mine workers devise one plan, while May tries selling other properties in order to raise capital to reopen the mine. The town seems to believe the Baileys are responsible for everything failing. The Gerrards return just in time to further rock the boat, trying to buy the mine and/or the Bass Lake property. Del and Grace's relationship is put to the test, but it is the two of them that investigate what's rotten. We learn a little more about May's late husband and it is a supposedly awful decision of his in the past that comes to the present rescue of the mine.

The Long Weekend

To boost the spirit of New Bedford, a Bed Race has been planned. Maisey and the boys rope Jefferson's Garage into competing. Honey and Max learn some disappointing news, which leads May to offer them the Lake house for a weekend getaway while she watches the children. Turns out the house was a popular idea that weekend and the Suttons gain a new understanding of Bob and Toppy.

The Forever Leap

Change is inevitable. Hub struggles with growing up and exerting his independence from his mother and family. The people of the town are distraught when a young girl makes them all wonder about situations they wouldn't normally consider. Toppy tries to find her footing now that she is living with May. When the old order of things ends, a new order has to form.

My Beautiful Mom

Grace has taken over from May the running of the New Bedford Fall Fair for the first time, tension still exists between Hub and Honey, and Doris, along with two friends, comes to visit Toppy. The Fall Fair lays the groundwork for the children to learn and gain a new respect for their mothers. At the same time, each mother learns to recognize the abilities of her child.

The Fever

Del tries his hand at a business along with the Cramps, however finds working with the Cramps is more than one person can handle. Hub attempts to reconnect with Alice, but realizes the cavern is wider than ever. In trying to be a friend, he makes it even worse. Fat wrestles with his conscience and with the changes he sees in Hub. Thankfully, he finally approaches Max with his questions instead of Maisey.

The Crystal Skull

The passing of a town's resident leaves May with an unlikely object, a crystal skull, fanning the flame of Grace and Toppy's curiosity of the supernatural. Meanwhile, Hub and Mr. Murphy find a settlement of squatters on the Bass Lake property. Maisey is faced with a past she was hoping to hide, leading Fat to realize more than he even considered of her background. Faced with deciding what to do with the skull, May considers throwing it in the lake. However, circumstances that help the family find the Nickel on the property changes her mind.

Public Enemies

A string of robberies in the area drives a bit of fear and hysteria in many, especially May. She begins a slight crusade against the movie theater and newspaper, claiming they are responsible for much of the violence. Grace does her best to find and teach the middle ground to her mother. Fat and Maisey lend their own trouble making abilities to the fun and a drifter arrives in the area stirring the pot just by his presence. Thing is, he belongs more than anyone realizes.

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