This is my guide on Wind at My Back episodes from season one. If you would like to write a guide and have them on my site, contact me, and I'll add them. :)

Warning: May Contain Spoilers

Four Walls and a Roof *****

Honey Bailey is after her husband Jack to quit letting people pay in a few weeks for things purchased from their hardware store. Jack checks the books and realizes that his wife is correct and finds that they are not making a profit. Unfortunately, Jack discovers this to late, and the bank closes them down. The Baileys are forced to have most of their belongings auctioned in order to pay their debts. Jack's brother, Bob, comes to North Bridge to take Jack and his family to New Bedford. Because Jack married a Catholic and is raising his three kids as Catholics, May, his mother, is extremely rude to Jack. After a quarrel at dinner, Jack leaves the house and takes the key to his mother's property at Bass Lake. Jack and his son, Hub, decide to get the boat down and catch fish for supper. Unbeknown to them, hornets have made a nest on the rope that is holding the boat, and when Jack lowers the boat, he disturbs the hornets and gets attacked. Honey and Hub carry Jack to the truck to take him to the hospital, but Jack dies on the way there. Because of May's dislike for Honey, she will not let Honey stay at her house. May will not let Honey take her three kids with her partly because May thinks that Honey can't correctly raise the kids. Honey grudgingly accepts the fact and much to Hub and Fat's dismay, Honey goes back to North Bridge.

Four Walls and a Roof *****

Much to Hub and Fat's dismay, Violet is given to the custody of an uncle and aunt who live in a nearby town. After Hub gets in to a fight with Bob's daughter, Doris, May threatens to separate Hub and Fat. Neither Hub nor Fat want to be split up and they decide to run away as soon as it's possible. Meanwhile, Honey is struggling to get a job, and her brother, Joe, is trying to find ways to get the bank off of his back. When Grace leaves Hub and Fat outside a store, Hub spots a truck that belongs to a guy who lives near the property at Bass Lake. Hub and Fat crawl into the back of his truck and ride to Bass Lake. When Grace sees that they boys have disappeared, she rushes back home, and May sends her on the bus to North Bridge to see if the boys took the bus to North Bridge so that they could live with their mother. Grace arrives safely at North Bridge- with the help of her old beau- and asks Honey where the kids are. While Hub is chopping wood, he misses and cuts his leg open. Fat starts a fire so that he can disinfect rags, but he puts too much gasoline in the fire and the stove explodes. Max Sutton, who was tying his boat up at the dock, hears the explosion and sounds the alarm. The boys get out safely and May, who was notified that there were boys on her property, arrives in time to bandage Hub's wound. While she bandages the wound, Fat tells May that if she won't let them visit their mother that they'll run away again. May softens and lets the boys visit Honey every two weeks.

No Way of Telling ****

Joe has a meeting with the back manager and learns that they've seized his apartment buildings. Joe tries to get the manager to invest in his new scheme, but the manager is uninterested. May is upset with Max Sutton for luring in transients with his soup line. May asks Max to stop, but Max refuses. Grace lets a hobo into the kitchen and gives him some food, and when May's purse can not be found, May goes to the police and tells them that the hobo has stolen her purse. Sergeant Stoneman tells May that he'll go down to the camp, but he doubts that he'll get any information from them. When the bank gets robbed, May is convinced that the transients did it, and she again asks Max to quit feeding them. A reward is offered for any information pertaining to the robbery, and Hub and Fat go to the hobo camp to see if they can learn anything. They come across the hobo that Grace let into the kitchen, but he scares them off. Hub and Fat continue searching and come across the town's trouble maker, Frank Leary. Hub and Fat, trying to protect a girl, attack him, but the older kid begins to fight them.

A Family of Independent Means *****

When May learns that Grace has been sitting with her former beau on the rides to North Bridge and back, she decides that it's time for Grace to learn how to drive the car. Unfortunately, the ride ends disastrously, leaving May in the hospital with an injury to her head and has to stay in the hospital until the end of the week. Max Sutton is faced with the possibility of the school canceling physical education and, with the help of Hub, organizes a boys olympics and has a grand prize for the best human pyramid with the best team winning twenty dollars. Honey loses her job and gives most of her money to her brother, Joe, so that he can escape.

My Dog Pal ***

Hub and Fat are caring for a often trouble-making dog, Pal. Fat gets into a yelling match with their neighbor, Dot, because Dot says some unkind things about his mother, and threatens to sic Pal on her. Because of this and the other trouble Pal has gotten the boys into, May threatens to have the dog taken to the farm, but the boys are able to convince Max to take care of the dog. Fat then has to ask forgiveness of Dot at a I.O.D.E. meeting, and he recites a poem in her honor.

Something from Nothing ******

Because Hub breaks a window pane in the French doors, May has Hub work at a farm on Saturdays. Hub thinks that the work will be easy, but he quickly discovers that it takes a lot of work to earn even a little bit of money. Fat is enthralled with the Chautauqua show that is in town, and is thrilled when he is able to have a small part in it. Honey, who has moved to Toronto, becomes ill and loses her job and place to live. The hospital she is recovering at doesn't accept charity patients, and while Honey is on the way to a mission, she is attacked and what little money she has is stolen from her. A lady comes and helps Honey to the mission. When Grace hears from Honey, she talks May into letting Honey come back to New Bedford to live with them.

Moonshine Struck ****

A new police officer, Percy, is in town and is supposed to catch the person selling moonshine in New Bedford. Percy is pompous and, much to Max and Archie's dismay, enchants the ladies with his tales. Max attempts to teach Percy a lesson by beating him in tennis, but Percy has different rules than Max, and Max quits. Honey is rather taken with Percy and thinks that the reason that Max dislikes Percy is that he is jealous of Percy. Meanwhile, Hub, Fat, and their friends find the still and take a part so that they can claim the reward. Tomboy Alice McFarlane insists on blowing the still up and because of this Hub and Fat are caught by the man. Percy is at a dance and goes back to the station to change into his uniform. Honey, who is worried about her kids, asks Max to take her to where the children are. Max hot wires Percy's car and they take that to the site. Max disarms the crazy moonshiner which makes Percy very upset.

Train to Nowhere ***

Because of a radio contest to win a car, Max writes a script for the radio show. Unfortunately, he doesn't win, but he submits his stories to other stations, but none of the stations seem to be interested. Honey talks Max into asking the Drama Club to act out one of his scripts so that it would help give him a better idea of what his plays are like. Much to Max's dismay, Toppy Bailey, the head of the Drama Club, says that she must have the leading role or else she will not let Max have use of the hall or props. Honey becomes concerned that Toppy and Archie are doing more than acting, and for a while Max dismisses the idea. When Max begins overhearing people spectating what Bob, Toppy's husband, will do when he sees the play, he too becomes concerned.

Aunt Grace's Wedding ******

May is strongly opposed to Grace's seeing Judd and does what she can to prevent Grace from seeing him. May is in the process of opening a mission home for people in the town who need a place to stay or food to eat. Because of this, May keeps Grace working there to keep her from seeing Judd, but Honey intervenes and finds ways for Grace to see Judd. Judd asks Grace to attend a wedding with him, but when May learns that there's a possibility of Judd being there she tells Grace that she needs her help with getting the mission to open that day. Honey volunteers her, Hub, and Fat to help, but May still needs Grace to help.

No Place Like Home ***

Joe Callahan comes to New Bedford and camps out in a house outside of town. Joe begins the "Bring Violet Home" fund and tries to talk Honey into buying the run-down house that he's staying in. Honey likes the idea, but knows that there is no way she can financially purchase it. Much to May's chagrin, Honey opens a beauty parlor in the kitchen of the Bailey home and begins to make money on weekends by doing hair. When men come to New Bedford looking for Joe, Hub and Fat warn Joe and Joe tells them that's he's working as an undercover policeman.

Chasing Rainbows ****

Honey's birthday is coming up and Hub and Fat begin to think of ideas to make money in order to buy her a present. Fat's idea is to shovel sidewalks, but when Hub doesn't come to help him, Fat abandons the idea. After looking at Toppy's magazine, Fat decides to make a miniature snow golf course for the bazaar that's being planned to raise money for the church mission, but when the funds for the mission are stolen, the blame is placed on May for leaving the checkbook at the mission. May then resigns her position on the board and Dot Grady no longer wants Fat to do his snow-golf course. Meanwhile, Hub is trying to get the Morrisons to let Violet come for a visit on Honey's birthday.

Moving Mountains *****

When Judd calls Grace and breaks off their engagement Grace can't face telling her mother and pretends that they're still going to get married. Hub's grades have dropped and he is put back a grade. When asked to join a secret club called "The Midnight Movers", Hub agrees to join. The club helps people who have lost everything to reposes their things and for some money, The Midnight Movers will move their belongings. Because the club does their work during the night, Hub falls asleep in class and gets into more trouble.

Back in My Arms Again ******

When Fat overhears a conversation between May and Matilda Morrison and learns that the Morrisons plan to move to Florida and take Violet with them, Fat tells Hub and with the help of Hub's tutor, they kidnap Violet. Once they bring Violet back to the Bailey house, Honey takes the children and moves into an apartment. May is furious and uses her connections to get people to cancel all of their hair appointments and Honey is left without a job. May then files a lawsuit to get custody of the children.

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