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Air Dates

When did the series originally air?
Wind at My Back premiered on CBC in December 1996, in the Sunday 7pm timeslot previously occupied by Kevin Sullivan's series "Road to Avonlea", which had ended in March of that year. CBC aired Season 1 from Dec 1996-Feb 1997 and Season 2 from Sept 1997-Dec 1997. CBC delayed renewing the series, leading to Season 3 not being aired until Spring 1999. CBC aired Season 4 in two parts: most of it in Spring 2000, and the last few episodes in fall 2000. By then, viewership for the show had dropped, perhaps due to the erratic scheduling.

When did the series end?
The fifth season of Wind at My Back aired on CBC in the 2000-2001 television season, even though the season was filmed in late summer of 1999 (the fifth season also differed in that a brand new Head Writer was brought in who had previously not written for the show). Toward the end of 2000, in the middle of airing Season 5, the CBC announced without warning that the fifth season would be Wind at My Back's last. It is unclear why no steps were taken towards a sixth season even though the fifth season finale was not intended to serve as a series finale. The last episode of the show aired on CBC on April 1, 2001, and fans were dismayed the show concluded without a proper ending.

Why did the series end?
According to Sullivan Entertainment, it was CBC's decision to end the series. Previously, they had pointed to difficulties in gaining funding from Telefilm Canada, which the funding agency denied. Meanwhile, the CBC reported in 2001 that Kevin Sullivan had intended the fifth season to be the show's last, but this contradicted what Kevin Sullivan himself stated in a newspaper interview. In a recent behind-the-scenes feature, Kevin Sullivan reiterated again that Telefilm Canada had a rule that they would only fund a series for five seasons.

Can the series be seen in the U.S.?
On January 8, 2010, BYU Television began airing Wind at My Back once a week. They stopped at the end of Season Three, and began back at Season One. BYU airs the show with no commercials and unedited.

On October 18, 2010, Inspiration Network began airing Wind at My Back on weekdays and on January 17, 2011, they reached the final episode and began back at Season One. The network also aired "A Wind at My Back Christmas" in December 2010. The episodes shown on Inspiration Network have commercials and some scenes are edited out. The Season Three "The Crystal Skull" did not air as it was deemed inappropriate for the network.

Originally, the rights to air Wind at My Back in the U.S. was held by Encore WAM!. In early 2001, Hallmark Channel (known as Odyssey Network at the time) acquired the rights to the series. Season 5 aired for the first (and only) time in the U.S. on Hallmark Channel in late August and early September of 2001. In November 2001, Hallmark Channel abruptly pulled Wind at My Back from its lineup, claiming poor ratings.

Is the CBC airing reruns of the series? Where can it be seen in Canada?
No, the CBC no longer airs the show. In recent years, reruns of the series have aired in Canada on specialty networks. Currently, reruns of Wind at My Back can be seen on Bravo Canada.

Questions and Fact about Cast and Characters
What happened to the original Honey?
Cynthia Belliveau, the original actress who played Honey, took a role on the Nickelodeon series "Caitlin's Way". She returned for some episodes in Season 3, and was written out at the end of Season 3. The character was recasted, and the new Honey was played by Laura Bruneau, who appeared in the fourth and fifth seasons of the show.

Jack Bailey (Booth Savage) and Fat Bailey (Tyrone Savage) are real-life father and son. Booth is married to Janet-Laine Green who played Eliza Pike in Sullivan's Road to Avonlea episode The Return of Gus Pike as well as Maud Montrose in Sullivan's Anne of Green Gables: A Continuing Story.

Why is Eddie Jackson (Philip Granger) in so few episodes?
Unfortunately for we WaMB fans Philip was busy filming other shows which made him unvailable to be in more than a few episodes.

Season four and five's Violet and Zach are real-life sister and brother.

Filming Locations
Season one of the series was filmed in Bowmanville and Orano, Ontario. Filming at these locations wasn't easy so in between seasons one and two a set was built in Sullivan Entertainment's backlot. From season two on the majority of the series the outdoor scenes were filmed in the backlot and the indoor scenes were filmed in studios.
The exterior May Bailey's home is the Bowmanville Museum located in Bowmanville, Ontario.
The house at Bass Lake is a hunting lodge that's located near the Brookdale Pond near Uxbridge, Ontario.

What is "A Wind at My Back Christmas"?
"A Wind at My Back Christmas" was a reunion movie filmed in September 2001 to wrap up some of the loose ends from the final episode. It aired on CBC in December 2001. Unfortunately, neither Shirley Douglas (May Bailey) nor Kathryn Greenwood (Grace Bailey) were available for the movie.

Is there any chance of another reunion movie?
As more time passes, it becomes more unlikely, but there is always a chance. Contact the CBC at and Sullivan Entertainment at to express your hope for another reunion movie.

Is the series available on DVD?
Sullivan Entertainment has released all five seasons and the Christmas reunion movie on DVD, which can be purchased from the online Sullivan Shop, or Each season has 13 episodes, which are spread over 4 disks. The extras are very limited, but the DVDs are a worthwhile purchase for fans of the series who enjoy rewatching the episodes.

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