The Long Weekend

~Toppy's Home~
Grace: ~writing~ "Dear Mother, when was the last time I wrote to you? Could it be as long ago as camp? I don't remember. But I need to write to you now. I need to write about what happened this past week. I'm sure you don't believe in fate... fate isn't a Presbyterian. But what else could it have been that touched me on that first day in April."

Grace: "The latest craze is psychoanalysis. The eminent Viennese doctor Sigmund Freud states that our inner turmoil that he calls neurosis are a result of horrible childhood events called traumas. These events are so terrible that the mind hides them from us and what do you imagine these awful memories and cures these neurosis? Psychoanalysis, but at a very ritzy price. Seems to me that a little New Bedford common sense will accomplish the same thing and it's free. This is Grace Bailey with the New Bedford View, and now, back to music."
Toppy: "Fascinating topic. I'd love to learn more about it."
Grace: "Psychoanalysis? Why?"
Toppy: "I've been wondering why I've been feeling so much turmoil in my life lately."
Grace: "Toppy, that's because lately your life has been full of turmoil."
Toppy: "True, but I sense there's something more to me than I know. Vaus is Toppy. (??) Maybe psychoanalysis can help me with my problems."
Grace: "Well, Dr. Fraud can't help me with my problem."
Toppy: "Jim Flett? I thought you two had reached an understanding."
Grace: "So did I, and when was the last time he called me? I mean, the spring dance is coming up and he hasn't even ask me yet! Anyway, I have to go sign the station log. I'll be right back."

~Main Street~
Grace: "Oh, I don't understand it. Jim was taking an interest in me. He kissed me! That was three months ago, then nothing."
Toppy: "Well, it has been a cold winter."
Grace: "Your point being."
Toppy: "Only that we've been indoors a lot and the flame of romance can't flicker when you're fighting to keep warm."
Grace: "Toppy, are you saying that romance dies when it starts to snow?"
Toppy: "Speaking of the devil."
Jim: "Good afternoon, ladies."
Grace: "Hello, Jim, haven't seen much of you lately."
Jim: "Oh, I've been about."
Toppy: "We were just talking about the spring dance. ~Grace clears her throat~ Well, we were."
Jim: "Oh, yes, the dance, I've been meaning to talk to you about that. Would you excuse us a minute?"
Toppy: "Of course!"
Jim: "Grace, about the dance."
Grace: "Well, I'm not booked."
Jim: "Well, lets just say that neither am I."
Grace: "That's a good thing! Isn't it?"
Jim: "Grace, we've had some moments together... they were good ones... well... I- I thought... Grace, you're- you're a wonderful woman."
Grace: "Thank you, why do I feel like something bad is coming?"
Jim: "I honestly thought that I'd gotten over Kathleen, I don't know... I- I really believed that I was ready to pursue you."
Grace: "Jim, you've hardly tried. How do you know until you've tried?"
Jim: "I've tried. You don't know how many times I tried to call you the last few months and as you know I didn't... I couldn't..."
Grace: "Well, thank you for being honest with me."
Jim: "I'm sorry, Grace."
~Jim walks off and Grace walks back to Toppy~
Toppy: "Grace, are you all right?"
Grace: "No!"
Toppy: "Oh!"

Honey: "That should do it! It looks lovely on you, Laura. You'll be the prettiest thing at the dance."
Laura: "Do you think Hub will like it?"
Honey: "Hub would like a housecoat if you were in it."
Althea: "You're making Laura blush."
Laura: "I don't mind."
Honey: "I'll have it finished by tomorrow."
Althea: "That's wonderful."
Honey: "Oh, Hub said that he'd meet you outside when you're finished."
Laura: "Is that all right, Mother?"
Althea: "I suppose so. I have an appointment with Pearl Disher to get my hair done. You know, I really wish you still had your salon, Honey, I'm never satisfied with Pearl's work."
Honey: "I'd love to, but most of the town thinks I'll give them tuberculosis."
Laura: "That's so ridiculous! If you were still contagious then Hub, Fat, and your how family would have gotten it!"
Honey: "You should give New Bedford lessons in logic. Anyway, none of it matters unless I can convince Callie Cramp to rent me space."
Althea: "Ah, she is stubborn one."

Fat: "Holy smokes, Mr. Abolf, look at that big puddle under the car!"
Mr Adolf: "A puddle! The puddle I'm fixing is gone! Where? A puddle under there I do not see!"
Fat: "April Fool's!"
Mr. Abolf: "Good thing for you I take a joke. I was doing the same when I was in pants like you."
Fat: "Pants?"
Mr. Abolf: "Pants... little kid."
Fat: "I'm not a little kid, I'm fourteen."
Mr. Abolf: "Fourteen! That big! Is fact?"
Fat: "Yes, it's a fact."
Mr. Abolf: "Joke played is not a big boy. Pants, yes."
Fat: "Would my mom let a kid buy a brand new pair of shoes on his own?"
Mr. Abolf: "Shoes nice! Good, big boy shoes. Strong!"
Fat: "Thanks, Mr. Abolf!"
~Fat walks away and we see a 'Kick Me' sign on his back~
~cut to back stairs~
Hub: "Hi, Fat."
Fat: "Hi, Hub. I got my new shoes. I got them myself. They're pretty strong, huh?"
Hub: "Yeah, they're pretty spiffy. Just go easy on them."
Fat: "Thanks, mom."
Hub: "I'm just reminding you to take care of them."
Fat: "I know enough to take care of new shoes."
Hub: "Okay, Fat. I'm going to go drop this off at the mine office."
~Fat turns around and Hub grabs him, then laughs~
Fat: "What?"
Hub: "Nothing!"
Fat: "I'm not a kid!"
Hub: "Okay!"

~Main Street~
~a car pulls up at the Garage~
Mr. Abolf: "It's a good car, that one. Drives strong, huh?"
Van: "You know the ol' super deluxe, do you?"
Mr. Abolf: "I know all cars. Every car up here. The books in garage, all up here."
van: "Could you change the oil and check the clutch?"
Mr. Abolf: "The clutch makes squeal noise?"
Van: "Yeah, how did you know that?"
Mr. Abolf: "All cars like that make squeal noise. It's all up here. I fix in one hour."
Van: "Good, because I need to be on the road by then."
~cut to Fat, who is walking down the seat, Maisey runs up and kicks him~
Fat: "Hey, what's the big idea?"
Maisey: "I'm just following the instructions."
Fat: "Did you put that on me?"
Maisey: "No! Honest! That's not clever enough."
Pritchard: "I pulled a good one on my dad today. I pretended that I broke my leg. He practically turned white until I screamed April Fool's."
Maisey: "Do you want to go play some April Fool's jokes, Fat?"
Fat: "That's kids stuff."
Pritchard: "You didn't think so at school."
Fat: "Well, I do. You know, in Nova Scotia April Fool's is supposed to end at twelve noon."
Maisey: "We're not in Novia Scotia, Fat."
Fat: "We should be. There's a saying, 'Play a prank past noon the only fool about is you.'"
Maisey: "What's bothering him?"
Pritchard: "Maybe his shoes are tied too tight."
~we watch Fat walking along Main Street, he watches Hub and Laura talking~
~Fat walks by an alley and sees some teens playing craps~
Boy1: "You're lost, twerp! Kindergartens that way."
Fat: "Very funny."
Boy2: "Does your mommy know you're here? Did you break out of the playpen?"
Fat: "You shooting dice?"
Boy1: "It's called craps. Are you in?"
Boy3: "Forget it! It's for money! Not candy."
Fat: "I've got money, I can play!"
Boy1: "Now, boys, we've never turned down a craps shooter with money. Aw, come on, we'll show you how to play. You're my partner for the time being. I'll show you how to play."
Boy2: "You can shoot first if that's the way you want. Now how much money have we got?"

~Main Street~
Toppy: "Feel a little better?"
Grace: "I guess it could have been worse. I could have been desperately in love with him."
Toppy: "Oh, Jim could still come around. He's a little cautious."
Grace: "Oh, caution be damned! Caution is like- like browns and grays and I'm not a gray person, I'm a color person! Bright colors! Oranges and reds and... ~sighs~"
Toppy: "Hello, Hub."
Laura: "Hi."
Grace: "That's all I want. Somebody to gaze at me like that."
Toppy: "Don't we all."
~cut to garage~
Van: "Find the trouble?"
Mr. Abolf: "Always find trouble. Good as new."
Van: "Excellent. This should cover it."
Mr. Abolf: "Thanks. You leave now?"
Van: "Yes. ~Van looks across the street and observes Grace~ No! Good lord. She's perfect! Here. Watch my car. I just found a treasure."
~Van walks across the street~
Van: "Excuse me. Forgive my intrusion. I'm told that fortune favors the brave. I certainly hope you agree because this foolish bravery compels me to ask you, are you married?"
Toppy: "She's not!"
Van: "Excellent! Dear lady, does anybody believe in love at first sight?"
Toppy: "Oh, I do!"
Van: "You see, every thing before you was happy and helpless victims. I ask you with most noble of intentions. May I have the honor of winning your heart?"
~Van kisses Grace's hand~
~Grace hiccups~

~May's Parlor~
May: "He did what?"
Maisey: "At first we thought he was April Foolin."
May: "He was that forward with Grace- a total stranger!"
Maisey: "He was very polite and very handsome!"
May: "They all are and they're the ones you have to watch out for."
Maisey: "Why, just because they're handsome?"
May: "You'll find out when you're older, Maisey. Where are they now?"
Maisey: "I think Grace took him to the hotel so that he could get a room."
May: "She's gone to a hotel alone with a strange man!?"
Maisey: "No! Toppy and Pritchard went with them."
May: "Well, we'll see about this right away."

Van: "Hi, young lady, I need suitable lodgings and they must be comparable to this beautiful, alluring, delightfully hiccuping creature."
Callie: "Grace?"
Van: "You see, you say her name and the word itself describes her. Grace."
Callie: "Well, we have the King George suite, but it's quite expensive."
Van: "Good, it's mine. My name is Vanaver Mainwairing. May I have the honor of having dinner with you this evening?"
Grace: "Uh, no, I don't think that would be a good idea."
Toppy: "Grace!"
Van: "Tomorrow evening then?"
Grace: "Really... I don't think that- Ow! Well, sure, that would be fine."
Van: "I'm relieved! I was preparing to stay until you said yes."
Grace: "Oh! ~giggles~"

Boy 1: "Come on you're on a hot streak!"
Fat: "I am?"
Boy 3: "You're on a roll!"
Boy2: "Oh! Four pass!"
Boy3: "Were you born under a lucky star?"
Fat: "You know, I guess so."
Boy1: "Keep going! I'm in for five cents!"
Boy4: "Me too!"
Boy1: "You won't clean us out will you? That won't do us a favor."
Fat: "Okay, be good or your mommy's talking to you."
Boy3: "Aww! No!"
Boy1: "You had to lose sometime, right?"
Fat: "I lost?"
Boy1: "Yeah. You could try to win your money back."
Boy3: "Hey, Shooter, what if he gets lucky again?"
Fat: "Okay, I'm still playing!"
Boy3: "Here you go."

~Flett's Apartment~
Pritchard: "Dad?"
Jim: "Hmmm?"
Prtichard: "Dad, you have to do something!"
Jim: "About what?"
Pritchard: "Miss Bailey! Some man came into town and he's trying to win her heart!"
Jim: "Just like that."
Pritchard: "He kissed her hand and everything!"
Jim: "How gentlemanly. And no doubt Miss Bailey immediately accepted his advances."
Pritchard: "Yeah! Well, sort of. First she hiccuped and then she became all smiley!"
Jim: "Well, that sounds like Miss Bailey all right."
Pritchard: "Dad, this is an emergency! I thought you liked her?"
Jim: "Miss Bailey is a very likeable woman."
Pritchard: "That's why you have to tell her before this fellow wins her heart."
Jim: "Son, if you think I'm going to fall for another of your April Fool's pranks you are mistaken."
Pritchard: "Dad! I'm serious! He gave me three dollars just to carry his bags into the hotel!"
Jim: "Where did you get all of that money?"
Pritchard: "I told you, he gave it to me! Dad, I like Miss Bailey! Can't you stop her or..."
Jim: "Miss Bailey can do as she please."
Pritchard: "But I thought you were thinking..."
Jim: "Thinking of what?"
Pritchard: "I don't know! You have to do whatever grown-ups do about girls!"
Jim: "Pritchard, Miss Bailey is an independent woman. And I'm sure she will do what's best for her."
Pritchard: "Nuts."

Boy 1: "Come on, boys, come on! Big money! AH!!! YAY! Aw, it's too bad, Bailey, really it is."
Boy 2: "Still in?"
Fat: "I don't have any more money. That was my mom's change for my new shoes!"
Boy 4: "Your moms going to hit the roof."
Boy 2: "You can't play without any money."
Boy 1: "What about that hat there? It's worth at least a dollar."
Fat: "Sure. I'm in."
Boy 2: "I don't know! Not me! Hats are always good luck."
Boy 1: "All right! Give me the dice! Come on!"
Boy 3: "Lets go, Shooter!"
~boys cheer~

Max: "Good news! I'm back and I'm bloodied from a day in the cradle of education and fit as a fiddle!"
Honey: "Hi, Max."
Max: "What's wrong?"
Honey: "I'm feeling sorry for myself."
Max: "Don't be! We've a lot to be thankful for. I'm grateful to have you in my arms. I'm grateful to lie next to you every night. I'm grateful to have you to talk with."
Honey: "Oh, Max, don't you get tired of all the struggling, all the set-backs and battles just to go from day to day?"
Max: "I think of it all of the time. Try not to dwell on it."
Honey: "We're no closer to getting our own home... we're no further from scrimping than we ever were. Is this where I'm going to end up? The back room of a dress shop sewing other people's dreams?"
Max: "No! We're going to get our house. We're going to pull out of this. Honey, times are tough for everyone."
Honey: "I could make more money if I had the salon, but that won't happen while the town still thinks I'm contagious!"
Max: "That's turning around! People are less fearful now and I think you should open the salon again."
Honey: "If Callie would rent me the space."
Max: "So lets talk to her about it. Lets not sit here, lets fight for what we want."
Honey: "I think I'm all fought out."
Max: "I'm not. We're going to pull through this and we're going to get your salon back."

~Toppy's Parlor~
Toppy: "Would you calm down, he's only a man! A gorgeous man, I'll grant that."
Grace: "How am I supposed to calm down, I have goosebumps all over my body! Oh, Toppy, you can't imagine how I felt when he kissed my hand!"
Toppy: "Oh yes I can, I felt something too and he barely looked at me!"
May: "Grace Bailey! What on earth is going on?"
Grace: "Mother."
May: "Is it true that a total stranger drove into town and made romantic advances towards you?"
Grace: "Who told you that? He didn't make advances!"
May: "Maisey said he was babbling about love at first sight and winning your heart. If that isn't making romantic advances, what is?"
Toppy: "It- it was just hyperbole, wasn't it, Grace?"
Grace: "He was very polite, Mother, and Toppy was there with me so it's not as if I were all by myself with him."
May: "Well, who is he then? Where's he from?"
Toppy: "He said he's from San Francisco."
May: "An American. That accounts for his cheekiness. And what did he tell you about himself?"
Grace: "Mother! Nothing! I talked to him for about ten or fifteen minutes."
May: "And you had the good sense to dismiss him."
Grace: "Ah... No! I- I am having dinner with him tomorrow night."
May: "Oh, Grace, we've been through all this before. Weren't you beginning to see that teacher, that Mr. Flett?"
Grace: "Well, you're a little behind on the news, Mother. He just told me he couldn't see his way clear to continue."
May: "Oh. I see. All the more reason to act with caution."
Grace: "There's that word again."
May: "Grace, I don't want you to make another foolish mistake with a man that you know absolutely nothing about."
Grace: "Mother, I'm just having dinner with him. Besides, maybe I feel like being foolish. Maybe being foolish is just what I need to do."
Toppy: "And you might feel differently after you meet him, Mother Bailey."
May: "We'll see."

~Fat walks out, looks down at his bare feet~

Max: "The salon doesn't have to be as large as before! Honey only needs two chairs."
Honey: "You can still have your counter in there."
Callie: "I can't have the whole hotel under suspicion!"
Honey: "Suspicion of what?"
Callie: "Why, Honey, your illness of course!"
Honey: "But I'm cured!"
Max: "If Honey were still contagious don't you think the whole family would be sick?"
Alden: "Makes sense to me."
Callie: "Oh, quiet, Alden."
Alden: "Well, the space is going to waste! You might as well get some rent for it!"
Callie: "Alden! Stay out of this!"
Honey: "Just two chairs, that's all I'll need."
Callie: "Oh, I don't know... I'll think about it."
Honey: "Thank you."

~Sutton Apartment~
~Fat sits on his bed and pulls out his old shoes and looks at them~

~May's Home~
Maisey: "Bye, Mrs. Bailey."
May: "Good bye, Maisey."
May: ~on phone~ "Alden, it's May Bailey. Put me through to Mr. Mainwairing."

~Sutton Apartment~
Honey: "Make sure you eat it all, Violet."
Violet: "I will, Mommy."
Max: "I'm contacting the sanitarium this morning to get you ah, uh, certificate to show that you're fully recovered. Whom do I speak to?"
Honey: "Uh, you should talk to Tommy."
Max: "Tommy."
Honey: "Doctor Asher."
Max: "Tommy Asher."
Honey: "Doctor Thomas Asher. He was in charge of my section. Or Dr. Edward Wilhem. He's the director."
Max: "We're going to get you an official clean bill of host and then post in the town for everyone to see. Morning, Fat."
Honey: "Here's your breakfast."
Fat: "Oh, I'm not hungry."
Max: "You have to eat something."
Honey: "Fat, why are you wearing those ratty, old shoes? Put on your new ones."
Fat: "Uh, the shoes didn't come in. Mr. Estace said they should arrive in a day or so."

~Back Steps~
Hub: "Hey, Fat, what happened? You had those shoes yesterday."
Fat: "No, I didn't!"
Hub: "Yes, you did. I saw them. Why did you tell mom they weren't in the store."
Fat: "Because I didn't know what else to tell her."
Hub: "What happened?"
Fat: "I lost them in a crap game."
Hub: "Oh, no, the one-shooter ones down in the alley? Why'd you do it, Fat, you know how hard mom and Max have to work for that money."
Fat: "I know! I didn't do it on purpose!"
Hub: "Well, we've got to get the back!"
Fat: "How?"
Hub: "Everyone except you knows that games crooked. I'll go in and make them give them back."
Fat: "I don't want you to fight my battles."
Hub: "I'm your brother."
Fat: "I don't care! We never do anything together anymore!"
Hub: "Well, that's be- You know why that is!"
Fat: "Because I'm a kid and you're not. I can get them back myself."

~we see Van watching~
~we hear the boys playing~ Boy1: "Back for more, huh?"
Fat: "I want my shoes back!"
Boy3: "Yes, sir! Right away, sir!"
Fat: "Come on, my Mom will kill me if I don't have my new shoes!"
Boy1: "Well, I'll tell you what I'm going to let you do. I'll let you try to win them back, but that's it."
Fat: "My brother says that this is a crooked game."
Boy2: "Crooked! I'm insulted!"
Fat: "Come on, I'll do anything to even up- do your homework, run errands."
Boy2: "Homework... does it look like we care about homework?"
Boy1: "Why don't you get your money from your aunt Grace. She's rich, right?"
Fat: "She's not rich!"
Boy1: "Oh, that's too bad. No money, no shoes. Good bye."
Boy4: "He wants the shoes!"
Boy1: "Yeah, make me some more money, boys, here we go."

~Tea Room~
May: "Mr. Mainwairing."
Van: "Mrs. Bailey, I presume."
May: "I can seat myself, thank you."
Van: "Well, I can see where Grace gets her beauty."
May: "I'm not so easily flattered, Mr. Mainwairing. Better men than you have tried and failed."
Van: "It's not flattery, it's observation. Anyway, I'm very pleased you asked to meet me."
May: "I'm not so sure you'll say the same when we're through. I'll get to the point. Who are you?"
Van: "You wish to evaluate my pedigree."
May: "I want to meet the man who has taken such a sudden interest in my daughter."
Van: "It runs deeper than just an interest, Mrs. Bailey. I have nothing but honorable intentions toward Grace."
May: "So have many others. Some of them nothing more than fortune hunters."
Van: "Fortune hunters. Mrs. Bailey, I don't know your net-worth, but I'll wager that my family could buy the entire town of New Bedford and have enough reaming to do it again."
May: "My daughter tells me you're an American from San Francisco."
Van: "I'm originally from England. My great-great-grandfather was an impoverished second son. Striking it out in his own he struck it rich in the gold rush of '49."
May: "Gold. The family's in mining."
Van: "We've been in everything."
May: "Everything as in."
Van: "As in everything that will generate income. Diversification, that's the key."
May: "And what about you, Mr. Mainwairing? What do you do? Live off of the family fortune?"
Van: "No, I keep myself quite busy with ventures that strike my fancy. A bit of this, a bit of that. Imports, exports. You understand."
May: "I see. Are you in Canada on business?"
Van: "As long as the right pieces fall into place, yes. Otherwise I'm quite content to enjoy your country's beauty."
May: "You seem very sure of yourself."
Van: "I like to think so."
May: "And very evasive. I know less about you now than I did before we met."
Van: "I don't know why you'd say that. My life is an open book."
May: "So you say. I'm not sure it's a book I'd like to read. Good day, Mr. Mainwairing."

~Toppy's Home~
Grace: "You're sure I should be wearing the floral?"
Toppy: "It's looks stunning on you. Mind you, the other one looks nice too."
Grace: "The blue one! The one that I said! Well then, I'll change to the blue one!"
Toppy: "Too late! He's here! You look lovely. Compose yourself."
Grace: "Don't hiccup! Don't hiccup!"
~Van has a bouquet of flowers~
Van: "This came in on the train from Toronto."
Grace: "They're breathtaking."
Van: "Could I choose anything less? You look beautiful."
Grace: "Thanks so do you! I mean handsome- I mean, it's a beautiful jacket."
Van: "Oh, this? I won at Monte Carlo."
Grace: "Monte Carlo! Have you been at the casino?"
Van: "Oh, yes. Well, I was challenged by this obnoxious ?? manufacturer. It was kind of unfair really, I'm um... I'm pretty good at a gentleman's roll of the dice."
Toppy: "I'll put these in some water and you two can be on your way."

~Collage of Tea Room Scenes~
Grace: "Where is everybody?"
Van: "Just you and me. And the waiter. And the maestro. And my personal chef is preparing our dinner."
Grace: "Where did they all come from?"
Van: "Toronto, with the flowers. Do you like to dance?"
Grace: "Oh, I love to dance!"
~the maestro plays and Grace and Van dance~
~Alden and Callie peak around the corner~
Callie: "What does he see in her?"
Alden: "He's spending a lot of money to find out!"
~morph into another night~
Van: "You have the most charming habit."
Grace: "Which is?"
Van: "Well, whenever you take food on your fork- quite neatly, I've noticed- you tap the plate twice."
Grace: "I do not!"
~Grace goes to take a forkful and taps the plate twice~
Van: "The taps help launch the fork right into that very beautiful, delicate mouth of yours."
Grace: "Well, now I'm not going to be able to eat anything in front of you. How do you notice all of these little things, Van?"
Van: "I usually do, it's just that with you the skill is heightened. I hope you'll reciprocate it."
Grace: "No, I haven't been able to notice anything about you."
Van: "Oh, that's too bad. I'm disappointed."
Grace: "No, it's good! This has all been so overwhelming! I haven't been able to notice details. I'm still trying to catch my breath."
Van: "I'm sorry."
Grace: "No, don't be. It's so exciting and it's very flattering."
~morph into another night~
Grace: "I've noticed something about you."
Van: "Oh, that means I'm not overwhelming you any longer. That's not good."
Grace: "You frown."
Van: "I do?"
Grace: "Yes! See! You do! When you don't have the right answer for something you frown! You make faces when you're thinking about something to say."
Van: "It looks better on you than it does on me."
~morph into another night, we watch them dance~
~morph into another night, we see them dancing the Charleston at a club~
~morph into another night/scene, we watch Grace attempting to play the violin~
~morph into another scene, Grace and Van are walking in New Bedford and Jim observes them~
~cut to Van and Grace in Van's car~
Van: "I have something for you."
~Grace gasps~
Grace: "Oh, Van!"
~we see a ring~
~Grace gasps again~
Van: "Will you marry me?"

~Toppy's Home~
~Grace is at a desk writing~
Grace: "I can't remember a week when I was happier. Van is exciting, attentive and he makes me laugh. He brings out the best in me. I don't feel or act so scatterbrained. Mother, with him I feel... I feel like the adult you've rarely given me the chance to be, mistakes and all."

Van: "The hotel manager's wife- is she always that cranky?"
Grace: "Callie Cramp? Yes! Mind you, we have kept her up to three a.m. several nights this week."
Van: "Yeah, well, I never seem ready to leave you for the evening."
Grace: "I'm glad you're so persistent. And I've never seen New Bedford at that time of the morning."
Van: "New Bedford. Is this where you want to spend the rest of your life?"
Grace: ~sighs~ "No. I hope not."
Van: "Then marry me."
Grace: "Oh, if you only knew how much I wanted to and how afraid I am to say yes."
Van: "Why?"
Grace: "Because I'm not a blushing, young thing, you know- well, I take that back. I am a blushing thing. I've been so close to marriage before and... I guess somewhere along the way I just resigned myself to remaining single. Dr. Fraud calls that a defense mechanism. It was my protective covering and it was very comfortable until you came along."
Van: "Grace, I want you to wash the past away like you're erasing a back mark. Get a whole, clean, fresh start until I was the first person to ask you to marry me. What would your answer be?"
Grace: "Yes."
Van: "Well, you certainly made short work of the protective covering, didn't you?"
Grace: "Give me by the end of the day and I'll have an answer for you."

~Sutton Apartment~
Max: "Honey, I have to run. Oh, Honey, I'm expecting a reply from the sanitarium. Do you mind stopping by the telegraph office to get it?"
Honey: "Sure. I still think it will take more than that to convince Callie to rent me the space."
Max: "Well, it will help. I'm not sure Callie's the one we need to convince."
Honey: "What do you mean?"
Max: "Just a little idea I've been working on."
Hub: "You're going to get the salon back, right Mom?"
Max: "We're trying!"
Honey: "Oh, and, Fat, I'll be near the shoe store. Do you want me to check up on your shoes?"
Fat: "No! I really want to do it myself."
Max: "Growing up."
Violet: "Mommy and Daddy are kissing!"
Honey: "Lets go out in the hallway where we have a little more privacy."
Violet: "I want to see!"
~they exit~
Hub: "What are you going to do about the shoes, Fat? You've got to get the back!"
Fat: "I can't, I've already tried."
Hub: "What are you going to tell mom?"
Fat: "The truth, I guess."
Hub: "Look, why don't you let my try getting them back for you?"
Fat: "No! I don't want to be the little kid who needed his brother's help."
Hub: "Fat, we're brothers, that's what we do. We help each other."
Fat: "No, then everyone will think I'm just a little kid!"
Hub: "You know, Fat, in the big picture around here I'm a little kid too."

~May's Home~
May: "Maisey, isn't it a little early for you to be home from school?"
Grace: "It isn't Maisey."
May: "Oh! Good afternoon, Grace! Have you come to your sense."
Grace: "I'm not sure, which is why I need to talk to you."
May: "If it's about that impudent scallywag you've been cavorting with I'm not interested."
Grace: "It is about Van. May I sit?"
May: "This was your home once, Grace. It still is."
Grace: "Well... Van has asked me to marry him."
May: "You refused, of course."
Grace: "No, I haven't decided yet."
May: "Thank the Lord for small favors. Under no circumstances are you to marry that man."
Grace: "Even if I think that I love him?"
May: "That's preposterous, Grace! You've only known him for five days. Love takes a life time."
Grace: "I know that and I don't expect you to understand my feelings, but I was just hoping that you would approve if I did say yes."
May: "Never!"
Grace: "Mother, I didn't come here to beg you for your blessing, I came here as your daughter who loves you. Wouldn't you like to see me married and happy?"
May: "It's always been my wish, but this is not the time nor the man."
Grace: "Well then, I guess I'll have to make this decision on my own."
May: "Grace, don't do something you'll regret."
Grace: "I've done that all of my life, why should I change now?"

Van: "Hello, boys. How's the game?"
Boy 4: "Who are you?"
Van: "A player. Can I fit myself in?"
Boy1: "Well, no. We, uh... we don't play with strangers."
Van: "I understand. Allow me to introduce myself."
~Van pulls out a wad of cash~
Boy1: "Well, I- I mean, uh... it's your funeral, right? And for you a fresh pair of dice."
Van: "Don't put yourself out on my account. Those will do just fine."
~Van motions to a pair of dice in another boys' hand~
Boy1: "Your roll."

Max: "Alden!"
Alden: "Oh, hello, Max."
Max: "I need some advice on the story I'm writing."
Alden: "I'm not saying I'm an expert at writing fiction."
Max: "No, no, no! What I want is your grasp of people's character."
Alden: "Well, these eyes have seen all kinds!"
Max: "Especially your own! See, the man I'm writing about, he's weak, you know... he allows his wife to make all the family decisions. She does all the talking. She ignores his opinions. You know the kind of man, hen pecked."
Alden: "You're not saying I'm that kind of man, are you?"
Max: "No, no, no! You're far from it! You're quite the opposite, but that's why I need your perspective so I can understand what not to do."
Alden: "Oh. It makes sense, I guess. Well, the first thing is... uh, always speak your mind."
Max: "Good."
Alden: "And, uh, and if you've got some strong ideas then act on them. Don't let them rot in the attic."
Max: "Well, that's a wonderful way to put it."
Alden: "Don't let yourself be pushed around. Now, that's something I learned in the army. You can't let yourself be pushed around. You've gotta stand up for what you believe no matter what the consequences."
Max: "That's excellent advice, Alden."
Alden: "I pity the codger that lets the others decide for him."
Max: "You see, that's why I wanted to talk to you. I'm going to write this poor soul completely the opposite of what you've told me. Much obliged."
Alden: "What are you going to be calling this story?"
Max: "I think I'll call it Alden's Way."
Alden: "Like it. Like it."

Van: "Thanks, boys! Better luck next time."
~Van exits the alley with an arm full of clothes- he digs through the clothes and takes Fat's hat and shoes~
~Van walks away and we see the boys make a mad rush to grab their clothes~

~Sutton Apartment~
~Fat goes to enter the front door and sees his shoes and hat~
Fat: "Hub!"

Honey: "Callie, I just got a notice from the Sanitarium."
Callie: "Oh, that's nice."
Honey: "Look, proof that I've been cured. It's from the medical director."
Alden: "It says she's in perfect health!"
Callie: "Alden, mind your business!"
Honey: "Isn't that assurance enough that I'm not going to infect anyone?"
Callie: "I'm not doctor, Honey, all this medical talk is beyond me if you want to know the truth."
Honey: "It's in plain English, what more do you need?"
Alden: "Nothing! You can have the salon."
Callie: "Alden!"
Alden: "My mind is made up! Anyone can see she's not going to infect anybody! You can start whenever you like."
Honey: "Thank you, Mr. Cramp! Thank you!"
Alden: "You tell Max Alden said so!"
~Callie glares at Alden~

~Sutton Apartment~
Honey: "I have the salon back! I have it back!"
Max: "That's wonderful! See, we fought for something and we got it!"
Honey: "Thank you, Max!"
Max: "It's worth it to see that smile."
Hub: "Wow, everyone's in a good mood."
Fat: "Mom got her salon back!"
Hub: "Hey, that's great!"
Honey: "Fat, you got your new shoes!"
Fat: "Yeah, aren't they nice?"
Honey: "But sweetheart, they're already scuffed!"
Fat: "Don't worry, I'll shine them up!"
Honey: "Come on, lets get your brother. You two need a good bath."
Hub: "So? How'd you do it?"
Fat: "It's okay, you don't have to pretend."
Hub: "Pretend what?"
Fat: "You got them back for me!"
Hub: "I didn't!"
Fat: "Okay, if that's your story."
Hub: "It's the truth. How'd you get them back?"
Fat: "I came home from school and there they were, in the hall in front of the door! As if you didn't know."
Hub: "I don't! Really!"
Fat: "I was mad at first but then I realized how lucky I was to have a brother like you."

~Toppy's Home~
Grace: ~writing~ "I'm old fashioned enough to want my mother to be a part of my decision to marry, but it isn't meant to be, is it? When I thought about accepting Van's proposal I felt sad about leaving Toppy, Max, Honey, and the children... I felt sad to leave you too, but I also felt relief. That's not the legacy I want between us, but there it is. And that saddens me most of all. Your loving daughter, Grace."
~Van enters~
Van: "At the end of the day you promised me an answer. Will you marry me?"
Grace: "Yes. Yes!"

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