New Directions

~May's Home~
Grace: "It was such a cold night! That poor boy's parents, they must be out of their minds with worry. What if it were Hub or Fat?"
May: "Haven't they found the boy yet?"
Grace: "No, a call just came over the radio for more men. They combed the bush north of town all night."
May: "Why can't parents keep a proper eye on their children. What was he doing out there?"
Grace: "Mother, I don't know."
May: "You said they need more searchers."
Grace: "I don't think they meant us."
May: "Grace, I'm going down to the mining office now. I'll have George release some of the men on shift. Lord knows they're having little enough success down in the mine."
Grace: "Out in the bush in this weather! It could snow again!"
May: "Grace, dear, we can only pray that they find the poor boy... and soon."

~Silver Dome~
George: "?? in the wilderness... those searchers have got a lot of ground to cover out there."
May: "That boy couldn't have gone far... walking in circles, more likely."
George: "Lets hope so. Mrs. B, with silver prices still on the floor we're barely pulling the ore out of here to cover our labor costs. Vultures are ready to pounce, Mrs. B. There's a fellow from Rockwood Mining nosing around here just this week."
May: "Yes, well, we'll let the vultures we're not dead yet, not by a long shot."
George: "Still, I'm not looking forward to the next investors meeting. What are we going to tell them?"
May: "We'll tell them it's time to suspend Silver Dome diggings and move the operations to Bass Lake."
George: "Mrs. B, we only broke ground there a month ago."
May: "All the more reason to lay on steam, George. Nickels paying top dollar."
George: "Well, yes... but where are we going to get the operation capital?"
May: "George, I'll go the bank and reinstate our line of credit."
George: "Mrs. B, you are a brute for punishment."
May: "The Lord hates a quitter, George. We're moving to Bass Lake."

~Tea Room~
~Grace is looking at wedding dresses in Tinsel Times~
Libby: "Can I get you another cocoa, Grace?"
Grace: "Oh, no thank you, Libby, I'm happy waiting for my mother."
~the two look into the hotel entry way~
Lady: "O.S. They found him!"
Libby: "Grace! They've found the boy!"

~Main Street~
Fat: "They're here! They're back! They've found him! They're back! They're back! They've found him!"
Lady: "Oh, there he is!"
Lady: "Where have you been?"
Max: "He had taken shelter by a hunting a cabin just east of town."
Del: "I think he's just wore out, ma'am, but I'd check with Dr. Barlow to be sure."
Max: "Three kids in one year... somethings got to be done."
Hub: "Like what? Max, it's easy to get lost."
Del: "Overseas we used to say that you're never lost if you know where you're going and you know where you've been. You're just somewhere between two points."
Fat: "Is that a joke?"
Max: "Your uncle Del's a whiz-bang with a compass and a map, boys."
Del: "It's called orienteering."
Max: "Say, Del, how would feel about teaching orienteering. to some of these kids?"
Del: "Sure!"
Hub: "What is orienteering.?"
Del: "A manly art, my boy, a manly art!"
Max: "Good one!"

May: "Carlisle! What a surprise!"
Carlisle: "May!"
May: "Oh, pardon me! It's Senator Woodman now, isn't it?"
Carlisle: "Just plain, ol' Carlisle to you, May."
May: "Oh, it's been far too long. What brings you back to your dear, old riding??."
Carlisle: "I'm helping my son with his campaign, actually."
May: "Which, Maurice?"
Carlisle: "He's announcing his candidacy tomorrow."
May: "He's running in the bi-election."
Carlisle: "As your new Tory representative."
May: "He wouldn't be a Grit, now, would he?"
Carlisle: "I don't think the liberals have even candidated yet."
May: "And they needent bother. Oh, my heartiest congratulations, Carlisle!"
Carlisle: "Listen, May, Maurice is coming in tonight in time for dinner. Why don't you join us here?"
May: "Oh, I wouldn't hear of it! You're in my town of New Bedford. Come to our house, both of you. No argument! Six o'clock."
Carlisle: "We'll look forward to it. Thank you."
May: "Excellent!"

Hub: "So, it's a compass."
Del: "But do you know how to use it?"
Fat: "You just hold it steady and it points you north."
Max: "And how is that going to keep you from getting lost?"
Hub: "Well, you have to know more stuff, I guess."
Maisey: "Yeah, like where's town."
Fat: "Oh, you're just a barrel of laughs."
Del: "Oh, Maisey's not far off. You need to know where the town is relative to your position. For example, what is the bearing of the gazebo there. Hey, Gracie!"
Grace: "Hi, what are you doing?"
Fat: "Orienteering."
Grace: "Oh, that's nice. Well, don't let me get in the way."
Del: "Uh, we need to get more of these if we're going to do this right."
Max: "I'll as around and see if I can scrape up a few more."
Grace: "Actually, sorry, Del, can I have a few words with you? I'm sorry."
Del: "Well sure! Brother, could you take over for a few minutes?"
Max: "Sure! Guys in relation to where we are what is the bearing of the gazebo?"
Fat: "Well, I think the little needlepoint there matches the degree in the compass and that should show us something..."
Hub: "About forty-two degrees..."
~cut to Grace and Del in Garage~
Del: "Is this about dinner tonight with mother? I promise to get the grease out from under my nails."
Grace: "Actually, there's been a slight change of plans."
Ollie: "Hi, Grace!"
Grace: "Hi, Ollie!"
Ollie: "How's things?"
Grace: "Oh, just fine. Uh, thank you. Mother has a couple of guests in town and she was wondering if we could postpone dinner."
Del: "Yeah, no problem. You want to do something else?"
Grace: "Well, she wants me to be there because Toppy's in the city visiting Doris and it's an awful lot of work for Mother so... but you and I can get together to do something tomorrow!"
Del: "Tomorrow? Sure."
Grace: "It's just Senator Woodman and his son. They're old family friends, you know, and Mother... asked me to be there."
Del: "Yeah, I can see where I wouldn't fit in."
Grace: "Del, don't be silly. It's not like that at all. I think that Mother has business... or... I don't know, but you'd be bored to bits! I know that I will be!"
Del: "Hey, it's okay, I understand. It's okay!"
Grace: "Are you sure?"
Del: "Yeah!"
Grace: "Are you sure, sure?"
Del: ~chuckles~ "I'm sure, sure."
Grace: "I'll talk to you later."
Del: "Okay. Coffee?"
Ollie: "Uh, yeah, sure."

~Main Street~
Maisey: "So from the Hotel to the Gazebo is about eighty-five degrees, right?"
Hub: "Yup, that's what it looks like."
Maisey: "Told ya I could do it!"
May: "Hubert! Henry!"
Hub: "Hello, Grandmother."
Fat: "Hi, Grandma."
May: "Excuse us, Maisey, but I need to take the boys along with me."
Maisey: "All right. I'll hold the compass."
May: "Come along!"
Fat: "What is it, Grandma?"
May: "It has occurred to me that none of you boys have a bank account of your own."
Fat: "What would we put in it?"
May: "There's no time like the present to learn about the benefits about investing in the future. Come along."

~Royal Dominion~
Teller: "Good afternoon, Mrs. Bailey."
May: "Good day! You have two new depositors. I want to open an account for each of them... on their own, mind."
Hub and Fat: "Thank you, Grandma!"
May: "Now, you're not to spend this money, you understand. And when you can you add some until you build up your savings."
Hub: "Yes, Grandmother."
May: "Excuse me. Now, you explain it all to them properly. Benjamin."
Benjamin.: "May."
May: "These boys are the future of your bank. The third generation of the Baileys. I trust you've arranged a meeting for tomorrow?"
Benjamin.: "Your timing is excellent timing, Mrs. Bailey. As matter of fact Mr. Sainsbury was already on his way up to New Bedford on other business."
MAy: "Sainsbury."
Benjamen: "He's still the regional manager and it's still his approval you require."
May: "Yes, Benjamin, we'll see about that. There, boys, we're ready to go?"
~cut to Benjamin's office~
Sainsbury: "So Mrs. Bailey pays us a visit."
Benjamin: "Yes. Just confirming that our meeting is still on for tomorrow."
Sainsbury: "Oh, it is on and I look forward to settling this Bailey business once and for all."

~Outside the Bank~
Angus: "There you go."
Man: "Thank you!"
Angus: "Thanks for lunch."
Woman: "Thanks."
Fat: "Wow! My very own bank account!"
Politician: "Oh, excuse me, I'd to uh- oh, Mrs. Bailey! I- I don't know if we've met formerly. Angus Hardy. I used to work for your company in the mine."
May: "Oh, yes."
Angus: "And I hope to represent this riding after the bi-election."
May: "Young man, this contingency has voted conservative since it was formed. Why you liberals keep coming back to take such whipping... shows gumption, if nothing else."
Angus: "I'm not liberal, Mrs. Bailey. I representative the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation."
May: "I beg your pardon!"
Angus: "We're a new party, and I'm new to politics period. New Bedford... this whole, blessed country needs fundamental change. I'd be pleased if you'd consider me as your candidate."
May: "The CCF? That Prairie Party?"
Angus: "You know us?"
May: "Young man, I have no intention of helping a band of Bolsheviks overthrowing this government. Boys, come along."
Angus: "We're not Bolsheviks, Mrs. Bailey! We believe in government that puts the needs of the government first! We believe in necessary change in democratic means."
May: "Now I'll tell you what I believe. I believe you served this community better when you worked down in the mine. Good day."

~May's Home~
Grace: "Senator Woodman! It's so good to see you again! Please, come in!"
Carlisle: "Grace, you only get lovelier! Has no one snatched you up yet?"
Grace: "Not yet, Senator."
Carlisle: "You remember my son, Maurice?"
Grace: "Hello."
Maurice: "Good evening. What a beautiful home! I remember the last time we were here I was ten or twelve and we slid down these banisters together, didn't we?"
Grace: "Oh, that couldn't have been me! Can I take your coats?"

~Hotel Lobby~
Ollie: "Hey listen, before we hit the billiards lets say we step into the tap room for a... little libation."
Del: "You're going to have to spot me."
Ollie: "I don't mind."
Del: "Okay."
Ollie: "Hang on a second. How much do you have on back wages?"
Del: "What'd you do, knock over a bank or something?"
Ollie: "How much?"
Del: "I don't know... um... maybe... um... thirty-five bucks, but like I said, when you've got it."
Ollie: "I've got it, I've got it! I've managed to sell that old Ford truck of mine finally. Here. That's everything I've got."
Del: "Are you sure about this?"
Ollie: "I'm sure. You take it; you earned it."
Del: "Okay, we start clean again."
Ollie: "Uh, Del, uh wait a minute... there isn't going to be an again, Del. The business isn't getting any better... well, I- I wish I had more work to offer you... I'm sorry."
Del: "Hey, I understand. I guess I'll spot the beer."
Ollie: "You know, Del... I- I'm stuck in this place, but you've got a whole future. If I was you I'd take that money and I'd go to Windsor, maybe. Get a plant job... one of those automobile plants! There's not an automobile you can't work wonders with... and that's the truth!"
Del: "Ollie, I've got a thing going here."
Ollie: "Grace?"
Del: "Yeah."
Ollie: "Well... are you going to marry her?"
Del: "I guess that's between me and Grace."
Ollie: "Uh, Del... she's having dinner with the Senator tonight... I mean... not matter what you feel now, what is it going to be like living in a cold-water flat with a bathroom down the hall? For crying out loud, Del, you- you sleep on your brother's sofa... I mean, no offense..."
Del: "Yeah, no offense."
Ollie: "I'm not trying to get you worked up, Del. I just don't think you know what you're doing."
Del: "You're out of line, Ollie."
Ollie: "Well, I'm sorry you feel that way."
Del: "You still carrying a torch for her, huh?"
Ollie: "Del, I'm just saying the facts is all."

~May's Home~
Maurice: "The balls in Ottawa in the winter, why I almost lived in my coat and tails! But, they can be an awful bore!"
Grace: "I'm sure!"
Maurice: "But one must do the rounds on the hill... the demands of political life."
May: "You may not find it quite so interesting representing this district, Maurice."
Maurice: "No doubt I'll have to maintain my house in Ottawa, Mrs. Bailey, but I'll visit the district as much as possible."
May: "Well, you'll always have a home here."
Carlisle: "I held this office for four years, Maurice, and I have no doubt you'll do the same."
May: "Hear, hear!"
Carlisle: "And I owe my success in no small measure to the tireless support of the Bailey clan."
May: "Carlisle! This has always been true Tory-blue country."
Maurice: "Well, I hope that we can count on your continued support, Mrs. Bailey."
May: "Certainly. Grace, why don't you take Maurice into the parlor for coffee. I need to have a brief discussion with the Senator."
Grace: "Of course. Maurice."
~they leave the room~
Maurice: "You and your mother must come up to Ottawa and dine at the Rito Club."
Grace: "The Rito Club?"
Maurice: "The most exclusive club in the country- members only, you know."
Grace: "Of course, silly me."
~cut back to dining room~
Carlise: "Now, May, don't offend me by calling it a favor. Whatever I can do, consider it done."
May: "I've read you're now on the board of directors at the Royal Dominion Bank, Carlisle."
Carlisle: "One of the benefits of the Senatorship... yes, for the last few months."
May: "I'm shifting operations here... opening a new pit head which requires a line of credit. I can show you the essay reports."
Carlisle: "May, if you think it's worth developing, that's good enough for me. Let me... put in a well-placed word."
May: "Thank you."
Carlisle: "Done."
May: "Shall we join the others?"

~Sutton Apartment~
Del: ~on phone~ "Ollie doesn't have any more work for me... so... I guess that's it."
Grace: "You'll find something."
Del: "Yeah."
Grace: "Don't worry."
May: V.O. "Grace, are you still up?"
Grace: "Yes I am, Mother! I'll just be a minute more!"
May: V.O. "Well, don't burn the lights all night!"
Grace: "Del, I should go. We'll talk tomorrow?"
Del: "Uh, Grace?"
Grace: "Yes?"
Del: "Did you have a nice time tonight?"
Grace: "Oh, it was fine. I have to go. Good night."
Del: "Good night."
~Del hangs up, then sits in the chair and thinks for a while~

~Main Street~
Fat: "Hey, Hub, wait up!"
Hub: "What is it, Fat?"
Fat: "How do you get the compass to tell you where you just came from?"
Hub: "What course were we on?"
Fat: "Twenty-eight degrees."
Hub: "What did Uncle Del say to add to our course get our return course?"
Fat: "One hundred and eight degrees."
Hub: "So one hundred and eighty degrees plus twenty-eight is..."
Fat: "Two hundred and eight degrees."
Hub: "Our return course."
Fat: "Hey, Hub, here's on of that CCF's guy's thing."
Hub: "Oh yeah."
Fat: "What did he say that got Grandma's goat."
Hub: "You know politics... you know what Grandmother Bailey says... she'll take two things to the grave- her Tory party and her teeth."

~Tea Room~
~May and Grace look in~ Grace: "Oh, there's Senator Woodman!"
~we see the Senator with Sainsbury~
May: "Come, Grace. We'll take lunch at home."
Grace: "Wasn't that that horrible Sainsbury from the bank? What's he doing with Senator Woodman?"
May: "Stewing, I should think."
~they leave, cut to Tea Room~
Sainsbury: "Our vice-president Mr. Mitchel informs me that you've made an appeal on behalf of May Bailey."
Carlisle: "Well, the Bailey's history in this town I can't see any reason why her credit can't be granted, can you?"
Sainsbury: "If you'll forgive me, Senator Woodman, but your seat on the board of directors does not give you license to make executive decisions on behalf of the bank."
Carlisle: "I beg your pardon! I merely mentioned..."
Sainsbury: "With respect, I would not pursue this matter further. Despite your long acquaintance with Mrs. Bailey there are matters here... matters that I'm not at liberty to go into that preclude Mrs. Bailey's involvement at the bank at this time."
Carlisle: "Perhaps I should speak to Mitchel again."
Sainsbury: "I would not, Senator... Particularly with your son running an election. It would be best not to connect your name with this Bailey enterprise."
Carlisle: "Can you tell me why?"
Sainsbury: "Senator, I'm sure both you and the bank wish to continue our mutual beneficial association... let the matter go."
Carlisle: "Very well."
Sainsbury: "Ah!"

~Royal Dominion~
Sainsbury: "I'm afraid that I see nothing here that convinces me of the advisability of your opening a new pit head, Mrs. Bailey. Silver Dome was in default once, we can't allow it to happen again."
May: "Sainsbury, that is absurd and you know it."
Sainsbury: "I'm afraid my decision is final. And I'm sorry."
May: "And I'm sure you have prospective buyers who are willing to unburden me of the property at Bass Lake."
Sainsbury: "If you continue such innuendo, Mrs. Bailey, I'm afraid I'll have to insist on the presence of a lawyer when next we meet."
George: "Mr. Sainsbury, may I suggest..."
May: "No, George, we're done here."
Benjamin: "May? Her line of credit is fully secured. There's nothing here that warrants flat refusal."
Sainsbury: "I do have discretionary powers."
Benjamin: "That may be, Mr. Sainsbury, but this is still my branch and I think I deserve the whole story... especially when something stinks."
Sainsbury: "Mr. Kendrick, I am of the opinion that branch managers should stay in any one position post too long. They begin to lose their objectivity and begin to put the interest of others above the bank."
Benjamin: "My objectivity is not at question!"
Sainsbury: "Kendrick, you are clearly under some stress. Go home."
Benjamin: "This should have been a rubber stamp! There was no reason for you to get involved at all!"
Sainsbury: "Kendrick! You've overstepped yourself! Toronto office will contact you about reassignment. Clear out your desk."
~Sainsbury leaves~
~Kendrick picks up the phone~
Kendrick: "Operator. Get me long distance. Toronto."

~Hotel Parlor~
Carlisle: "May, how good of you to come."
May: "Why did the Royal Dominion bank turn me down?"
Carlisle: "May, I have no idea."
May: "You spoke to Sainsbury."
Carlisle: "Uh... unfortunately no. It was a bit of a mix up. We weren't able to meet."
May: "Are you saying you didn't see him?"
Carlisle: "May, I know this is distressing, I'm very sorry, but there is something we can do about this."
May: "Carlisle, I saw you right here with him an hour ago. Are you in a land deal with Sainsbury?"
Carlisle: "I certainly am not! May, I understand the bank has its reasons... I'm sorry. I've done everything I'm able to do."
May: "Everything you're able to do or everything you're willing to do? Carlisle, everything I have is at stake, and this is how your repair me for all my years of loyal support."
Maurice: "Good heavens, if isn't the charming Mrs. Bailey."
May: "Oh, get out of my way."

~May's Home~
Del: "There. That's better!"
Grace: "It sure is, I tell ya! You took your life in your hands coming down those stairs before!"
Del: "So, ma'am, is there anything else you need me to do while I have my trusty hammer in hand?"
Grace: "Um, no, nothing comes to mind."
Del: "Okay, well, I guess I'll get myself back downtown and let you get on with your day."
Grace: "Great. So, here you are, thank you!"
Del: "What's this?"
Grace: "Uh, mother left that."
~Del opens the envelope and sees money~
Del: "I'm not taking this."
Grace: "No, Del, mother would have hired someone to fix the treads."
Del: "I'm not taking any money from you."
Grace: "It's not from me, it's from Mother!"
Del: "Or your mother or anybody else in this family."
Grace: "Oh Del, please don't... You know, I talked to Mother today."
Del: "About?"
Grace: "She's always mentioned the possibility of an opening at the mine."
Del: "Grace, no."
Grace: "I- I think it's worth considering."
Del: "I'm not taking handouts from your mother, Grace."
Grace: "It isn't a hand out! It's work! Listen, Del, I know that you're going to find something and- and- and, we'll manage!"
Del: "May's mentioned this before? Before when?"
Grace: "You know Mother."
Del: "She thinks I could be doing better than mechanic?"
Grace: "Don't you? Del, you said as much."
Del: "Yeah. I gotta go, Grace. I'll see you later."

~Silver Dome~
Angus: "Support the CCF. Read our ten point platform. Here you go. I'm with the CCF."
May: "Mr. Hardy, you're on private property!"
Angus: "I'll go outside of your gates, Mrs. Bailey. I just thought I could bend an ear or two during shift change."
May: "I've met natural born politicians in my time, Mr. Hardy, and I'm afraid you're not one of them."
Angus: "I'll take that as a compliment if you're comparing me to Senator Woodman and his wealth."
May: "Do you seriously think you can win this election, Mr. Hardy?"
Angus: "Mrs. Bailey, I know this district! Better than some private-school boy who thinks he owed his daddy's seat! Woodman doesn't understand the common man! He's never earned a nickel in his life!"
May: "Don't waste your speeches on me, Mr. Hardy. If you think you can win this campaign you'd better do more than hand out bits of paper. Find an audience, hold a meeting!"
Angus: "Oh, I'm better one-on-one."
May: "The secret to winning elections, Mr. Hardy, is simple. Get more votes than your opponent. One vote at a time is a tough row to how."
Angus: "Mrs. Bailey, I know you're friends with Senator Woodman and I'm sorry if I offend you, but quite frankly it's our party's opinion that the entire senate that should be abolished."
May: "Frankly, young man, that is the first policy of yours that I can wholeheartedly support! Good day, Mr. Hardy!"

~May's Home~
May: "It's unbelievable, Benjamin, the whole situation!"
Benjamin: "I just want to check into some things in the city. I still have friends at head office. I can find out if there's any legitimate cause why the bank has responded as it has."
May: "Thank you."
Benjamin: "I'll be in touch if anything surfaces."
May: "Safe trip, Benjamin. Thank you."
Hub: "Grandmother, you're not going to have to sell the Bass Lake property, are you? Not after everything!"
May: "I don't know, Hubert. We can't afford to develop it and we have to keep the company going."
Hub: "Bloody bank!"
George: "Oh, come on, Hub. Watch your language."
May: "Well, profanity aside, my feelings precisely!"
Hub: "You know, it burns me that I have five dollars in there. I'd like to pull it out."
George: "I don't think five dollars will make much difference."
Hub: "It's not the money, George, it's the principle."
May: "Out of the mouths of babes. George, do you have a list of the investors here?"
George: "It's here somewhere."
May: "Then I think we have a few phone calls to make."

~Royal Dominion~ Teller: "How may I help you today, Mrs. Bailey?"
May: "I'd like to close my account and withdraw the cash immediately."
Teller: "What was that?"
May: "You heard me. Close my accounts. All of them."
Teller: "Just... a- a minute, please."
~The teller leaves to talk to Sainsbury~
Teller: "Mr. Sainsbury, we have a slight problem. I think you'd better deal with it, sir."
Sainsbury: ~on phone~ "I'll have to get back to you."
~they return to the lobby~
Sainsbury: "Mrs. Bailey, I'm not sure I quite understand."
May: "I believe I made it very clear."
Sainsbury: "Very well, Mr. Wilmont will make out a cashiers check for you now."
May: "Mr. Sainsbury, I requested cash."
Sainsbury: "Surely you don't want to carry that amount!"
May: "Are you telling me the Royal Dominion doesn't have the cash."
Sainsbury: "Of course we do! It will take a little while. I'm sure you appreciate the size of your holdings."
May: "I simply want my money, not your excuses."
Sainsbury: "Of course!"
~May exits the bank and nods to a group of people~
George: "Gentlemen."
~the group enters the bank~
George: "We don't intend on waiting here all day."
Sainsbury: "Please, gentleman, please have patience. It will take some time to get your money accounted for."
George: "You're not stalling, are you, Sainsbury? You do have our money?"
Sainsbury: "I assure you will all be served. Please, gentleman, patience! I'll attend to it myself. Please, Mr. Wilmont, attend to the next customer."
Fat: "We'd like to make a withdrawal."
~a man exits the bank and talks to people on the street~
~people begin to rush to the bank~

~Montage of Scenes~
Radio: V.O. "The tragic collapse of banks throughout North America has left thousands of investors penniless, but when pressed for comment by CRNB the Royal Dominion's district administrator, Mr. Sainsbury, replied, 'There is no need for alarm in New Bedford.'"
~cut to bank~
Sainsbury: "What is wrong with this town?"
Teller: "Mr. Sainsbury, we only hold limited cash resources."
Sainsbury: "Well, phone the nearest branch and have them send over cash on my authority."
Teller: "Yes, sir."
Sainsbury: "The Royal Dominion Bank of Canada is rock solid!"
Libby: "We want our money!"
Sainsbury: "Ladies and gentlemen, if you would line up in an orderly fashion we will attempt to fulfill your purposes. One at a time!"
Teller: "Mr. Sainsbury, they've turned down the request."
Sainsbury: "Try another branch."
Teller: "There's only three within a days drive... don't you know how far north this is?"
Sainsbury: "They can't all be out of cash!"
Teller: "I think there was something on the radio. People are panicking!"
Sainsbury: "We'll have to get money from Toronto."
Teller: "That will take at least two days!"
Libby: "What are we waiting for? We want our money now!"
~crowd agrees~
Sainsbury: "Oh for heavens sake! This is the Royal Dominion Bank of Canada, not the Farmer's Trust!"
Man: "Who do you think you're talking to?"
Sainsbury: "We cannot do business with a mob! The bank is closed! Mr. Wilmont, kindly ask your neighbors to go home."
Teller: "Yes. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for your patience. We'll have this all sorted out for you tomorrow. If you could just vacant the premises or I'll alert the authorities."
~cut outside~
Angus: "Support the CCF! Part of the people! Support us in the next election! Here you go! Thank you! Support the CCF! Party of the people! There you go!"
~May drives up and stops~
Angus: "There you go, sir."
May: "Mr. Hardy!"
Angus: "Mrs. Bailey! I can't believe it, Mrs. Bailey! There's some kind of a run on the bank!"
May: "Well, whatever the difficulty it seems to have provided you with an audience. Speak to them, young man!"
Angus: "I- I don't think they're in any mood to listen, Mrs. Bailey."
May: "Well, make them listen to you, Mr. Hardy!"
Angus: "I- I'm not speech maker, Mrs. Bailey! I don't know all the here-withals and there-to-fors."
May: "Nobody expects three dollar words, Mr. Hardy. These are your neighbors, people you've lived and worked with all of your life. You believe in your party?"
Angus: "Yes, ma'am!"
May: "Then speak from your own heart in your own words. You're one of them, so speak their language! Go on, Mr. Hardy!"
Angus: "Ladies and gentleman! Ladies and gentlemen! As long as a bank like this lays in the hands of a mighty few all of the benefits from your hard labors go straight to the pockets of the men that run it! Now, I know most of you know that I put my name in for the next election, but I think you need to know what my party stands for. It stands for you, and your future, and your security. And my opponent is the benefit of speculators and profiteers."
Crowd: "Yes! Yay! Finally!"
May: "Good for you, Mr. Hardy. Good for you!"

~Train Station~
Max: "And bring these compasses back, okay? They're just on loan."
Del: "Okay, now, you've all got a town map and a piece of paper with a compass bearing and landmarks on them, right?"
Hub: "Yup."
Del: "All right. Center point is the newspaper office. The course runs all over town."
Max: "Now remember what Del taught you. I need you to write you where each bearing leads you because I need to see those calculations."
Del: "Good luck!"
Fat: "What kind of lame-jack could get lost in New Bedford?"
Hub: "Fat, the idea is to practice to find your way from point a to point b."
Fat: "So, why can't we practice getting someplace out of town? How hard is it when you can see from point a to point b?"
Hub: "All right, uh, why don't we go down to the railroad bridge, get our bearings, and head back to town. You complain way too much. Fat! Cut it out!"

Grace: "Have you thought anymore about what you're going to do? Del?"
Del: "Grace, I've got to leave New Bedford."
Grace: "For how long?"
Del: "Look. I've got nothing to offer you. I'm practically broke and no positions, no prospects..."
Grace: "I don't care about that and I never have and you know that! I love you!"
Del: "Look, ever since I've left the army I've been drifting. I mean, some morning I look at my face in the mirror and wonder where is he? Where is he going?"
Grace: "Well, I know his face and I think I know the man behind it and I think I can tell."
Del: "Just let me get a job and settle and then we can see."
Grace: "But that's just drifting again and you know it!"
Del: "Well, if that's what it is then I'm not the right person for you."
Grace: "You can't go. I won't let you!"
Del: "Just give me some time. I may not be worthy of your attention."
Grace: "You're not listening to me. I'm telling you you can't go!"

Man: "I'll put a few more men on it, but I Can't guarantee you it's going to make a difference."
Sainsbury: "I told you to get more core samples!"
Man: "I understand, Mr. Sainsbury, but under the conditions... there's not much we can do right now!"
Sainsbury: "Look, there isn't much time! You understand?"
Hub: "It's Sainsbury!"
Fat: "What is it?"
Hub: "Shh!"
Sainsbury: "May Bailey refuses to give up!"
Man: "Fine! Fine!"
~we see a Rockwood Mining Company sign on the truck~
Hub: "Lets go before they see us."
Sainsbury: "Everything is a risk!"
Man: "I can't guarantee you..."

~May's Home~
~phone rings~
May: "Bailey residence. Benjamin! How timely! When did you get back? ... My grandsons have stumbled across something very interesting. Mr. Sainsbury's had a meeting with a representative with the Rockwood Mines. ... Excellent. I'll meet you in fifteen minutes."

~Royal Dominion~
Sainsbury: "I'm sorry, the bank is closed. Mrs. Bailey. If you think I'm going to beg for the return of your money you are very much mistaken. Your desperate game has failed."
May: "You would certainly would know about a desperate game, Mr. Sainsbury."
Sainsbury: "Kendrick, you are no longer..."
~Benjamin enters with some policemen~
May: "Are you aware that the accounts that you administer are in the process of being audited?"
Sainsbury: "That's an eternal bank matter."
May: "Not when funds are missing. That's considered theft! I gather you've been dabbling rather heavily in the stock market, Rockwood Mines."
Sainsbury: "I stole nothing."
May: "No doubt you meant to replace it all once I defaulted and Rockwood had scooped me up."
Benjamin: "Mr. Sainsbury, get out of my back."
May: "Thank you, Benjamin. What a day!"

~Sutton Apartment~
Fat: "Man, I'm starving!"
Hub: "Hey, Uncle Del!"
Del: "Hey, guys!"
Hub: "Where are you going?"
Fat: "Yeah, where are you going?"
Del: "Max on his way back from school?"
Hub: "Yeah. What's the suitcase for?"
Del: "I've got to leave, boys. I've got to go somewhere to find me a job."
Hub: "What, today?"
Del: "I met a guy in the lobby that's got a truck going out this afternoon. He says I can hitch a ride."
Fat: "Uncle Del, why?"
Del: "Oh, come on, boys! You knew I wouldn't be here forever! Remember when I told you about how to use a compass and a map?"
Hub: "Yeah, about knowing where you are."
Del: "Yeah."
Hub: "You said, uh... You said that if you know where you're coming from and where you're going you're never lost."
Fat: "You're just some place between two points."
Del: "Well, um... there's a couple of ways you can get lost. And right now... umm... I know where I come from, but I don't know where I'm going."
Fat: "You don't have to leave to find out, do you?"
Del: "Fat, New Bedford is a safe little place in the middle of a big, ol' wilderness."
Fat: "So stay here!"
Del: "Sometimes you've got to face the wilderness. Look, guys, I'm sorry. Maybe someday you'll understand."
Hub: "I think I already do."
Max: "Hello, men!"
Del: "Max."

~Bailey Home~
~Grace is playing the piano (Beethoven piece)~
Toppy: "I'm home! Oh, Grace! Is your mother around?"
Grace: "No! How's Doris. Did you have a nice visit?"
Toppy: "It was just swell! Everything was fine! I got you a little something."
Grace: "Oh, Toppy, you didn't need to!"
Toppy: "We went into that new Eaton's store on College Street. You won't find anything like this in New Bedford! You'd better stick that in your hope chest... keep it for your trousseau."
Grace: "Thank you, Toppy! You didn't have to do that!"
Toppy: "Grace? What's wrong? Oh, Grace! Tell me!"
Grace: "Del's leaving!"
Toppy: "New Bedford?"
Grace: "He says he has no future in this town and that he has to go."
Toppy: "What do you want to do?"
Grace: "I want him to stay!"
Toppy: "That's not what I asked. That's what you want him to do. Grace, you may think I'm the worst person to give advice given how things are right now between me and Bob, but you know what I've learned?"
Grace: "What?"
Toppy: "I spent my whole married life wish he'd do things instead of knowing what I wanted to do myself."
Grace: "Are you telling me to go with him?"
Toppy: "No, I'm just saying know in your heart what you want to do and then find the courage to do it."
~phone rings~
Toppy: "Bailey residence. Right here."
Grace: "Hello?"
Del: "Hi, Grace. Um... I was calling to say goodbye. I got a ride and it leaves in five minutes."
~Grace drops the phone and runs~
Del: "Grace?"
Toppy: "Grace?"
Del: "Hello, Grace?"
~Toppy hangs the phone up~
Del: "She hung up."

~Outside Hotel~
Del: "Well, guys, that's it, huh? Look after yourselves."
Hub: "I will."
Del: "Stay out of trouble, especially you, Fat."
Fat: "Bye, Uncle Del."
Hub: "Good bye, Uncle Del."
~they hug, then Max and Del hug~
Del: "Thanks. ~Max pulls out money~ Ah, you don't have to do this. Thanks. Say goodbye to that beautiful wife of yours, huh?"
Max: "You take care."
Man: "Come on, Del!"
Del: "Thank you. See you guys!"
~Grace runs around the corner~
Grace: "Del! Del!"
~they stare, Grace raises a hand and gives a slight way, Del returns it~

~May's Home~
~at the front door~
Carlisle: "I'm very pleased that your line of credit was granted at Royal Dominion Bank. That Sainsbury must have nerves of flint!"
May: "Yes, he would need to have! Gambling embezzled savings! It's a sad day for the Royal Dominion Bank. It's a sad day for all of us."
Carlisle: "I just wanted to express my regrets about this whole situation. I hope you'll be able to support Maurice."
May: "I'm sure you do, Senator. Oh ladies, do come in! Toppy, two more guests!"
Carlisle: "Well, I can see that you're busy, so- that's not that CCFer! May! You can't be serious!"
May: "I'm sorry I can't invite you in, Carlisle. Perhaps another time. Good day. ~she shuts the door~ Senator indeed! Well, ladies, lets here what the young man has to say. Mr. Hardy."
Angus: "Thank you, Mrs. Bailey. Ladies, each of us in this room is facing distress, be it economic or social to some degree. The CCF..."

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