Public Enemies

~Main Street~
Maisey: "It was a day like any other day in the windy city, or so it seemed, but this was no ordinary day. No, this was the fateful day. Baby Faced Bailey would meet his maker."
Fat: "Take me alive, copper!"
Maisey: "Say your prayers, Baby Face. I'm gonna get you dead anyway!"
Fat: "Bang! Bang! You'll never take me alive, Copper! Bang! Bang! Bang! Take your best shot, Copper! Bang! Bang!"

Callie: (on radio) "A second robbery by the Burlesque Bandits has police baffled today after after a Pinebury motorist was found stranded in his underwear on rural Route Four early this afternoon."
Leo: "I was out there just this afternoon."
Callie: "The New Bedford Chronicle is offering a reward for any information leading to an arrest. We now return to Misty Melodies."
May: "Well, I blame the government, putting the shiftless to wander. Encouraging the criminals to move to the country side."
Leo: "Hard times makes gun play loose from the law, but mostly it's petty pilfering and vagrancy."
May: "Leo, I have never locked my doors in all the years I've living in New Bedford. Now you're as likely to have your throat cut in the night."
~we hear banging~
May: "Good Lord, is that gun fire?"
Leo: "It came from across the road, near the bank."
May: "Oh, Leo, don't go out there! ~May picks up the phone~ Sergeant Stoneman at once!"
~May goes outside and a backfiring car drives by~
Leo: "Nothing more deadly than a good tank of gasoline."
Fat: "Bang! Bang!"
Maisey: "Bang!"
~Fat trips over a trash can~ Fat: "Ah!"
May: "Henry! Henry! What have you been doing! Oh, look at the state you're in! Henry, get up on your feet."
~Stoneman pulls up~
Maisey: "Cops? What did we do?"
May: "That's enough from both of you. Now go back to the shop."
Stoneman: "What's going on?"
May: "Off you go!"
Fat: "But we didn't do anything!"
~cut to pawnshop~
May: "Go along, the two of you! Scaring the life out of me! I'm dreadfully sorry for the false alarm, Sergeant."
Stoneman: "That's all right, Mrs. Bailey. There's a lot of nervous people around town these days."
May: "And rightfully so. Highwayman loose on every byway."
Stoneman: "Yes, ma'am."
Leo: "Cup of tea, Sergeant?"
Stoneman: "Ah, no thanks."
May: "What is the world coming to? Playing bandits!"
Maisey: "It's just game of cops and robbers. No need to have a hairy canary."
Leo: "That's enough of your lip, Hanni."
Maisey: "I'm Maisey."
Leo: "What?"
Maisey: "Hanni's my mother's name."
Leo: "Well, now, Mrs. Bailey doesn't need to hear this guff. Why don't you unload the rest of the books from the truck and I'll take this."
Stoneman: "It's all these gangster pictures. You see they got a show at the Regent called 'Against the Law'. It's a bad influence on young minds."
Fat: "How can it be a bad influence if I haven't seen it yet?"
May: "And you never will if I have my way. Home is the place for you, Henry. I'm sure you have some chores. Good bye, Leo. And once again, Sergeant, my apologies. Off you go, Henry. Henry, you're going straight home."
~cut outside~
Leo: "That's enough dawdling, come on."
~Leo looks across the street and sees the man from the end of the last episode clearing the sidewalk of snow~

~Sutton Apartment~
Fat: "Maisey says that the Burlesque Bandits might get as famous as Baby Faced Nelson."
Hub: "No way. They'd have to break out of jail a few times and shoot a bunch of people first."
May: "Oh, you boys should be ashamed of yourselves talking that way."
Hub: "But Grandmother, it's current events. Look, the Chronicle's run a special edition of Baby Face's shootout with the G-men."
Fat: "Hey, look, pictures and the car and the hideout!"
Hub: "It's all there in the news."
May: "Which only illustrates the sad decline of public decency, not to mention journalistic standards. Give me this newspaper. You're not going to be reading about gangsters in my presence."
Hub: "Grandmother, it's not just in the newspaper, it's on the radio and everybody's talking about it in school."
Fat: "You can't stop us from hearing about them."
May: "Well, we'll see."

Alden: ~on phone~ "And what makes you think that one of your neighbors might be one of the Burlesque Bandits, ma'am. ~pause~ A feeling? Well, uh, if uh, you hear anything better than that be sure to let me know. Okay. Sure. Bye bye! Crack pot!"
May: "Mr. Cramp, you are encouraging public hysteria. Lurid accounts of murder and mayhem in this so-called family newspaper."
Alden: "I don't make the news, I just print it."
May: "You're making a sideshow. Certainly we want to be informed, but story after story as though nothing else was happening in the world."
Alden: "It's called freedom of the press, Mrs. Bailey."
MAy: "It's called greed, Mr. cramp. To sell newspapers you tell tales of glamorous tales of easy, ill-gotten gain. You may as well print a manual for highway robbery."
Alden: "If you don't like my newspaper, Mrs. Bailey, don't read it."
May: "Decent people will not stand for your yellowed journalism. You can be sure of that."
Alden: "It's a free country, Mrs. Bailey! You can't tell me what I can or can't print!"

~Regent Theatre~
Myrt: "When you're right you're right, Mrs. Bailey. You've got my word. I won't let any children in to see the show tonight."
May: "I appreciate that. Why would you want to show this movie picture at all?"
Myrt: "I'm not a particular fan of shoot-em ups myself, but the people come in droves and a girls got to make her living!"
May: "I can't imagine what sort of person would want to see a shoot-em-up."
Grace: "You-who! Mryt!"
May: "Grace Bailey! What do you think you're doing?"
Grace: "I was getting here early to get a good seat for the four o'clock show."
May: "Don't tell me you're going to come to see this nonsense."
Grace: "Yes."
May: "This movie picture is reprehensible."
Grace: "Not according to the Tinsel Times! They call it an allegory. A tragedy for modern times."
May: "High-brow rubbish."
Grace: "I think it gives us insight into the criminal mind."
May: "The logic that Eve worked on Adam in the garden of Eden. Just what New Bedford does not need!"
Grace: "Well, if it means this much to you, Mother, I won't see the show."
May: "Good! There's one."

~Pawn Shop~
Leo: "That last sale makes it a reasonable day. I saw we can close up shop early. Your mother used to play that song [Let Me Call You Sweetheart] when you were a baby. It used to put you right to sleep, remember? She gave me the silent treatment too. It didn't work for her either."
Maisey: "Pop, I- I- I'm not my mother."
Leo: "I never said you were."
Maisey: "You- you think I'm her blood. You think I'm bad like my mother was bad, always in trouble."
Leo: "I don't know where you get that nonsense, Maisey."
Maisey: "You're always saying how I'm my mother's name. You- you call me by her name half the time."
Leo: "Look. Don't- don't fuss about that. Why don't you go and take that last box of books off the truck and lock up. I'll get supper."
~cut outside~ Man: "Hey, buddy. I know I said that the deal was a bowl of soup, but take this wherever you're staying."
Eddie: "God bless you."
Man: "Bring back the pan tomorrow."
~Eddie looks across the street and watches Maisey~
~the bottom falls out of the box~
Maisey: "Cripes! Pops will tan me."
~Eddie crosses the street~
Eddie: "Need a hand?"
Maisey: "No."
Eddie: "I'm Eddie. What do they call you?"
Maisey: "None of your beeswax, so scram."
Eddie: "Well, Miss Beeswax, it was nice meeting you. See you about."
Maisey: "Not if I see you first."
~cut outside Hotel~
Callie: "Hey, aren't you going to take those inside?"
Man: "Here's your tab for it."
Callie: "I had to fire the last guy for drinking half the profits. Aw, have a heart, I can't take these in myself!"
Man: "Bad back."
Eddie: "Excuse me, ma'am, I can get that inside for you."
Callie: "You can?"
Eddie: "I couldn't help but overhear what you said there. I dropped into town from Toronto. I've been sober these seven years so there's no worry I'll drink away."
Callie: "You'll take a dollar a day?"
Eddie: "I certainly will, ma'am."
Callie: "What's your name?"
Eddie: "Eddie Jackson."
Callie: "I'll show you the beverage room. Hurry up before it freezes."
Eddie: "Yes, ma'am."

~Pawn Shop~
Leo: "I'll be home around six at the latest. I want everyone of those books sorted and cataloged by the time I get back."
Maisey: "Pop, it's Saturday!"
Leo: "I know. Busy day. Put a wig on it."
~Fat enters~
Fat: "Hey, Maisey."
Maisey: "Hey, Fat."
Fat: "Want to go to the Tom Mix matinee?"
Maieys: "Can't, I'm stuck running the store."
Fat: "Can I borrow nickel so I can go?"
Maisey: "You have brass, pal."
Fat: "It's worth asking."
Maisey:" Right, maybe I can go. If I give you a nickel you've got to help me sort these books after the show."
Fat: "You're on."
Maisey: "Great, except one thing. I only got one nickel so you gotta go and open the fire doors for me after Myrt goes upstairs to the projectors."
Fat: "Oh, Maisey, I don't know. OWWW! Okay, okay, I'll do it."
Maisey: "Great."
Fat: "What if we get caught?"
Maisey: "Fat, how many matinees have we seen? Millions and millions. Fat, she practically owes us money."
Fat: "I don't know."
Maisey: "Fine, Fat, then I'll just keep the nickel for myself."
Fat: "Okay, okay, I'll do it."
~they leave and we see Maisey's gloves on the counter~

Fat: "Come on, come on! Quickly!"
~cut to the end of the movie~
Fat: "That Tom Mix guy is ever swell, eh?"
Maisey: "Yeah."
Fat: "Yay!"
Man: "There we go."
Kid: "Come on!"
Kid: "I want to see that again!"
~Fat and Maisey gather their things to leave~
Maisey: "Fat. Have you seen my mitts?"
Fat: "No."
Maisey: "Well, I can't leave without them! Help me look."
~they get on their hands and knees and look, Fat flips up a seat and sees an apple stuck to the bottom of a seat~
Fat: "Ew, yuck!"
Maisey: "I don't see them."
Fat: "Are you sure you had them when you came in?"
Maisey: "Pretty sure."
~Mryt peaks in, doesn't see anyone, then locks the door~
Fat: "Myrt locked us in!"
Maisey: "I guess she didn't see us! You know, if we stay here we could see the next show Against the Law. Come on, come on, go!"
~cut outside we see the kids leaving, Myrt shakes her head and then goes back in the building~
Maisey: "Can you believe it? Two matinees for the price of one and now this."
Fat: "This is swell."
~Myrt comes up~
Fat: "Uh-oh."
~bit later we see Fat and Maisey scrapping gum and gunk from the bottoms of the seats~
Myrt: "This will teach them to avoid a life of crime."
May: "Henry, I am very disappointed."
Fat: "If I ever let you talk me into one more thing."
Maisey: "I didn't exactly have to twist your arm, Bailey."
Myrt: "No talking or I'll make you swab toilets."

Maisey: "Everyone else always gets away with stuff, I just always get caught."
Leo: "Wrong is wrong. Doesn't matter if you get away with it or not and I don't know who taught you different."
Maisey: "Maybe I'm just bad."
Leo: "Well, you can't be trusted to run the shop on your own, you've proved that much, and I've got a second load to move from Pinebury."
May: "You go on ahead, Leo, I'll stand guard over these two hooligans until you get back. All right, you two, lets go over here and start with the books."
~bit later, Eddie enters~
Maisey: "Can I help you?"
Eddie: "Yeah, uh, I just got a job over to the hotel so I figured I should take a room there instead of sponging off of the town mission. I get paid next week. ~looks around~ Nice place you got here. Tidy little operation."
Maisey: "Yeah, we get by."
Eddie: "New Bedford seems like an okay place. You, uh, like it here?"
Maisey: "Yeah, sure."
Eddie: "Works. ~picks up harmonica and plays Let Me Call You Sweetheart~"
Maisey: "Yeah. Yeah, uh... sir, this isn't... worth more than a couple cents. How about your watch?"
Eddie: "Uh... it was a gift. I- Ah! I'll hold on to it."
Fat: "Can't you ask Mrs. Cramp to take the rent out of your pay?"
May: "Henry, that's the gentleman's business."
Eddie: "Aw, it's okay. It's worth a try. Thanks anyway."
Maisey: "Thanks."
Eddie: "Ma'am."
~Eddie exits~
May: "Trust Callie Cramp to hire a drifter."
Maisey: "That ones a Shifty Joe. See him casin' the place when Pops not around?"
May: "What was he doing?"
Fat: "Checking the place out to rob, betcha anything."
May: "Henry, there's no need to bring in any betting."
Maisey: "He was here yesterday and talked to me- outside- when Pops was upstairs."
May: "I don't like this one bit."
Maisey: "Maybe we should close up the shop for today... forget about the books in case he comes back. He could be quite dangerous."
Fat: "Yeah, maybe."
May: "No, no, no, no, no. There's nothing to worry about as long as I'm here. Come on now, lets finish this job."

~May's Parlor~
Toppy: "Why would this fellow want to rob the Pawn Shop if he has a job?"
Grace: "Who knows what he was up to."
May: "I didn't like the look of him, Grace. He's what they call a Shifty Joe."
~Grace looks up, surprised~
May: "What he was up to was casing the place. That is the term, isn't it, Grace?"
Grace: "Well, how would I know? Seems to me he was just trying to get some honest pocket money. Please don't get worked up about it."
May: "I'm not getting worked up about it, Grace."
Grace: "Don't embarrass yourself and Sergeant Stoneman with a second false alarm."
May: "Grace, I certainly doubt it."
Alden: (v.o. on radio) "We interrupt this program for a special public service announcement."
May: "Good grief, that fool."
Alden: "Sergeant Stoneman is asking New Bedford are residents to bar their doors until further notice and to exercise extreme caution while motoring. And to a certain society matron, initials M.B., who is trying to keep you from news on the Burlesque Bandits I have this to say: While I breathe the good people of New Bedford will be denied freedom of the press. Thank you and good night."
May: "That miserable windbag."
Grace: "What are you doing, Mother? Mother?"

Callie: "Uh oh, thar' she blows."
May: "Cramp, how dare you slander me."
Alden: "I didn't mention anyone by name."
May: "You're playing on people's fear, cooking up public frenzy."
Callie: "For your information we had dozen of calls after the broadcast, spurring us on on our fight against censorship."
May: "You don't give a fig about freedom of speech. You're making money out of other people's misery."
Alden: "For your information the wire service is going to send my news story about the Burlesque Bandits straight across North America. What I am doing is putting this town on a map."
May: "I'm sure that's a map that all of New Bedford can be proud of."
Alden: "You can huff and puff all you want, May Bailey."
Callie: "This is a big break in Alden's career."
Alden: "After thirty years you're not going to spoil it."
Callie: "Excuse us, but we're celebrating by a night of dancing at the Pineside."

~Main Street~
May: "Oh, yes, enjoy yourselves, Mr. and Mrs. Cramp."
Leo: "You're wasting your breath on those two, May."
May: "Leo, what are you doing, prowling out and about in the cold?"
Leo: "Maisey is out visiting your grandsons. I got restless on my own. I don't know, the mind keeps taking over trouble and confusion... I wanted to walk it off."
May: "Well, I'd be glad to lend an ear if you think it might help."
Leo: "I don't know, I doubt that, but I'll see you safely home."
May: "Thank you, Leo."
~cut to May's Kitchen~
May: "Leo, take your tea before you go."
Leo: "Oh, don't make it on my account, May. I have this to wash down, if you don't mind."
May: "Well, in this house at least use a glass."
Leo: "I've never know you to take anything than a nighttime thimble of Cheri."
May: "You don't know everything about me yet. Now. What's troubling your mind?"
Leo: "Oh, just... dogged by the past lately, that's all."
May: "Is it the older Maisey gets the more she becomes like Hannah?"
Leo: "Yeah. But not so much in looks, more of an expression... a take to her eyes. Disappointment... accusation, maybe, I don't know which, but it's Hanni, for all the world!"
May: "All parents have failings. But in my heart, Leo, I know that you and I both did our best to love our children... to protect them."
Leo: "Years after Hanni ran off I didn't know if she was alive or dead. When she finally did turn up with Maisey, babe in arms, I wanted so much to- I- I couldn't stop being critical. I did everything short of shaking her to find out who the father was... make him accountable. And no amount of promises or threats would pry it out of her. Oh, Hanni died defying me. I don't want Maisey feel she has to do everything only to spite me... like her mother. Always pushing, wanting more and not able to say more of what."
May: "Don't let the past overshadow the present, Leo. Maisey feels the burden of those ghosts just as deeply as you do. Just let her know how much you love her."
Leo: "Oh. I don't... I wouldn't be able to tell her that... not so she would believe me, anyway."

~Hotel - night
Alden: "There must be something wrong with my key."
Callie: "It's not your key, Alden, it's wide open. Eddie must have forgotten to lock the front door when closed the bar."
~they enter, the hotel is dark~
Alden: "What the heck happened to the lights?"
Callie: "Obviously someone turned them off."
~Callie turns on a lamp~
Alden: "Jehosephat!"
Callie: "Oh my! Oh!"
~we see the safe has been opened~
Voice: "Hands up."
~cut to morning, Lonnie enters the hotel and we hear muffled cries~
~Lonnie looks over the front desk and sees Callie and Alden in their underwear, gagged and tied together~

Alden: "Last night the New Bedford Hotel was plundered by our very own area Burlesque Bandits. Terror was afoot as I returned from an evening at the Pineside to find the hotel had been looted."
~Callie gives Alden a thumbs up~
Alden: "Picture it, folks, there I was..."
~Callie knocks on the window and points at herself~
Alden: "With my lovely wife at my side, face to face with two desperadoes on a deadly rampage. (O.S) Guns in our backs! Both of us terrified we'd never live to see morning."
Grace: "Well, were they face to face or did they have guns to their backs?"
May: "Please, Leo, turn it off. I can't bear that over-grown buffoon a minute longer."
Leo: "There's something about this that doesn't sit quite right."
May: "Precisely why I stopped in. I wanted to talk with this about you last night, but I let Grace talk me out of it."
Grace: "Mother."
May: "Isn't it odd that this character Eddie comes to town, gets a job at the hotel, and bango the place is robbed."
Grace: "Bango?"
May: "You know exactly what I mean, Grace. After his arrival everything started happening."
Grace: "The poor man lost his wristwatch in the robbery. Did he rob himself?"
Maisey: "It might be a trick to throw the police off of his trail. He's been hanging around here and we could be next."
May: "Well, I think it's time we took this to Sergeant Stoneman."
Grace: "Mother, you can't accuse a man of a crime on pure speculation."
Leo: "Know what, I think I'll go over and have a talk with this bartender and see what I can sniff out."
May: "Oh now, Leo, you be careful."
Leo: "Oh, just a casual, little chat. Nothing to worry about."
May: "That drifter could well be the mastermind behind this Burlesque Gang."
Grace: "Mother, I wish you could hear yourself. You're not a bit different than Mr. Cramp."
May: "Nonsense, Grace, I'm merely a concerned citizen."

~Hotel Basement~
Eddie: "I thought you'd be by to see me, Leo."
Leo: "Oh yeah, Eddie Jackson. You've changed so much I hardly recognize you."
Eddie: "A prison will do that."
Leo: "Yeah, I heard about your troubles. Is your mother still living in the same neighborhood, is she?"
Eddie: "Yeah, she probably won't leave until they carry her out in a pine box."
Leo: "You're straightening yourself out?"
Eddie: "I've dried up. The last time I was inside, but still... I'll take it one day at a time. As long as I'm sober I'm staying out of prison."
Leo: "Well, good luck to you."
Eddie: "You know, I- I didn't know what to expect of you. I thought you'd take a run at me or something."
Leo: "Why, I've got no quarrel with you. You aren't involved with these robberies, are you?"
Eddie: "No, sir! You can rest easy on that account. I kept my distance... but... I've seen you and Maisey around town... I can tell you're doing a fine job raising her. I was wondering how you... might feel about me getting to know her a bit better."
Leo: "You son of a..."
Eddie: "That's why I came here. She- She- She didn't tell you?"
Leo: "All those years I thought it was Hanni's pride. Turns out she was just ashamed it was the neighborhood drunk that caught her that day."
Eddie: "I'm a different person, Leo, and I want my kid to know me."
Leo: "She's not your kid."
Eddie: "I've got a right, Leo."
Leo: "I don't care a damn about your rights. You get away from here. I'll have the law on you."
Eddie: "Leo! Leo! You can't keep me from my own kid! Leo!"
~cut upstairs~
Callie: "Criminy, Leo, what do you think you're doing in our cellar?"
Leo: "You should be more careful with the who you hire."
Callie: "What?"
Alden: "What are you talking about?"
Leo: "That tap puller. Did you know he was a convict? We don't need their kind around here."
Callie: "A convict!"
Alden: "You don't suppose..."
Callie: "I do suppose... who was told to lock up and didn't and who claims to have slept through the whole darn thing."
Alden: "Oh, he was in on it, all right. Operator, put me through to Sergeant Stoneman. I won't let McGinty hog the limelight. Sergeant, this is Alden Cramp. I have just received an anonymous tip."

Maisey: "Pop, Sergeant Stoneman is arresting that guy at the hotel."
Fat: "Yeah, they're taking him away in handcuffs and everything."
Leo: "All right, you stay here."
~cut to Main Street~
~Leo, Maisey, and Fat watch~
Maisey: "This is better than the movies."
Leo: "I told you to stay inside. Go on. Henry, go home."
Maisey: "What's eating you?"
Leo: "I said inside! Inside!"

~May's Home~
Toppy: "According to this the New Bedford Detachment checked his records and discovered convictions for assault, petty theft, and armed robbery."
Grace: "Which proves ipso facto that he is a member of the Burlesque Bandits."
May: "That Alden Cramp's smugly taking credit for everything. I deduced the same thing long before he did and I would have had that fellow behind bars had it not been for you, Grace."
Grace: "You are no better than Mr. Cramp, Mother, condemning this man without a shred of evidence."
May: "He's a convict, not a Sunday School teacher, Grace. If he hasn't done anything wrong he'll be let go, no harm done."
Grace: "No harm! The entire town knows his past. Nobody will ever trust him again!"
May: "He should have thought of that before he ran foul of the law."
Grace: "That isn't fair. Mr. Jackson has served his sentence. He has paid his debt to society."
Toppy: "I have to agree with Grace, Mother Bailey. The man's caught in a vicious, self perpetuating circle of society's making."
May: "When did you two become experts on the criminal mind?"
Toppy: "When we went to see Against the Law and I'm glad of it because I learned a few things."
Grace: "Well... you know... I mean... the thing is what's happening to Mr. Jackson is virtually the plot of this movie."
May: "So you sneaked out to the picture show like thieves in the night."
Toppy: "I think that thieves sneak in, not out."
Grace: "It only illustrates my point, Mother, because by denying our freedom you forced us to act out like criminals."
Toppy: "I wouldn't exactly call us criminals... more like... delinquents."
May: "Rubbish."
Grace: "If you're so sure it's rubbish why don't you catch the next show with me, Mother, and prove it?"
May: "Oh, Grace!"
Grace: "Unless you're afraid you might be wrong."
May: "Grace, lets put this to rest, once and for all. Come along."

~Regent Theatre~
May: "No thank you, Grace. I'm here to enjoy myself."
Grace: "More for me!"
May: "I can't believe the fools who have payed good money. It's hard to believe there is a depression."
~the film begins and we see snippets of the audience watching~
Man: (O.S.) "Tell Mama I'm sorry."
~film ends~
May: "What a terrible waste of a life."
Grace: "But it makes you think, Mother!"
May: "Trapped in a life of crime... gunned down... the whole situation is utterly without hope."
Grace: "But it's a lesson. If we want to save the world from rack and ruin we have to learn to emphasize with other people's lives. We have to put ourselves in their circumstance."
May: "How like you, Grace, to think that you can tie up all the problems of the world neatly in a bow. I still think it's unfit for children... but I would dearly love to make Alden Cramp see this picture. He could learn a thing or two."

~Pawn Shop - Night~
Maisey: "Pop? Why are you sitting here in the dark?"
Leo: "I couldn't sleep, that's all."
Maisey: "Whatcha lookin' at? Do I have dirt on my face?"
Leo: "Looking at a little of your mother... maybe even a little of me."
Maisey: "What's the rest?"
Leo: "All the rest is all you. I love you, Maisey."
~Leo leans over and hugs Maisey~
Maisey: "Umm... I know."

~Police Station~
Stoneman: "Ah, Mr. McGinty! What are you doing here at this time of night?"
Leo: "Oh, I think I may know that Eddie fellow from Toronto. If I could spend a minute with him maybe I could shed some light on things for you."
Stoneman: "It'd be worth a try. I haven't been able to get anything out of him. Go on back. Take as long as you like."
~Leo walks back~
Leo: "I want to know what happened between you and my daughter."
Eddie: "We loved each other, Leo."
Leo: "She loved you so much she wouldn't have anything to do with you."
Eddie: "She didn't want me around as long as I was drinking."
Leo: "You had responsibilities."
Eddie: "I tried to give her money. She knew I stole it."
Leo: "You're full of excuses, aren't you?"
Eddie: "Leo, I've done some awful things. Things I can never take back. But me and Hanni, that was the one, good decent part of my life... her and me together... and I want my kid to know that no one can make her ashamed of who she is. No one."
Leo: "Oh, well in that case can you look inside yourself and say you wouldn't slip up again?"
Eddie: "No."
Leo: "No. Well, Maisey's turning out just fine without any help from you."
Eddie: "It eats away in me not knowing her. I want to see her. I only want to tell her who I am... who we were, her mom and me. That's all I want."
Leo: "All you want! All you want is about you, Eddie! It's about making yourself feel better! I'd give my life for the girl. Would you?"
~Leo walks back to main room~
Stoneman: "What'd he say?"
Leo: "I don't think he had anything to do with those robberies."
Stoneman: "Well, I'm still waiting to see if there are any outstanding warrants on him, but after that I can't justify keeping him in custody anyway."
Leo: "Well, he says that he wants to get out of town after he's released. Why don't you let him have his pride and don't mention me... just give him his fare."
~Leo drops some money on Stoneman's table.~

~Main Street~
May: "Maisey, has your grandfather left for Pinebury?"
Maisey: "He left about five minutes ago, I guess."
May: "Fine, then I'm here to watch you. Inside!"
Girl 1: "You people give good prices for jewelry and that?"
Maisey: "You guys looking to sell?"
Girl 2: "That's why we're asking!"
Maisey: "All right, why don't you come inside and we'll see what we can do for you."
~cut inside~
~Girl1 shakes purse out onto counter~
Maisey: "You have some pretty interesting stuff here. Lets have a look."
Fat: ~whispers~ "Those girls! They've got that Eddie guy's watch!"
May: ~whispers~ "Are you sure?"
Fat: ~whispers~ "Positive! Maybe they're the gangster mobs!"
May: ~whispers~ "Henry, you go get Sergeant Stoneman. ~louder~ Maisey, I'm going to send Henry to get some scones. Would you like some?"
Maisey: "Sure."
~May motions to the girls~
Maisey: "Scones! Scones! Yeah, yeah! I- I love them."
Fat: ~whispers~ "Are you okay, Grandma?"
May: ~whispers~ "I'm fine, Henry! ~aloud~ Hurry along, Henry! Be quick!"
~cut outside we see Fat run across the street, then enters the station~
Fat: "Sergeant Stoneman!"
Stoneman: "Yes, Henry, what's up?"
Fat: "There are two girls at the Pawn Shop! They're part of the Burlesque Bandits!"
Stoneman: "All right! All right! Hurry!"
~cut to Pawn Shop~
Girl2: "How much for this stuff?"
' Maisey: "Umm... Let me just have a look, okay? All right?"
May: "Oh, how interesting! ~May picks up the watch~ Oh, look at this lovely watch! Can you read the inscription on the back, dear? I can't see."
Girl1: "To E.J. love H.M. 1921."
Girl 2: "It was my uncle's. He's dead. You know what? Um... we're actually in kind of a hurry... and umm... ~she begins putting the items back in the purse~ I think we're going to have to go some place else."
May: "Well, the only other pawn shop is in North Bridge. That's a very long way."
~the girls dash out~ Maisey: "Stop! Stop! Thieves!"
~cut outside~ ~Stoneman and Fat are arriving~ Girl2: "Let go! I didn't do anything!"
Stoneman: "Then what are you running from? The jigs up! If you tell me who the Burlesque Bandits are things will go a lot easier on you."
Girl1: "We are. We're the Burlesque Bandits!"
Girl2: "Shut up, will ya!"
Fat: "Watch out! She has a gun!"
~Stoneman wrests the gun away, Fat picks it up~
May: "Henry!"
Fat: "It's a cap gun!"
May: "Well, Mr. Cramp, so these are the two dangerous desperadoes that held you at gun point? You must have been scared out of your wits!"
Alden: "It was dark!"
Stoneman: "We're going to have to sort out this mess. I want you all to come down with me to the station to give me your stations. Now where's the evidence?"
Maisey: "Oh, right here, sir!"
May: "Well done, Maisey!"
Stoneman: "Come along, Mr. Cramp."
Girl 1: "Let me go!"
Girl 2: "We didn't do anything!"

~Maisey looks out the window and sees Eddie across the street~
Maisey: "Uh, Pop, I'm just going to go talk to Fat for a second. I'll be right back."
~she goes outside, Leo looks out the window and watches~
~outside the Hotel~
Eddie: "Hey, kid."
Maisey: "Did you get your watch back?"
Eddie: "Yeah, yeah, I did. Thanks."
Maisey: "Uhh... My mom's initials were H.M."
Eddie: "A lot of people got those initials."
Maisey: "Ever been to the Winchester Hotel in Toronto?"
Eddie: "Once or twice."
Maisey: "You might have heard my mom play piano there. Here name was Hannah McGinty. She's the best stride piano player in Cabbage Town."
Eddie: "Maybe... I don't remember."
Maisey: "Well, it says 1921 on the back of your watch. It was the year I was born."
Eddie: "Sorry, kid, gotta go."
Maisey: "Are you my father?"
Eddie: "No. Look, uh... I got no use for a watch on the road. It... it's the kind of thing you get roled for anyway. Do me a favor? You hold onto that for me?"
~he gives Maisey the watch~
Maisey: "Yeah."
Eddie: "Thanks."
~he climbs onto the bus - Leo walks to Maisey~

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