The Crystal Skull

~Bailey Home~
~Grace playing piano~
~phone rings~
Grace: Bailey residence! Oh, well, Mother's here, would you like to speak with her?
May: Who is it, Grace?
Grace: Could you tell me what this may be regarding? ~pause~ Fine, I'll let her know to expect you.
~Grace hangs up~
May: Grace, who was that?
Grace: It was our lawyer.
May: Ah, what does Mr. Drakeford want?
Grace: He's coming to see you.
May: Is it about the mine, Grace?
Grace: Mr. Drakeford said that it was of a personal nature and that he preferred not to share such news over the telephone.
May: Good lord! Someone has died!

~In woods~
George Murphy: It's no good, Hub. It's no stickin' good.
Hub: The nickel's here somewhere.
George: It does us no good if the ore is in the ground and we're in the poor house.
Hub: Want to try up on the ridge near the marker?
George: Yes, sir.
~Hub walks to the ridge~
George: Hub, read me the number off of that stake!
Hub:George! Come see this!
~George looks over ridge and observes a squatters camp~

~Bailey Home~
Harmon: Mrs. Bailey, it is my sad duty to inform you of the passing of Orville H. Potts. You did know Mr. Potts?
May: Orvy? Orvy Potts!
Grace: That old timer?
Toppy: Lived in the edge of town in a cabin full of dogs?
Harmon: He was a recluse, yes.
May: I thought he had died some years ago.
Harmon: This last month.
May: Well, he lived a good, long life.
Harmon: Ninety odd and more. He's made you his beneficiary.
May: ME!
Toppy: What did he own besides the dogs?
Harmon: His cabin and thee dogs he left to a neighbor. He left this, May, to you.
~hands May a letter~
May: Orvy Potts didn't have two cents. Tramped silver diggings from one end of the continent to the other with precious little to show for it.
Grace: Maybe he had a secret fortune.
Toppy: Maybe he sat out in that cabin with all those dogs and a mattress full of silver nuggets.
May: It's unlikely this envelope contains a mattress.
Grace: Well, open it up and see what it is!
~May opens envelope~
May: ~reads~ Dear Mrs. Bailey... Oh, Grace, the penmanship!
~May hands the letter to Grace~
Grace: ~reads~ Dear Mrs. Bailey, if there's anybody left in this old world who knows what to do with this it will be you. Your dead friend, Orvy.
May: Do with what?
~Grace shakes envelope and something falls out~
Grace: Ohp!
Toppy: Here, I've got it!
~Toppy hands note to May~
May: A pawn ticket!

Fat: Nearly got it, Mais?
May: Good heavens, child! Be careful!
Grace: I suppose we could have waited until your grandpa got back into town.
Maisey: It wouldn't matter none, I'd be the one still doing all the climbing.
~May opens box and pulls out a hat box~
Toppy: Orvy left you a hat?
Fat: I hope you're the same size!
Maisey: It was heavier than a hat.
Fat: Maybe it's a head!
May: Henry!
Fat: We don't know!
May: We don't know, but I'm sure it's not a head!
~May pulls out a letter~
May: Oh, Grace!
~May pulls out a crystal skull~
Fat: Whoa!
~everyone gasps~
Fat: Ever nifty!
Toppy: Have you ever seen anything?
GracE: Is it crystal?
May: Well, it appears to be.
Maisey: Maybe it's cursed.
May: Orvy Potts probably won it at a carnival.
Grace: Mrs. Bailey, if you're reading this I guess I've passed on. This skull came from Mexico... older than the stones, they say... found in the temple of the dead. They say it can reveal all, find what's lost, and talk to the beyond!
May: And cure lumbago, no doubt.
Grace: The skull should dwell with the pure of heart. I figure that's you! The thing is, if you let it go astray, you're cursed! Take good care, Orvy. P.S. If you can talk to the dead, get in touch.
May: So much for my good fortune!
Toppy: Do you think it is true?
May: The thing is a piece of glass. I'm putting it back in this box until I can determine what to do with it.
Maisey: I'll give you ten cents for it, Mrs. Bailey.
May: Maisey, I would take you up on it if I wouldn't have to respect Orvy Potts wishes. Such things are best kept out of the hands of the impressionable. Goodbye, Henry. Goodbye, Maisey. Come along, Grace.
~they exit~
Hub: Grandmother! Grandmother! We've been calling you up at the house.
May: What is it, Hubert?
Hub: George and me, you'd better come to the auction hall. We've found a squatters camp on your Bass Lake property.
Grace: Squatters?
Hub: Sergeant Stoneman trucked them into town.
May: Tell George I'll be there directly.
Hub: All right.
~Hub leaves~
May: Now you two take this home and put it away in the closet.
Grace: Yes, Mother.
May: I have no patience with mumbo jumbo so I expect you to resist any temptation to open it.
Grace: Yes, Mother.
Toppy: Of course, Mother Bailey!
~May walks away – Grace looks at box – May turns around and gives Grace a look~
Grace: I said yes!

~outside Livestock Exchange~
May: George, where did they come from?
George: Toronto, apparently.
May: What were they doing on my land?
Hub: Starving to death.
~they enter~
May: This is ghastly!
George: It's part of the Back to the Land program. They're clearing the reliefers out of Toronto with a few bucks and train tickets north.
May: This is a sorry sight!
Stoneman: We'll, uh, temporarily house them here until we hear from Toronto. Do you wish to make charges, ma'am?
May: Charges, Sergeant?
Stoneman: Trespassing on your property.
May: Oh, heavens no! I do appreciate your getting them off of my land.
Hub: What's going to happen to them?
Stoneman: The city of Toronto gave them train fair up, but who's going to pay for them to return?
George: To what?
May: That's hardly our problem... and make that clear to Toronto, Sergeant.
Stoneman: Yes, ma'am.

~Pawn Shop~
Maisey: You know, Fat, if I had the crystal thing-a-majig so I could see the future I wouldn't hide it away somewhere. I'd... head for the ponies at Saratoga! Fat? Whatcha gawking at?
Fat: There's something going on. It's down at the auction hall!
Maisey: What is?
Fat: Someone is being arrested! There are cops there and everything!
Maisey: Baby Face!
Fat: What?
Maisey: Baby Faced Nelson! It's gotta be! Stoneman probably brought him in!
Fat: To the Auction Hall?
Maisey: Yee-ah, you know he wouldn't want him to have a lot of attention before they moved him into a proper jail... else his buddies would bust him out. ~puts on coat~ Well, come on! Lets go!
Fat: I thought you had to watch the store?
Maisey: Well, we're closed.
~Maisey flips the sign and Fat and Maisey sneak over to the auction hall and peer in window – Maisey meets eyes with a girl climbs down~
Fat: Do you see Baby Face?
Maisey: Out of my way, Fat! Out of my way!
Fat: What? What is it?
Girl: Well, well! bandy-knees McGinty! Come to stare at the down-and-outs, have you? Maisey: You know, you should change your name from Ruby to Rubish, Trammel! Because that's what you smell like!
Ruby: You think you're so swell! At least my folks are decent!
Maisey: Don't start, Rubbish!
Ruby: At least my mother had a white wedding!
Maisey: Take that back!
~Maisey pushes Ruby and they start fighting~
Fat: Hey, you two! Knock it off! Break it up, you two! Maisey, stop it right now!
Maisey: Let me go! You're not my brother! (???)
Ruby: He could be, for all you know!
Maisey: Shut up, Trammel!
Fat: You'd better get back inside!
Ruby: There ain't going to be someone around to protect you every minute!
Maisey: Protect you, Rubish!
~girls tussle again~
Fat: Maisey! Come on! Lets go!
~walk away~
Maisey: Better watch it, Trammel! Fat! Fat!

~Bailey Home~
~Grace and Toppy looking at the box containing the skull~
Toppy: Grace! I swear I can feel it! All these waves of energy coming from the box! Flowing over my like... like... waves of energy!
Grace: Maybe it's nerves. Well! I mean, it makes me nervous!
Toppy: It's all right, Grace. Not everyone can pick up on these things. Being artistic I am more available to the vibrations of the ethos.
Grace: Toppy, just because you won second prize for the best actress at the Dominion Festival contest doesn't mean we are opening this box.
Toppy: Don't you at least want to try it?
Grace: ~shrugs~ Well...
Toppy: Grace! ~Toppy grabs the box~ You do so!
Grace: No! Mother would skin us!
Toppy: For pity's sake, how would she find out? It's not as if Mother Bailey knows all and sees all!
~font door opens, and May enters~
May: I told you to put that away!
Grace: We are, Mother, we just didn't know where!
May: In the closet at the back of the shelf!
~Grace and Toppy do so~

Sutton's Kitchen
Fat: You're supposed to put steak on a shiner.
Maisey: That's bologna, Fat.
Fat: It's as close as we got!
~Fat cuts off a slice and hands it to Maisey~
Maisey: Oh! I'll live, thanks!
Fat: So your dad... does he still live in Toronto?
Maisey: You can't believe that Ruby!
Fat: No... it's just that... is he dead?
Maisey: No, dope, he's the captain of a steamer. Working the Malay Coast. You know, the South China Seas? So of course I don't hear from him every day and people like Rubish start talking.
Fat: When was the last time you saw him?
Maisey: When we buried my mother. The best (star)??? piano player in Cabbage Town. Busted his heart so bad... ~shakes head~ Went to sea! Couldn't bear to come back, Fat.
Fat: So he just left you?
Maisey: He didn't leave me, don't worry! He's coming back.
Fat: When he comes back he's taking me with him.
Fat: To the South China Seas?
Maisey: To China, Russia, Belgium, Congo- all sorts of places. Then I'll say goodbye to this bump-in-road town and the likes of people who make up stories about me. ~Fat looks sad~ Don't worry, Fat, I'll send picture postcards wherever I go.

Grace's Room
~Grace- searching drawers~
Toppy: Find them?
Grace: No! You neither?
Toppy: Didn't end up in my dresser. And I checked the laundry hamper.
Grace: I can't tell mother I've lost my last decent pair of silk stockings. I'll never hear the end of it.
Toppy:You're sure you haven't another pair?
Grace: This is my first day of volunteering at the library! I wanted to look nice!
Toppy: We could always ask the skull...
Grace: Toppy!
Toppy: It's perfect! It's harmless! It's a test!
Grace: Toppy Bailey! ~look at each other~ That is the worst idea you've ever had.
Toppy: But you thought about it!
Grace: Only because I'm desperate!
Toppy: You have half an hour to be at the library. Look, if it can't find a little pair of stockings we'll know it's a sham!
~bit later, Grace and Toppy on the bed with the skull~
Toppy: Well? Feeling anything?
Grace: Other than a complete idiot.
Toppy: Maybe we're not saying it right!
Grace: Well, Toppy, we asked where my stockings are! We've pleaded for help! I mean, I suppose we could threaten to bash in its head.
Toppy: Grace! Don't make threats! Even in jest. Remember the curse!
~both laugh~
Grace: Toppy, we're acting like school girls! Lets just put it away before-
~knocking on door~
May: Grace? Are you there, Grace?
Grace: Oh!
~hide crystal skull~
May: Grace, you might have answered me.
Grace: Yes, Mother, what did you want?
May: Are these your silk stockings? ~Grace and Toppy stare~ Grace, you seem to have a difficult time lately answering the simplest of questions.
Grace: Yes, they're mine... silk stockings... where did you find them?
May: In my handkerchief drawer! How they got there heaven knows!
Toppy: Heaven and you know you!
~Grace clears throat~
May: Toppy, you look as though you've see a ghost!
Toppy: It was the skull!
May: What?
Grace: Toppy!
Toppy: Grace! She should know! ~Grace sighs~ When we couldn't find the stockings and had looked everywhere we asked him. ~Grace sighs~ We were desperate. Grace has to be at the library in fifteen minutes!
May: Hardly the time to call in the reserves.
Toppy: But it worked!
Grace: It was probably a coincidence!
May: It's utter nonsense!
Grace: And so we'll put it right back in the closet.
Toppy: Mother Bailey, are you saying there is nothing you wish for?
May: Yes. And I wish I would have never found those stockings. Now get this thing back in the closet. Good grief!

Max: I'd like you all to welcome our newest member to our class. This is Ruby Trammel who has traveled to New Bedford from all the way from Toronto.
Maisey: ~mutters~ Cabbage Town!
Max: I'm sorry, Maisey, did you have something to add?
Maisey: No, sir.
Max: Now where should you sit? ~searches room~ How about the desk across from Maisey?
Ruby: Yes, sir.
~Ruby sits~
Max: Now, I'd like to go back to what were discussing yesterday about the French Revolution... how the freedom of the masses turned into the tyranny of the mob!
Ruby: See! You can't escape me!
Maisey: Your smell is everywhere!
Ruby: Seen your dad, lately? Would you recognize him if you saw him?
Maisey: Why! You...
Max: Is there a problem, Maisey?
Maisey: Yes, sir, I would really like to be moved.
Max: Moved?
Ruby: She's scared of me, sir!
Maisey: The only thing I'm afraid of is catching your cooties!
~Ruby kicks Maisey~
Maisey: Ow!
~Maisey pulls Ruby's hair~
Ruby: Ow!
Max: Now that's enough, the both of you!
Ruby: Ow!
Max: I don't know what the problem is and I don't know how you behaved in Toronto, but htat's not how we behave here! But you well know, Maisey. And I'll be seeing you after school for detention. Now, the two of you may take your seats.
~Ruby and Maisey give each other a look~

~ Bailey Home~
Mrs. Barlow: I've become so fond of that cat! If anything has happened to pig!
Grace: Have you checked the McPhean place? Maybe he went back to his last home!
Mrs. Barlow: Grace, he hasn't left all the time we had him and now he's been gone three whole days!
Grace: We haven't seen him around here!
Toppy: Seen him, seen whom?
Grace: Her cat, Pig! He's missing.
Toppy: How could you misplace a cat the size of Pig?
Mrs. Barlow: Well, I have Sergeant Stoneman looking! I'm such a fool! Look at me! Crying!
Grace: I wish there was something we could do, I really do!
Toppy: Well, maybe there is!
Mrs. Barlow: Really?
Grace: Toppy, you know we mustn't.
Mrs. Barlow: You mustn't help me?
Grace: I... ~sighs~

~Fat peaks in room where Maisey is washing blackboards~
Fat: Need a hand? ~Fat grabs cloth~ I was thinking about your dad being so far away... do you ever get any letters?
Maisey: Who's saying anything about my Dad?
Fat: Nobody, I was just thinking. Even if he was at sea you could still get his letters jst to see how he was doing.
Ruby: ~looking in window~ Hey, McGinty! ~sticks out tongue~
Maisey: ~marches over~ Rubbish! Go milk a dog! ~lowers blind~
Fat: Gees, Maisey, why does she make you so goofy?
Maisey: Because she does, Fat.
Fat: If you father doesn't write you letters, it's not your falt!
Maisey: Fat, my Dad...
Fat: What?
Maisey: He can't write me.
Fat: Why not?
Maisey: Well... because... um... he's missing. Yeah, and... at sea... three years ago his steamer got um... hit by a typhoon just off the Fiji Islands and... I haven't heard from him since!
Fat: I don't see why you're so ashamed!
Maisey: Who says I'm ashamed?
Fat: Then why do you carry that thing around inside?
Maisey: Because if folks knew then they'd just fuss about me... you know, saying those dumb things people say when people die... 'Sides! ~clears throat~ He's not dead!
Fat: He's not...
Maisey: Maybe not... maybe he's out there somewhere just trying to get back to me. No one really knows.
Fat: Would you like to know? We could ask the crystal skull.
Maisey: Fat! That skull is make-believe!
Fat: Well, it couldn't hurt to try
. Maisey: Well, it could!
Fat: Well, I don't see why.
Maisey: I know you don't see why, and that's the trouble with you, Fat! Just leave me alone!

~kids playing kick the can~
Ruby: Hey! Where's your whiny girlfriend?
Fat: Leave Maisey alone! How would you like it if your father were shark bait on some desert island?
Ruby: Maisey told you that?
Fat: She told me not to tell
Ruby: I'll bet because that's malarky! Her old man went to the slammer before she was even born! Before he married her mom! You know what that makes her, don't you?
Fat: Liar! You're just jealous of Maisey! You'd say anything!
Ruby: Well, why don't you ask her yourself? Hey, Maisey, why don't you level with your pal here. See if he still wants to be your friend.
~Maisey runs off – Ruby walks away – Fat runs after Maisey~
~Pawn Shop~
Maisey: We're closed, Fat! Can't you read? ~sighs~ Is there something you wanted to ask me, Fat? You're just like all the rest, aren't you?
Fat: What about your dad being lost at see? And getting stuck in that typhoon! And all the other stuff you said!
Maisey: When are you going to grow up, Fat? Have you ever wondered why my names the same as my Granddad's name, McGinty, and not my father's name? I don't have a father, okay? Are you satisfied? Now, get out of here! Private property! Go!
~Fat sighs, and leaves~

~Outside Hair Salon~
~Fat is walking up sidewalk - Mrs. Barlow is closing the door to the salon~ Mrs. Barlow: See you next Friday, Honey! Oh, hello, Henry! Fat: Hi... ~Mrs. Barlow goes to car and puts her things away~ ~cat meows~ Mrs. Barlow: Pig! Oh Pig! You're back! ~Pig meows~

~Bailey Kitchen~
~all whispering~ Grace: There you go, Fat! Now, never ever say anything about this to your grandmother. Fat: But it worked! Grace: It was a coincidence! Toppy: Two coincidences! Grace: Okay, two coincidences!
Toppy: Two remarkable coincidences!
~Grace looks askance~
Grace: Toppy, there was nothing remarkable about them, it was just... a coincidence style coincidence!
Toppy: I beg to differ! ~in normal tone~ And for heaven's sake, your mother is down at the Auction Hall meeting with Sergeant Stoneman! I hardly think we need to whisper! We should get this skull examined by an expert.
Grace: A skull expert in New Bedford?
Toppy: Who in this town is practically in a first name basis with the spirt world?
Grace: Who?
Toppy: Rene Bigilow!
Grace: Rene!? Really!? Well, I knew that she read palms at the cast party if you put a flea in here ear, but I thought she had been... ~looks at Fat~ Well.. ~makes a drinking motion~ Toppy: Rene is very sensitive to the spirit world. The hotel has a new tea room and Rene's reading tea cups there every Saturday. All we have to do is take the skull- Toppy! Mother would never allow that! Toppy: We don't tell her!
~They look at each other and Fat zips his lips~

~Auction Hall~
May: Those bureaucrats in Toronto still won't give a straight answer.
Stoneman:They may be vagrants but with families and children we can't very well motor them to the city limits and point them south!
May: So is New Bedford to become the dumping place for all the unemployables in the province?
Man: Mrs. Bailey?
Stoneman: Don't bother the lady, okay?
Man: I don't mean to bother her, I just want to explain.
May: What can I do for you?
Man: I know you own the land we were on and the mine nearby. I know that I'm unemployed, but at home I was a teacher of engineering at the university. I have knowledge of mining.
May: Sir, I really don't think there is anything I can do for you.
Man: I have a wife and two girls.
May: I sympathize with you Mr... Man: Rothstein. My name is Rothstein. May: I sympathize, but unless circumstances change I may not have any work for those I already employ. I am sorry, Mr. Rothstein. Man: So am I.

~Tea Room~
~Rene feeling the skull~
Rene: You did the right thing, Grace, brining the skull into me.
Grace: I did?
Toppy: You are the only person in this town with the credentials.
Grace: Maybe you had better go outside and play or something.
Fat: Aunt Grace, I know about his stuff. I read all about Houdini.
Mrs. Barlow: The innocence of youth is no longer what it used to be!
Waitress: No kidding! Have you heard about the McGinty girl, whatever her name is? ~tisks~
Fat: Maisey just needs to find her father. That's what I'm asking the skull.
Waitress: Boy, that should give it a real headache.
~Rene humming~
Rene: Back! I'm back!
Grace: Back from where?
Rene: I couldn't swear to it, but... the other side.
~Grace gasps~
Toppy: You spoke with the dead!?
Rene: They were close by. Definitely a direct line to the spirit world.
Grace: Oh my gosh! ~hiccups~ So you really think it's possible that the skull could have heard us?
Toppy: At least could you explain it finding your stockings and Iris's cat!
Grace: Oh my ~hiccups~ gosh!
Rene: There is more to this skull than even I can imagine!
Waitress: Grace, can I have a go sometime?
Mrs. Barlow: Me too!
Grace: Iris, you already found your cat!
Mrs. Barlow: Cat nothing! I want to talk to Valentino!
~Grace hiccups~

~Bailey Home – parlor~
May: It's one thing for the two of you running around New Bedford making fools of yourself, but to drag Henry into your shenanigans!
Grace: Mother, that will never happen again.
May: Indeed it wont! Mrs. Wanless: May, please, don't be too hard on the girls. These days these sorts of things are always in the newspapers and over the radio.
May: Honestly, Martha, I think it's this depression. People are not only loosing their money, they're loosing their sense.
Mrs. Wanless: It does seem pretty foolish, May, but when desperation sets in... well... I suppose one is willing to try anything.
May: Martha! Not you! What on earth could bring you to such foolishness?
Mrs. Wanless: Well, believe me I wouldn't think of such a thing, but I've nowhere else to turn! I've lost my wedding band! ~shakes head~ It will cut Edmond to the quick! The ring was his mother's. May: And how would a ridiculous lump of glass tell?
Mrs. Wanless: Well, it worked for Grace and Iris! What's the harm? Please, May?
May: Well, I won't be a party to it. I just don't like it. ~May walks out of room and says to the skull~ And I don't like you.
~May walks to the kitchen~
May: Oh, Henry, I didn't know you where here! Were you playing a game with your aunt Grace?
Fat: Yee-ah...
May: Well, here. Let me finish for her. ~Fat sighs~ Unless you'd rather not play. Is something bothering you, Henry?
Fat: kind of.
May: Would you like to talk to me about it?
Fat: It's about somebody I know.
May: All right.
Fat: I thought I knew the person, but there was a bunch of stuff I didn't know. I thought her dad was on a ship at sea. She doesn't have a dad period. She's never seen him; doesn't know anything about him. Her mom didn't even marry him.
May: And how is this a problem for you?
Fat: People are talking... calling her names.
May: And you're wondering whether you should continue with this association.
Fat: Why is it so important to everybody?
May: First, Henry, I think I may know who you mean.
Fat: People are talking about Maisey to you too?
May: Leo often talked about his daughter Hannah. She was a headstrong girl. It would be easy for me to say she chose unwisely, but how could I? I wasn't there. I don't know.
Fat: Why are people mean about her?
May: Some people need to feel righteous. Makes it easier to overlook their own shortcomings. Stick with Maisey, Henry.
Fat: ~smiles~ Thanks, Grandma!
~gives May a hug~
May: Oh gracious, Henry!

~Bailey Home~
~May answers door~
Mrs. Wanless: May! Oh, May! Look!
~shows May her ring~
May: Martha, wherever did you find it?
Mrs. Wanless: I was at the movie matinee. “The Woman I Stole”, Fay Wray, Jack Holt. So moving! I fished in my purse for a hanky and I felt it in my hand! The ring!
May: It was in your purse.
Mrs. Wanless: No! In my hand! I'm afraid I did embarrass myself.
~a car honks~
Woman: (O.S.) Yoohoo! Mrs. Wanless!
May: Is there someone out there?
Mrs. Wanless: Phylis and Gertrude were at the movie so of course I had to tell everyone what happened. Ladies!
May: Oh dear!
Mrs. Wanless: The girls are shy, but I know they would love to consult the skull sometime.
Grace: Mother, Sergeant Stoneman is on the telephone. Hello, Mrs. Wanless!
May: Oh, Martha, I'm sorry, I'm afraid this may be urgent. Good day!
~May shuts the door after Mrs. Wanless leaves~
Grace: Aren't we asking Mrs. Wanless in?
May: Absolutely not! I might ring her neck! ~May walks into kitchen and picks up phone~ Yes, Sergeant?
Sergeant: Mrs. Bailley, I spoke with Mrs. Wanless outside the theatre. (O.S) There have been a number of unsolved thefts in the area... which... leads me to your crystal skull...
May: Well, I assure you the skull is completely innocent.
Sergeant: ~chuckles~ I mean... I'd uh... I'd like to consult it.
May: What I have in my possession is not Sherlock Holmes, Sergeant! It is a knick knack! It is making a fool of everybody in this town and I hope that doesn't include you! Good day!
~hangs up and phone rings again~
May: Oh, good lord! The Bailey residence.
Rene: Mrs. Bailey, this is Rene Bigilow. Everyone is agog about the crystal skull. You might need a medium to interpret the transmittals.
May: I'm sorry, Miss Bigilow. You have caught me indisposed. Good day. ~May hangs up~ Tomorrow we are taking that skull out to the river and tossing it in!
Grace: but the curse!
May: Could not be worse than this.

~May's Dining Room~
Max: All I'm saying is it might have some historical or even prehistorical value.
May: I just want it out of my house.
Max: It couldn't hurt to speak to an archaeologist at Royal Ontario Museum. Maybe they'd be interested.
Toppy: Max is right, Mother Bailey, it could be valuable.
~somone knocks on the door~
Grace: Why else would Orvy have left it to you?
~Grace leaves to answer the door~
May: Someday in the great hereafter I'll ask him just that. All right, Max, call. Call the museum. Lets put an end to this.
Grace: Mother, Mr. Murphy is here.
May: Oh! ~exits~ George! George! Come in. ~enter parlor~ Well, house is everything going?
George: Mrs. Bailey... today is the cut off day... we said we would make are calls to make a proceed with the new mine head or no.
May: George, it isn't a question of whether to proceed, but where!
George: And I can't still tell you that, Mrs. Bailey. Not one hundred percent anyway... you just can't break ground guessing by golly!
May: I know, but the longer we take to move... all right, George, I'll go through the books and see if I can find a way for us to get through the winter.
George: ~nods and rubs his nose~ I'll.. uh... I'll bring the crew back tomorrow. They'll find that nickel, Mrs. Bailey.
May: We have to, George. We have to.
George: ~nods~ Yes, ma'am.

~Bailey Home~
~at night, May is going through books – gets up and leaves, and begins to have chest pains~
May: Oh! ~gasps~ Oh... the pills! ~looks around~ OH! ~clutches heart~
~May walks by the table where the skull is~
May: Where are the blessed pills?
~May collapses on the steps~
May: Oh! ~whispers~ Grace! Toppy!
~skull lights up and May sees it~
May: You know everything? Where are my pills and my purse?
~screen shifts down to reveal the purse on the chair under the skull – May walks over and takes pills~
May: Oh!
~cut to May's bedroom, May is in bed, sleeping and dreaming- has skull on window sill~
~May's dream is a montage of scenes~
Mr. Rothstein: Rothstein! My name is Rothstein!
~baby cries~
~we see Baileys in the auction hall with poor clothing~
~May is then outside with the skull, on the ridge~
~May awakens, gets out of bed, the skull is no longer on the window sill – May goes downstairs and skull is on table – May stands and stares at it~
~Grace comes down stairs~
Grace: Mother? Are you all right?
May: I thought I heard a noise, Grace. I was mistaken.
~Grace and May walk up the stairs together~

~Bailey Kitchen~
~Fat and Maisey are at the table with the skull~
Maisey: It's not working!
Fat: It's from Mexico. Maybe it doesn't understand English.
Maisey: It worked for your aunt Grace and Mrs. Barlow, didn't it?
Fat: Lets try it one more time.
Maisey: We've tried it three times, Fat! It just sits there.
Fat: ~closes eye and feels skull~ Crystal skull, is Maisey's father still alive? Can you tell us his name? Can you let him know that Maisey wants to meet him? And tell him where she is. I don't get it! It helps Grace find a stupid pair of stockings and when ask it something important-
Maisey: Fat, just forget it. Maybe somethings are just too big to ask.

~Auction Hall~
Mr. Rothstein: Mrs. Bailey!
May: I've just come to see if you're comfortable here.
Mr. Rothstein: As comfortable as this situation allows.
May: We're planning on opening a new mine head- nickel. You said you know mining, Mr...
Mr. Rothstein: Rothstein! It means red stone.
May: Why do you tell me that?
Mr. Rothstein: Because it's true!

~Bailey Home
Max: According to the man at the museum it's probably a nineteenth century fake. The Professor Perkins I talked to doubts it has any real value except as an oddity. But still, he's willing to take it off your hands if you want to pack it up and ship it down.
Grace: Did you tell him about its... unique qualities?
Max: His reactions were predictable for a scientist.
May: Quackery!
Max: Over active imaginations.
Toppy: Well, it certainly would be well kept on a display.
Max: Or a storage shelf, more likely.
May: Or a museum basement. I don't think I can do that.
Grace: I thought you would be glad to be rid of it, Mother!
May: Grace, I was given a responsibility.
Grace: Two days ago you were ready to toss it into the river!
May: I've second thoughts.

~Tea Room~
May: Good afternoon, Libby.
Harmon: May! Grace! I was going to call on you this afternoon.
Grace: Hello, Mr. Drakeford.
May: Not delivering more bequests are you, Harmon?
Harmon: No, but strange you should mention it.
May: Harmon, after this week nothing is strange.
Harmon: Well, in the process of executing Mr. Pott's estate I was required to inform one Emanuel Vuentés of Guadalajara, Mexico, of his passing.
Grace: Of Mexico?
Harmon: A former prospecting partner.
May: Good grief, he must be ancient!
Harmon: Mr. Potts was predeceased by Mr. Vuentés. However, I was contacted by his daughter. Apparently her father lost thee skull to Mr. Potts in a gambling debt. She claims that thee home of the skull is a village nearby where an old mission church is built on an Indian ruin. She has papers; no proof.
May: May I keep this, Harmon?
Harmon: Certainly!

~outside hotel~
May: Grace, we should be getting home.
~car approaches~
George: (O.S.) Mrs. B! Mrs. B! ~pulls up to curb~ We found it! We found it! The perfect place for the mine head!
May: You have!
George: I'd stake thirty years of know-how on it. We got it, Mrs. B!
Hub: Mr. Rothstein found it!
George: Sitting pretty as you please! I could have kicked myself for not seeing it earlier.
Mr. Rothstein: I saw the red soil!
May: One of the sure signs. On the ridge, was it? Near where you were camped, Mr. Rothstein?
Mr. Rothstein: It was!
Hub: Who told you?
May: Get it assayed as soon as possible, George. And Mr. Rothstein, thank you.

~Train Sation~
Grace: Miss Veunté plans to return it to the old church.
Fat: So maybe it is a real, live relic!
May: Fake or real it belongs there and there it should go.
Grace: I'm sure Mr. Potts would approve!
Maisey: How come he didn't just return it himself?
Toppy: Maybe he tried! Maybe he could reach Miss Veunte after her father died.
Grace: Or, maybe he did intend it to pass it through your hands mother to help you find the mine. ~May gives Grace a look~ Well, you have to admit there's something to it!
May: I admit nothing of the kind!
Fat: Goodbye, Grandmother!
May: Goodbye, Henry!
Ruby: So, McGinty, is your old man back from the China Seas?
~Fat grabs Maisey~
Fat: Maisey, no! Just ignore her!
Maisey: No fear! I will!
~Fat and Maisey walk off~
Man: That girl... ~points~ Is she Leo McGinty's granddaughter?
~Station Master nods~

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