The Fever

~Biking to School~
Fat: "Want to ride to the creek today after school?"
Hub: "I've got basketball after school."
Fat: "Maisey says the snouts are running."
Hub: "The snouts only run in the spring."
Fat: "Only?"

Max: "Nice going, Hub! Boys, gather around. I want to talk to you a minute. Boys, we've been challenged to an exhibition game."
Buck: "All right!"
Max: "Against the senior boys at Newbury."
Buck: "Newbury! How'd it go!"
Max: "That's right. Now, if we can organize it we'll take the train over on Friday."
Boy: "We'll murderize them."
~Hub watches the girls~
Max: "We'll do our best shot and then we'll take the train back on Friday evening. You all know what that means. Hello, Hub, I'm talking here. Now look, if we're going up to exhibition caliber we're going to have to practice and pull together as a team."
Boys: "Yeah. All right."
Max: "All right, lets see some laps. Lets go!"

~Jefferson's Garage~
Alden: "I tell you, this bus line bankruptcy means we're done."
Callie: "Without the North Bridge, I don't see the reason to keep a hotel in New Bedford."
Alden: "Not at all."
Ollie: "It's a sign of the times, I guess."
Callie: "Sign of the times, my aunt Frances."
Alden: "People still need to move around."
Ollie: "You'd think so."
Callie: "That's why we say buy it."
Ollie: "Buy what? Oh, the North Bridge line? You two?"
Alden: "Oh, now, not without a partner."
Callie: "We know nothing about vehicles."
Alden: "But it would take just one bus..."
Callie: "And someone with the know-how to keep it on the road."
Ollie: "You want to go partners with me?"
Alden: "Why not?"
Del: "Yeah, go for it, Ollie. It's be a gold mine."
Ollie: "I've got every last dime put in this place."
Alden: "Well, we'd handle the initial outlay."
Callie: "You'd just keep the bus on the road."
Ollie: "No, I couldn't."
Alden: "Why not?"
Del: "Come on, Ollie, the Lord hates a coward."
Ollie: "Why don't you do it?"
Del: "Hey, I'm no war-bucks in Ollie's pay packet."
Alden: "There's no need to be."
Callie: "We'll front it."
Del: "Okay."
Alden: "Atta boy!"

Buck: "So if we're going to play exhibition we should plan on getting more practice in."
Hub: "Especially you, Mayhew."
Buck: "Speak for yourself, Bailey."
Hub: "Hi, Alice."
Alice: "Hi."
Buck: "What are you doing this weekend?"
Hub: "Nothing much."
Buck: "I guess I'll see you around then."
Hub: "Sure."
~Buck runs off and bumps into Alice~
Hub: "Buck!"
Buck: "Hey, you two falling for each other?"
Hub: "I'm really sorry."
Alice: "That's okay."
Hub: "Sorry Buck is such a moron."
Alice: "I'm fine, don't worry about it."
Hub: "That math exam sure is hard, eh?"
Alice: "Not really. See you around, Hub."
Hub: "Yeah, I'll see ya."

~Walking Home~
Hub: "Alice! Can I talk with you?"
Alice: "What do you want to say?"
Hub: "How are you doing?"
Alice: "I can't hang around, Hub. There's somewhere I'm supposed to be."
Hub: "Why?"
Alice: "I've got a job."
Hub: "Really, what kind of job?"
Alice: "Hub, look, I've got to go."
Hub: "Well, I'll walk you to your job."
Alice: "Hub, you can't! My dad can barely say Bailey without meaning to spit."
Hub: "What happened at the mine wasn't my fault."
Alice: "My dad will probably never get work again."
Hub: "It was an accident!"
Alice: "You're people own the mine. Hub, just do me a favor and go away. If it ever gets back to my dad that we're talking to each other... just go."

Fat: "Are you sure about the snouts?"
Maisey: "Here and there, okay?"
~a truck drives by~
~Fat and Maisey go to see what's happening~
Maisey: "What's going on up there?"
Fat: "Something all right."
Maisey: "Lets go have us a look."
Man: "Coming around that bend there... mustn't have seen the signs..."
Man2: "Lordy. Was he killed?"
Man: "No, they've taken him into New Bedford."
~we see a truck on its side, with groceries strewn about~
Fat: "Look at this stuff! Canned peas!"
Maisey: "He must have slipped it doing sixty!"
~We see people taking food~
Fat: "Look at that."
Maisey: "Well, why not, eh? I mean... wha- what's going to happen to the stuff left here? Want a ham?"
Fat: "Maisey, no!"
Maisey: "Fat, would you stop being such a flat tire. The stuff is going to be ruined with all the rain coming."
Maisey: "Come on, lets see if there's anything better in the truck."
~they crawl into the truck~
Maisey: "Wow! Look at this stuff!"
Fat: "Wha- what's this?"
Maisey: "We can't carry much stuff, so make it good."
Fat: "Oh, geez, Maisey."
Maisey: "Fat, would you quit your belly-aching? Finders keepers, losers weepers. Tooth powder! Couldn't use this much tooth powder in a life time!"
Fat: "Hey, wait!"
~Fat opens a box~
Fat: "Wheat biskies!"
Maisey: "Fat, don't go goofy! You want twenty-four boxes of breakfast cereal?"
Fat: "No, but look it, see. There's all sorts of swell stuff you can get! Tom Mix stuff!"
Maisey: "A secret decoder ring!"
Fat: "Yeah, and uh, uh, whistling sheriff's badge and a para-shoot rocket! All you need to do is send the boxtops and a nickle."
Maisey: "We'd have enough boxtops to order the whole catalog! Only problem, where would we get the nickles?"
Fat: "We could sell the cereal to Mrs. Cramp to serve at the hotel!"
Maisey: "Yeah, five cents a box! That would serve the old skin-flint."
~they carry off the box~

Max: "Alden and Callie are putting up all the cash."
Del: "Uh-huh. I jsut drive the bus and keep it running."
Max: "I don't know, Del. I mean the Cramps have many fine qualities, but uh, hey Fred, got any mail for us? The Cramps are so tight they could rub the picture off a nickel."
Del: "Hey, not so far!"
Max: "I know, that's what gets me. Hey, thanks, Fred. The Cramps won't give something for nothing."
Del: "Well, it seems to me at a twenty-five percent split I've got a cozy on the deal."
Max: "I'd still be wary, Del."
Del: "Eh, you snooze you loose. Transportation is the wave of the future, this country is on the move. This could start a whole fleet of buses."

~Hub and Fat's Room~
~Hub is looking at a catalog~
Fat: "Hub, look what we've got!"
Hub: "Geez, would you learn to knock?"
Fat: "Hey, it's my room too!"
Maisey: "Whatcha lookin' at in the catalog, Hub?"
Hub: "I've almost got enough money saved for my new bike."
Fat: "Since when?"
Maisey: "A bike, huh?"
Hub: "Vamoose! Leave!"
Fat: "I don't know what's up with Hub. Somethings gotten into him lately."
Maisey: "The fevers got him."
Fat: "Huh?"
Maisey: "I'm sure it wasn't any bike he was looking at in the catalog. More likely ladies in their drawers."
Fat: "Drawers?"
Maisey: "You know, he's got the fever. He's kind of all shaked up with guy feelings. You know, the fever that strikes guys of about fourteen and lasts until they're about eighty."
Fat: "What are you talking about?"
Maisey: "What do you mean, 'what am I talking about?' The birds and the bees, you dopey character."
Fat: "Oh!"
Maisey: "You do know about the birds and the bees, don't you, Fat?"
Fat: "Of course! Geez! Well, it's almost dinner time. We'd better talk to Mrs. Cramp about the cereal tomorrow."
Maisey: "I guess."
Fat: "Are you sure this isn't stealing?"
Masiey: "Fat, if this is stealing then half the town is guilty of it."
Fat: "All the same, I don't want to explain all this cereal to my mom. I'm going to hide it under my bed."

~Hotel Lobby~
Callie: "And beat that properly! I don't want great grime running the life out of my carpet thread."
Maisey: "As we were saying at this bargain of a price you're paying less than half the grocer's price."
Fat: "Five cents a box."
Callie: "Oh yeah, what's wrong with them? I guess somebody sawed the tops off every box. They'll be stale in no time."
Fat: "No they wouldn't!"
Callie: "Get them out of here."
Fat: "But please!"
Maisey: "They won't go stale. They've still got the wax paper liner."
Callie: "I'm too soft for my own good. I'll take one box."
Fat: "That's it!"
Callie: "If I go through this I'll take another box as long as it's still fresh. Now, skidaddle! Good morning, gents, how goes the work on our highway?"
Man: "Maybe a week or two I guess."
Callie: "Well, your breakfast is right this way."
Maisey: "Be sure to try the Wheat Biscuits."
Fat: "It's the house specialty."
Man: "Cold cereal is the specialty? That doesn't say much for the joint."

~Jefferson's Garage~
Alden: "Hey, gentlemen. Well, what do you think? A beauty, isn't she?"
Del: "This was as good as you could do?"
Alden: "Best looking bus at the auction... for fifty bucks. Oh, don't worry, you'll soon have her humming. I have every confidence in you, partner."
~the bus's radiator is steaming~
Ollie: "Come on, partner!"

~Main Street~
Fat: "We've got to get rid of that cereal! Somebody's sure to want it!"
Maisey: "Give it time!"
Fat: "Easy for you to say. You don't have a mom who's going to find it under you bed."
Hub: "Alice, did you just come out of this show? I didn't see you inside."
Alice: "This show? What would I be doing at some kiddy matinee?"
Cliff: "Aint I seen you kids at the hotel?"
Alice: "Cliff, have you got the tickets?"
Cliff: "Yeah."
Maisey: "Since when did you start wearing lip rouge?"
Alice: "Cliff's buying me dinner at the café."
Cliff: "See you in the funnies, kids."
Fat: "Does she know that guy?"
Hub: "She does now."
Fat: "Why is she acting so weird?"
Maisey: "Notice how she's has a figure so sudden? Fill with cotton what the Lord hath forgotten."
Fat: "What are you talking about?"
Hub: "Would you guys just clam up and get lost?"
Maisey: "What we'd do?"
Hub: "Beat it!"
Fat: "If this is the fever I hope Hub gets over it soon."

~Sutton Apartment~
Fat: "Where is everybody?"
Hub: "Mom went down to the beauty parlor with Violet and Zack and Max is at the school. You'd better hurry up, it's getting late! I'll get started on breakfast."
Fat: "Don't bother! I'll get it!"
~Fat dumps two boxes of wheat biscuits in a huge bowl~
Hub: "Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Fat! Fat! I don't want that much and I don't even like these!"
Fat: "Well, learn to."
~Fat pours milk on the cereal~

~Jefferson's Garage~
Alden: "Hello, lads, how is every little thing?"
Del: "Could be a whole lot better."
Alden: "Oh, I have every faith in you, partner."
Ollie: "What can I do for you, Mr. Cramp?"
Alden: "Oh, I just thought I'd run some ad ideas past my associate here. 'Course, Cramp Coach Lines will be getting the Chronicles preferred rate."
Del: "Cramps Coach Lines? I'm partner, how come I don't get my name in it?"
Alden: "Me and Callie put up the cash! It was our idea! Seventy-five percent owners, I Think it should bear our names. Now, lookee here, how's this for a slogan?"
Del: "Travel in style, go with Cramps."
Alden: "Catchy, isn't it. It's gotta a ring..."
Del: "Ring... Ollie, does it ring to you?"
Ollie: "Oh, well, uh, I don't know, I mean, uh, what if... what... just think about Swifty Bus Lines."
Alden: "Swifty... Oh, that's, uh, that rhymes with shifty and people will make fun of it. You've got problems with Cramps?"

Hub: "I'm open, I'm open!"
Max: "Ball. All right, guys, come here. Okay, guys, I have a little bad news. Mrs. Whitney put the kibosh on our trip Newbury. well, evidently there's not enough money in the athletic budget for unexpected field trips."
Buck: "Train fair to Newbury isn't that much, I mean we could ask our moms or dads."
Max: "Ix-nay, Buck, because your parents are tapped already and B, Mrs. Whitney is worried enough about you rural boys being in school during harvest."
Sean: "Well, my brother could borrow our dad's truck."
Max: "Thanks, Sean, that's a nice idea, but twenty miles in a flat-bed in this weather?"
Hub: "Why don't we ask Uncle Del and Mr. Cramp to borrow their bus?"
Boys: "Yeah! Good idea!"
Max: "Yeah! Yeah!"

Alden: "For Travel Pleasure Nothing Beats Cramps... Oh, okay, wait, uh, hold on a minute, I've got another... ah! When you gotta go, go with Cramps."
Max: "Have you thought of changing the name maybe?"
Alden: "Oh, you mean something else besides just Cramps, like, uh... Cramp Ways... Cramp Lines..."
Max: "Mr. Cramp, what I really wanted to talk to you about was the New Bedford Athletics Club..."
Alden: "Wait, don't, don't tell me those boys need new jersies already! I just finished paying for them."
Max: "No, Mr. Cramp, and I will say that your kind donation on behalf of the New Bedford Chronicle made a world of difference of the boys. Uh, Mr. Cramp, we have to avail ourselves to your generosity one more time."
Alden: "My generosity! Sutton, do I look like I'm made of money?"
Max: "No, sir, you don't, but I do recognize a man who realizes you have to spend a nickel to make a dime."
Alden: "Keep talking."
Max: "Well, we have to get the boys basketball team to Newbury on Friday, and I thought of a great idea for a cross promotion. You with your picture taken in front of the bus with the team... I mean, won't that look smart on the front page?"
Alden: "I can put a picture of my bus on the front page of the paper any time I choose! Who needs you?"
Max: "But Mr Cramp, the inaugural run of your bus line with the first inter-school competition, I mean, that's a story! I mean, imagine, we can have hot dogs and balloons- and a live feed from the radio station!"
Alden: "Well... I do own the radio too..."
Max: "So come on, Mr. Cramp, and... and.. rah rah... and... uh... get behind the home team with Cramps!"
Alden: "Give me a C! Give me an R! Give me an A, M, P, S, and what have you got?"
Max: "Cramps!"
Alden: "Give me a C... R... Give me a... C... an A..."

Fat: "I'm hiding the cereal under my bed... my mom could run a duster under there any day."
Maisey: "Fat, pull yourself together."
Fat: "I can't take it, Maisey, it's too much. I'm cracking up."
Maisey: "Fat, what am I supposed to do? You can't sell an open cereal boxes at a pawnshop!"
Fat: "Why did I want that Tom Mix para-shoot rocket so bad? I have to do something stupid and saw off all those boxtops! Why?"
Maisey: "Fat, I have customers to serve! Why don't you take a couple of boxes over to the café and sell them there?"
Fat: "Okay, I'll try, but I'm never letting you talk me into something like this again."
Maisey: "It didn't take a lot of convincing, Bailey."
Cliff: "Hey, can we have some service over here?"
Maisey: "Sure. Gentlemen, what would you like me to show you?"
Cliff: "Is that a charm bracelet? How much are you asking?"
Maisey: "Two dollars."
Cliff: "Two dollars! Forget it!"
Friend: "She ain't that charming, eh?"
Cliff: "How about that locket?"
Maisey: "Twenty-five cents."
Cliff: "Two-bits. That's more my thinking. I'll take it."
Friend: "Hey, making the fast moves on that little chick?"
Cliff: "Hey, I'm trying."
Friend: "Look, there's a party down at the Pineside. You should bring her out, she's old enough, huh?"
Cliff: "She's sixteen, is that close enough?"
Maisey: "Who do you think is sixteen, Alice MacFarlane?"
Cliff: "Nobody's talking to you."
Maisey: "Thanks."

~Main Street~
Max: "Hey there, Fat. What are you doing wandering the streets with cereal boxes?"
~cut to Fat's room~
~Max pulls the box out from under Fat's bed~
Max: "I'm very, very disappointed in you."
Fat: "I didn't think I was doing anything wrong."
Max: "Why did you feel you had to hide this from me and your mom?"
Fat: "I don't know."
Max: "Fat, sometimes right from wrong isn't easy to tell, that's why we have a conscience. Maybe the truck company didn't care about the spilled cargo, but you shouldn't have helped yourself."
Fat: "Everybody else was doing it."
Max: "Fat, if you came across a person who had an accident along side the road would you go through that man's pockets?"
Fat: "No, sir!"
Max: "Then why did you do what you did?"
Fat: "Well, Maisey said finders keepers."
Max: "Is that the best you can come up with?"
Fat: "Maybe it was the fever!"
Max: "You're grounded, my friend."
Fat: "Yes, sir."
Max: "But first you're going to take all that cereal down and donate it to the mission."
Fat: "Yes, sir."
Max: "And, you're going to turn over all those boxtops."
~Fat gets the large stack of boxtops and hands them to Max~

Hub: "I should make you walk down main street with this."
Fat: "Hub! It's bad enough that I'm grounded, lets just get it to the mission! Hey! That's Alice! Isn't that the back of Dr. and Mrs. Barlow's house?"
Hub: "That must be her job! Helping her mom clean houses. Come on, lets keep walking."
Fat: "Can I ask you a question? It's about men and women."
Hub: "I guess."
Fat: "Well, it's about the birds and bees."
Hub: "Fat, don't you know about that yet?"
Fat: "Well, yeah, but I was just wondering. How do the bees come into it?"
Hub: "What?"
Fat: "The bees! What's the bees part?"
Hub: ~laughs~ "Fat, just keep walking."

Maisey: "Poor, Fat, he's grounded! Isn't that the pits."
Hub: "Yeah, he'll get over it. So where's this truck wreck?"
Maisey: "Up ahead. That's the guy seeing Alice."
Hub: "Do you think they're actually seeing each other?"
Maisey: "I don't know what he's doing."
Hub: "What do you mean? Maisey!"
Maisey: "He was saying rude things about her, Hub."
Hub: "When?"
Maisey: "The other day when he came into the shop and he was buying something for her... he was saying things."
Hub: "What kind of things?"
Maisey: "Things. He was laughing with his friend. Well, he- he- he thinks... at least he said he thinks that Alice is sixteen. Hub!"
~Hub sets down his bike and walks toward the workers~
Maisey: "Hub! Don't be goofy!"
Cliff: "What's the matter with you?"
Hub: "You stay away from Alice MacFarlane!"
Cliff: "Bloody twerp ???"
Hub: "Alice is too decent. You don't have the right."
Cliff: "Says who?"
Hub: "She's fourteen you know, Alice. She's in the eighth grade."
Cliff: "Hey, I said get out of here you bloody fool! You stay out of my sight because if you mess around you're really going to get hurt! You got it? You got it?"

~Main Street~
Girl1: "He's serious and everything?"
Alice: "Sure is!"
Girl2: "And he's got a job and that?"
Maisey: "Yeah, road work, it's a relief project."
Alice: "He is not on relief. You don't even know him, McGinty."
Girl1: "How old is he?"
Alice: "He's about twenty or so, I guess."
Maisey: "How old does he guess you are, MacFarlane?"
Alice: "McGinty, who even asked you? Bug out."
Maisey: "You're making an awful mistake, Alice."
Alice; "What do you even know about it, McGinty?"
Maisey: "A whole lot more than you. You know he bought that tin locket at my granddad's pawnshop. He paid a quarter."
Alice: "You're jealous."
Maisey: "Oh yeah, I'm real jealous."
Alice: "You're jealous because Cliff wants to marry me."
Maisey: "Marry? Alice, that's crazy."
Alice: "He wants to get me out of here!"
Maisey: "He can't do that either, not at fourteen. It's not even legal."
Alice: "Mind your own business."

Hub: "You've got something wrong, Maisey."
Maisey: "I don't think so."
Hub: "I don't believe it."
Maisey: "Well, that's what it sounds like."
Hub: "There's no way she's going to marry her."
Maisey: "That's what's in her head, Hub. You know him and his friend came into his shop looking for that locket?"
Hub: "Yeah?"
Maisey: "Yeah, well he was talking about taking her to some party with his coworkers to the Pineside."
Hub: "The Pineside!"
Maisey: "You know that old dance hall down by the lake?"
Hub: "They're closed this time of year."
Maisey: "Yeah, well, they've got a booze can running out of it all fall and winter, Hub."
Hub: "What kind of booze can?"
Maisey: "What kind of booze cans are there? Cheap liquor, Hub. Speak easy about it."
Hub: "How would you know?"
Maisey: "I keep my ears open, Hub. It's a regular old bucket of blood flowing, from what I hear. There was a fight down there last week after the ball game. Tell you one thing, you wouldn't catch me down there on a bet."
Hub: "Alice won't go."
Maisey: "You think not?"
Hub: "Maisey, you know Alice, she talks a lot, but that's all it is, talk."
Maisey: "I don't know that, Hub. I don't know that for sure at all. Neither do you."

Hub: "Psst! Alice! Come here!"
Alice: "Okay, so now you know what I do for a job. Go on before my mother sees you."
Hub: "Meet me later, okay?"
Alice: "No! Hub, my folks would skin me!"
Hub: "What about this guy you're seeing? Do they know about him? Alice, you're not going to go to the Pineside are you?"
Alice: "This is what I hate about this town with peeping eyes and tongues always flapping."
Hub: "No, Alice, it's not like that it's just-"
Alice: "What if I want to be with Cliff? Did you ever think of that?"
Hub: "I just wish you'd think about it a little bit more. I mean, you're not like that."
Alice: "How do you know that? What do you know about being me?"
Hub: "Alice, I just don't want you to get hurt."
Alice: "Hub, you have no idea what it's like to live in a house with crippled-up dad who does nothing but drink and call you down. I hate my life. I hate it and I just want out."
Lorna: (o.s.) "Alice! What's keeping you?"
Alice: "Stay out of it for me, please!"

~Jefferson's Garage~
Callie: "Testing! Testing! One! Two! Good day everyone out there in radio land! Welcome to the New Bedford School pregame kickoff, brought to you by Cramps Bus Lines! And remember, go in style! Go with- Oh! ~interference~ Holy night! What's happening?"
Alden: "Holy smokes!"
~cut to Sutton Apartment~
Fat: "Max, can I ask you something?"
Max: "Hey, how's it look out there, Hub? The team photos at six and we leave for Newberry at six fifteen sharp."
Fat: "Maaax!"
Max: "Sure thing, Fat. Now look, dinners all set to go as soon as your mom locks up the beauty party."
Fat: "It's about the birds and the bees."
Max: "Yes?"
Fat: "I know the bird part... but I can't figure something out... what do the bees have to do with it?"
Max: "What exactly do the birds have to do with it?"
Fat: "Well, everybody knows that the stork is the bird."
Max: "That's right."
~Hub watches Alice walk down the street~
Hub: "Alice! I'll be back in a second."
Max: "Hub! We don't have time, Hub. Look, Fat, that's a good question, it's an excellent question. Just hold onto it. Hub! Hub!"
~cut outside~
~Hub watches Alice get into Cliff's car~
Hub: "Alice!"
Max: "Hub! Hub, look, we don't have a lot of time to spare."
Hub: "I won't be but a minute. Don't let the bus leave without me."
Max: "Hub!"

~MacFarlane Home~
Hub: "Mrs. MacFarlane!"
Lorna: "Hub Bailey. What on God's good earth do you want?"
Hub: "It's about Alice."
Gene: (o.s.) "Who is that out there?"
Hub: "It's really important."
Lorna: "What do you want to say?"

~we see Cliff and Alice kiss~
Alice: "Cliff, it's kind of public."
Cliff: "Would you like to go outside, Alice?"
Alice: "I- I don't know."

~Jefferson's Garage~
~Callie breaks a bottle of champagne over the car~
Callie: "We are broadcasting live for the inauguration of Cramp's Bus Line. Team spirit seizes New Bedford! We have hot dogs, we have balloons, and if you want to wish our boys basketball team well, get down here and wish our basketball team well!"
Max: "Where the heck is Hub?"
Alden: "We're leaving in fifteen minutes pronto!"
Photographer: "Say cheese!"
Team: "Cheese!"
Photographer: "Thanks."

Lorna: "Alice is a good girl."
Hub: "I know."
Lorna: "She just hasn't had it so easy."
~they get out of the truck and enter~
Lorna: "Get out in that truck right now! As for you! I never want to catch you around my daughter again."
Hub: "Sorry, Alice."
Alice: "I hate you."

~Jefferson's Garage~
Del: "Still no sign of him?"
Max: "Yeah, I'm getting worried now."
Alden: "Sutton, are we going?"
Max: "I'd better go look for him."
Alden: "We don't have time! Great advertisement! Take Cramps and arrive late."
Max: "I can't go if Hub's not here."
Del: "I know! I know!"
~cut across the street we see the MacFarlanes and Hub arrive back in town~
Max: "Hey, Hub! Come on, shake a leg! You're holding up the whole works!"
Del: "Come on in, Hub, come on! There we go!"

~On the Road~
~the van makes rattling noises~
Alden: "Jumpin jubles! It's twenty to seven! Can't this buggy go any faster?"
Del: "I'm going what the law allows."
Alden: "We're not going to make it! First trip out and we're late!"
Del: "Lie back and let me drive!"
Max: "So what happened to you?"
Hub: "I don't want to talk about it."
Alden: "You see this cut-off up ahead? That logging road goes straight to Newbury. Knocks ten minutes off the trip."
Del: "It does?"
Alden: "I stake my reputation on it! Okay, now turn right here. Brake! Turn! Turn! Turn! Turn that thing!"
~later, it's dark, the van is stopped and Del is looking at the engine~
Del: "Nope. I can't fix it, not here in the dark. I'll walk to the place we passed."
Max: "It's ten miles back, Del."
Alden: "There's a logging camp just along the way. I'm sure it can't be more than one or two miles on."
Del: "You're pretty sure."
Alden: "I stake my reputation on it."
Del: "I wouldn't two cents for your reputation."
Max: "So what do you want to do?"
Del: "I'll try the logging camp."
Alden: "I can come with you."
Del: "Ah! That's okay. You stay here with Max and the kids, all right?"
Alden: "Well, whatever you say!"
Max: "You guys help me get some fire wood."
~later, the guys are sitting around a fire~
Buck: "Well, uh, I guess we missed our game."
Max: "Well, maybe we can reschedule."
Buck: "Does anybody even know where we are?"
Max: "Say, doesn't anyone know any campfire songs?"
Alden: "Yeah, I do! Uh... uhh... She'll be comin' round the mountains when she comes. She'll be comin' around the mountain's when she- all together now! She'll be coming around the mount..."
Hub: "This is my fault. Everything is my fault."
~Hub walks into the woods~
Buck: "How much longer will Del be?"
Alden: "That logging camp is just down the trail. You know, I bet if we all listen really carefully we could the sound of rescue on the way."
~everyone is silent, we hear a coyote~
Buck: "Did you hear that?"
Max: "It was only a dog."

~Hotel Lobby~
~we see Alice holding a piece of luggage~
Callie: "Can I help you, Alice?"
Alice: "Um... no."
~she sits down and looks around~
Callie: "Are you sure you don't need any help?"
Alice: "I'm just waiting for someone. Actually... I'm supposed to see someone here. Sort of."
Callie: "Uh huh. Are you going some place? The suitcase."
Alice: "Oh. Yeah, I am. Um... could you ring someone for me?"
Callie: "I guess... what's the room number?"
Alice: "Um... I'm not exactly sure, but you can look it up if I give you his name, can't you?"
Callie: "How old are you?"
Alice: "Fifteen- nearly. Why? It's none of your business. All I'm asking you to do is ring up a room."
Callie: "Go home."
Alice: "You don't understand."
Callie: "Oh yes I do, sweetie. Believe me, I do. You're made enough and you're hurt enough and you're feeling trapped enough to put a suitcase together and come over here... but there's a little unsure part that stopped you from going upstairs. And that unsure part is saying 'Go Home.'"
Alice: "What do I do?"
Callie: "I can tell you what not to do. Don't jump from one trap into another. Do you know what I'm saying? Go home."

~Hub is sitting alone by the fire, Max joins him~
Max: "You okay?"
Hub: "How do you know if you love somebody?"
Max: "That's a difficult question to answer, Hub. Sometimes it's hard to know."
Hub: "You love my mom."
Max: "With all my heart. Love isn't always that easy to pin down sometimes. I mean in my limited experience there's more than a few different kinds of love."
Hub: "Like."
Max: "Oh. Oh, like, sometimes it's warm and it's comforting and it fills you from top to bottom with a feeling that is so good it's hard to describe. Sometimes... sometimes it's painful... and it tears you apart and mixes you around so you don't know which way is up."
Hub: "I think I've got the second kind."
Max: "You're awfully young to be having those feelings."
Hub: "It doesn't matter, I have them anyway."
Max: "Are you sure you aren't mixing love with biology?"
Hub: "Maybe. I don't know."
Max: "I don't know what to tell you, Hub, except that real love, I think... it will always make you a better person. It should always make you do the right things for the right reasons."
Hub: "Like what I did tonight, squealing on Alice? I don't know if I did that for the right reason."
Max: "I still think that was the right thing to do."
Hub: "Yeah, I guess. I just don't know if I did it because I didn't want her to get hurt or if I did it because I didn't want her to be someone else."
Max: "You know what else I think about real love?"
Hub: "What's that?"
Max: "I think it lasts. I don't think it's something that burns out over night and I don't think it's something you have to rush into when you're not ready. You know what I'm saying?"
Hub: "Yeah. I know what you're saying."
~car horn honks~
Max: "Hey! Hey! Lets go! Hey, fellows, time to get up!"
Boys: "Huh? What?"
Max: "Come on, boys! We've got a ride!"

~Hotel Lobby~
Callie: "There we are."
~Del enters~
Callie: "Oh, Mr. Sutton!"
Alden: "Del!"
Callie: "We have to figure out what we're going to do with our bus."
Alden: "Well, we have to get it out of the bush and back to town for one thing."
Del: "Listen, I don't think that this partnership is working out so well- I mean for any of us! If it's all the same I'd just as soon dissolve it."
Alden: "Oh, is that how it is, is it? Well, that's fine with me."
Callie: "There's still the problem of the bus."
Del: "You always said it was a seventy-five twenty-five percent split. You supply the bus and I supply the driving and the mechanical know-how."
Alden: "So."
Del: "Well, as far as I'm concerned I've brought my twenty-five back to town with me. It's your seventy-five that's out in the bush."
~Callie and Alden are speechless~

~School Hall~
~kids are talking about the team getting stuck in the bush~
Girl 1: "Hey, look."
~we see Cliff - the bell rings and kids go to class~
Alice: "What are you doing here?"
Cliff: "I wanted to see you before I left."
Alice: "Before you left?"
Cliff: "Yeah. The jobs all finished up."
Alice: "Well, where are you going next?"
Cliff: "I don't know, I'm not too sure."
Alice: "Really?"
Cliff: "Look, I'm not stringing you. You're a sweet kid and I like you a lot."
~Max comes out of his class room~
Cliff: "Maybe we'll get to see each other again. The worlds funny that way."
Max: "Uh, Alice, it's time for class. And young man, all visitors must sign in at the principal's office."
Cliff: "I'm going."
Alice: "Cliff! Wait! Maybe we could write or something."
Cliff: "Sure, we could write."
Alice: "I don't know where to send it!"
Cliff: "I'll write to you first."

Max: "Excuse me, Alice, can I speak to you for a minute? Look, I'm not going to take a lot of your time, but I know you've been going through a hard time recently."
Alice: "It's just this town and everybody jawing about everybody elses business."
Max: "Then I wish I could find the words to convince you, Alice. You shouldn't rush growing up. There will be plenty of time in the future for adult problems. Believe me."
Alice: "I know a lot more about adult problems than you think, Mr. Sutton."
Max: "I'm sorry to hear that."
Alice: "I'm supposed to be setting up for volleyball."
Max: "Go ahead... Alice! If you ever feel like your problems are too much or you have no place to turn... you do. You can always talk to me. Always."

~Apartment Stairs~
Del: "So, Fat, that's more or less what the bees have to do with it. Does it make sense? Now, if you want to know more about this kind of thing you should feel free to ask your mom, or me, or Max."
Max: "Hey, men, you mind if I join you?"
Del: "Not at all!"
Max: "Ah, smell that air! Not many days like this left!"
Del: "Fat and I were just working out some misconceptions about the birds and bees."
Max: "Ah, I see."
Del: "I think we have it all straightened out now."
Max: "Is that right, Fat? You okay with this?"
Fat: "Maisey said it was some kind of fever."
Max: "Well, it's not a fever per se, it's life."
Fat: "You think she knows about this?"
Max: "Well, Fat, if she doesn't you tell her to ask her grandfather McGinty."
Hub: "Hey, guys."
Max: "Hub."
Hub: "What are you doing?"
Del: "Talking."
Max: "Life. Isn't it grand."

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