The Forever Leap

Berni: "This is where I jumped. Didn't even stick around to see it. Bang! Off I hopped!"
Charley: "Like a rabbit!"
Tony: "Hey, Bailey! Gonna be next?"
Buck: "I'm going to jump!"
Tony: "Better hurry up if are! It will be pretty interesting."
Charley: "Lets go shoot a few."
~boys walk off, Hub hangs back, looking at the river~

Fat: "You've gotta have beans for brains to jump off that bridge."
Maisey: "That's probably why every boy in this town does it sooner or later."
Buck: "My dad did it when he was young."
Hub: "So did ours, Fat."
Fat: "Our dad did!"
Buck: "My uncle was there when that fella got hit by the train because he didn't jump soon enough! Smack! Mincemeat."
Hub: "Didn't somebody jump too soon and land where it was shallow?"
Buck: "Mr. Greeley, the grocer."
Fat: "He was the one?"
Maisey: "How did you think he got that limp, playing croquet?"
Fat: "Well, it's hard to imagine Mr. Greeley jumping."
Alice: "Hey guys! Did you hear that Ruth Fillian died last night?"
Hub: "Died!"
Alice: "You didn't hear about it?"
Buck: "That new girl! She's about eighteen."
Alice: "I heard my mom. She died suddenly."
Maisey: "You mean she killed herself?"
Fat: "On purpose?"
Buck: "No!"
Hub: "Why?"
Fat: "How?"
Alice: "Nobody will say nothin'."
Fat: "Didn't you ask your mom?"
Alice: "She says you don't talk about it."
Fat: "Like Aunt Toppy and Uncle Bob getting separated? Everybody knows she's staying at Grandmother Baileys."
Buck: "That's terrible about Ruthie!"
Alice: "See you later! ~runs off~ Hey guys!"
Maisey: "I bet she took strychnine."
Fat: "You bet?"
~Maisey nods~
Buck: "She left the gas on more likely."
Hub: "Guys! Cut it out! It might not be true. Anyway..."
Fat: "Where are you going?"
Hub: "I'll find out when I get there."
Fat: "Better not let mom catching you hanging around that pool hall, Hub Bailey."

~Outside Honey's Salon~
Honey: "Where were you?"
Hub: "Nowhere I was just..."
Honey: "I asked you to babysit this morning. I could not have made myself clearer."
Hub: "I just..."
Honey: "You just left the apartment in shambles is what you did. I had to do my morning customers with these two underfoot. What is the matter with you lately?"
Hub: "Nothing!"
Honey: "Well, get home! I need your help! Your grandmother's due in for her comb out."
~They look over at Wanless, where people are milling~
Hub: "Is that the Ruth-girl's father?"
Honey: "Who told you what?"
Hub: "Nothing! Nobody has told me anything!"
Honey: "Because there's nothing to tell. Look, will you go get me some sausages... save me the trouble."
~Hub nods and Honey gives him some change~
Honey: "Okay, we're ready to go back in. Come on!"

~May's Home~
~Toppy is dusting, she looks at a photo of her, Bob, and Doris~
Grace: "Toppy, you don't have to do that!"
Toppy: "Oh, I don't mind! Let me! I want to make myself useful!"
Grace: "Okay, I'll help!"
Toppy: "No, that's okay! I want little jobs. I don't mind. Some people hate housework, but you know, I never really minded it. Bob always used to say we should get a cleaning lady, but I don't mind at all. There's a really satisfaction you can get out of keeping a house properly, and I'm good at it! ~sighs~ Oh, damn!"
~her face crumples, and she sits on the couch~
Grace: "It's okay."
Toppy: "I said I wasn't going to cry today."
Grace: "Listen, Toppy, do you want to go town later? I have to meet Mother at the Beauty Salon."
Toppy: "I was downtown yesterday."
Grace: "Well, whatever you want."
Toppy: "It is so hard, Grace!"
Grace: "I know."
Toppy: "People look through me. I know what they're thinking. 'There she is. The one whose husband left her.'"
~Grace walks over and joins Toppy on the couch~
Grace: "New Bedford is a small town and the people talk. But you know what I've found? It's no use trying to hide because they're going to talk anyway. You can't stop them."
Toppy: "I suppose so."
Grace: "Do you know what I'm doing later?"
Toppy: "What?"
Grace: "Youth group! You've always liked Youth Group."
Toppy: "At the Presbyterian church?"
Grace: "I'm leading the group this afternoon. Maybe you could give me a hand?"
Toppy: "Maybe... I don't know."
Grace: "Oh, please! I- I think it will be fun! Say you will."

~Main Street~
Berni: "Oh, I know! Lets pick on Mr. Yeun!"
~the boys keep blocking Mr. Yeun's way~
Boys: ~laughing~ "Oh! Oh!"
Tony: "Oh! We're sorry! So sorry!"
Berni: "Oh! Sorry!"
Buck: "Oh, oh! Oh so sorry!"
~the one boy opens the door for Mr. Yeun and then slams it shut~
Mr. Yeun: "Why don't you go find something else to do?"
Tony: "Okay."
~Hub joins them~
Berni: "Someones got to scare up a little action in this town."
Tony: "Or die trying. Sticking around? If you can stand the excitement after your mother's Beauty Parlor."
Berni: "And your little babies."
Hub: "They're not my babies, you moron."

~Beauty Parlor~
May: "Oh, that's lovely, Honey. Thank you."
Honey: "Oh, I saw Honey downtown yesterday, out and about."
May: "Why shouldn't she be? Toppy is doing just fine."
Honey: "Oh, where is that Hub?"
Grace: "Boys often get sidetracked!"
Honey: "Well, that's one way of putting it. No, quite frankly we're behind that. Hub is being downright disobedient lately."
Grace: "Really!"
May: "Hubert is?"
Honey: "Yup. Hub is usually so responsible, but I don't know... I've never had to speak to him before so harshly and... quite frankly it's killing me and to top it all off it's not even working."
May: "Good morning, Edmund!"
Edmund: "Ladies."
Grace: "How is Mr. Fillian holding out, Mr. Wanless?"
Edmund: "That's why I'm here, actually."
Honey: "Oh?"
Edmund: "I've had to get Martha to help me tend to things- him without woman folk, or family with any description as I can tell. It seems he doesn't think she's done justice to the girl's hair."
May: "Good lord!"
Edmund: "Martha thought that Honey would be best for the job."
Honey: "Me!"
May: "As far as I'm concerned when something like this happens the less attention paid to it, the better."
Grace: "Mother!"
Edmund: "The wife's feelings exactly, but..."
Honey: "The thing is that I've never done anything like that before so..."
May: "Of course not!"
Edmund: "Apparently the girl always paid particular attention to her hair. She was hoping to take a hair dresser's course herself someday."
Honey: "She was!"
Grace: "What a shame!"
Honey: "Well, I guess I could see what I could do."
Edmund: "I appreciate it, Honey. I'll insist on paying you, of course."
Honey: "Did her father say why she would do such a thing?"
Edmund: "No... No, he didn't. The fellows and I were just remarking that you're raising a fine boy with that Hub. You're doing a fine job with him, Honey. It's too bad I can't say that about some of the boys around town."
~Edmund leaves~
Honey: "Could that be the same boy we were just talking about?"
May: "Hubert is a good boy, Honey. I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't be firm with him, but it's a difficult stage. He needs some understanding."
Grace: "Like you were with Jack and Bob when they were fourteen?"
May: "Grace, you're going to be late, if we don't fly."
Grace: "Oh my goodness! The Presbyterian youth group! Could you take Zack?"
Honey: "Come here, sweetie! Oh yes! Well, bye you two! Thank you, Mrs. Bailey."
May: ~nods~ "Good bye, Zachary!"

~Main Street~
~May and Grace are walking, and we see Fat looking in the window of the Pool Hall~
May: "Grace! Wait!"
Grace: "Mother, I'm sorry that I'm walking so fast, it's just that-"
May: "Grace! Look!"
~we see Fat, Grace sighs~
~cut inside the pool hall~
May: "Hubert! What in the devil are you attempting to prove? Loitering in a place like this, with the like of these boys."
Grace: "Is this where the understanding part comes in, Mother.?"
May: "You are going straight to the church hall with your aunt Grace. The Presbyterian Youth Group is about to begin."
Grace: "Mother! The boys are being raised Catholic, remember?"
May: "Oh, Grace, of course I remember! I'm sure the Pope would agree that boys this age need good, clean, worthy fun. Oh, don't stand there gawking! Scoot!"
Tony: "See you, Bailey!"
~Hub punches Fat as he walks by~
Fat: "Ah!"
May: "Henry, come along!"

~Youth Group~
Hub: "No, no, no, no, no!"
May: "I beg your pardon, Hubert!"
Toppy: "Sure, boys, come on in!"
May: "You heard your Aunt Toppy! Give me your jacket!"
Hub: "I'm not staying here, Grandmother, my Mother is expecting me."
~Hub leaves~
May: "Hubert!"
Fat: "I wasn't even in the pool hall!"
May: "Good luck, Grace."
~May leaves, and Fat sits in between two girls, and crouches down, crosses his arm~

~Sutton Apartment~
Honey: "Where were you, Hub, and please don't say nowhere."
Hub: "I was held up."
Honey: "Where?"
~Hub is silent~
Honey: "Hub!"
Hub: "Would you please stop treating me like a kid!"
Honey: "You are a kid!"
Hub: "Yeah, one that doesn't get to have any fun!"
Honey: "Oh, I'm sorry that there's more to life than having fun!"
~Max enters~
Hub: "All you ever expect me to do is look after babies."
Max: "What's going on?"
Hub: "And why should I have to look after them? I'm not their mother!"
Honey: "You are their brother! And that is reason enough."
Hub: "I did not ask to be their brother, all right?"
~Hub leaves~
Honey: "What has gotten into him, lately?"
Max: "He's growing up, I guess!"
Honey: "I'm sorry, Max, that's not good enough."
Max: "Honey! Sit."
~she complies~
Honey: "I know I expect a lot from him."
Max: "mmm."
Honey: "Not just now, but always. Maybe it's too much. The thing is I- I- I can't help it!"
Max: "I know! But Ollie hasn't given him much work at the garage in a while, and baby sitting and housekeeping can't hold a candle to paid work to a boy of fourteen."
Honey: "Well, I can't afford to pay him!"
Max: "Well... maybe we can find other ways to show him he's appreciated."

~Youth Group~
Toppy: "All right, everybody, up, up, up! Okay, now everybody take hands!"
~Grace begins playing the piano, and the kids and Toppy sing, and the kids to a step sequence~
Kids: "Flies in the buttermilk, shoo fly, shoo! Flies in the buttermilk, shoo fly, shoo!"
Toppy: "To the left, group, that's it!"
Kids: "Flies in the buttermilk, shoo fly, shoo! Flies in the buttermilk, shoo fly, shoo! Skip to Lou, my darling!"
Toppy: "And again!"
Kids: "Flies in the buttermilk, shoo fly, shoo! Flies in the buttermilk, shoo fly, shoo!"

~Main Street~
~Tony is using a slingshot and shoots at people~
Honey: "Hub! Hub! Come here! Sit down here. All right, Hub. You may have not said it right, but what you said at home rang true."
Hub: "It did."
Honey: "Yes, I may have to count on you for help, but I don't have to take you for granted."
Hub: "I didn't mean what I said about Violet and the baby, by the way."
Honey: "I know you didn't, sweet heart. Ah... Hey, remember when we used to put Fat down for a nap and it was just the two of us..."
Hub: "Yeah, I guess so."
Honey: "What was your favorite thing to do?"
Hub: "I can't remember."
Honey: "We'd make a pan of fudge and eat the whole thing in one sitting."
Hub: "So?"
Honey: "So, I'm going to make you fudge."
Hub: "What for?"
Honey: "For you! For keeping the apartment together, for looking after Violet and Zack..."
Hub: "You're going to pay me in fudge."
Honey: "Well, you still like it... don't you? ~sighs~ Okay, well, you'd better go and relieve Max, and uh... and I'm going to be home in an hour."
~Hub stomps off~

~Wanless Furniture~
~Honey is doing the girl's hair~
Mr. Fillian: "I bought these for a dance... with her own money..."
~he hands some clothes to Edmund~
Mr. Fillian: "I'll be back later. I'll sit vigil tonight, if that's fine with you."
Edmund: "Oh, yes, of course."
Mr. Fillian: "People think the worst when it goes this way, I guess."
Edmund: "No!"
Mr. Fillian: "I raised her the best way I knew. Everybody thinks I ought to know what was going on in her head. I thought I did... but I guess I didn't. I never will now."
Edmund: "No one really knows what's going on inside someone else's head. Especially young people."

~Main Street~
~Hub watches Tony and the gang using the slingshot. Tony shoots out a street lamp~
Person: "Did you see that?"
Person: "Stop those boys!"
Person: "Young man!"
~Ollie watches the boys run around~
Berni: "Bulls eye, Peretti! I couldn't have done it better myself."
Hub: "Did you mean to do that, or were you just taking aim and it happened?"
Tony: "One or the other."
Charley: "What if we get caught?"
Tony: "What if we do?"
Berni: "Yeah, what if we do. Have lots of worthy fun at your church group, Hubby?"
Hub: "Yeah, well, you'd know all about it, Charlie, considering you used to be a member!"
Berni: "Shut up!"
Tony: "Got any change?"
Hub: "No, why?"
Tony: "They got a pinball machine in the pool room now. Come in on the 12:05 train."
Hub: "Really?"
Charley: "Yup, we've never seen anything like it."
Tony: "we've got to find us some money somewhere."
Berni: "Yeah, but where?"
Tony: "Gee, we already cleaned out the cache at the hotel. Hey, I know! How about old Yeun?"
Charley: "Say, Hub, you know him. You've lived there, for crying out loud. Scoff up a little something from him."
Hub: "What do you mean?"
Tony: "Yeun, get him sidetracked and pinch a few coins from the till."
Charley: "Aw, lets do it ourselves. We'll get Yeun so riled he won't know whether he's coming or going."
Hub: "You know, guys, I know somewhere where we can get it a lot easier."
Tony: "Sure, whatever you want. Will you meet us at the Pool Hall?"
Hub: "Sure."

~cut to Salon~ ~Hub enters and takes some coins of the the drawer, starts to leave, hesitates to put it back, hears Max, then leaves~
Max: "Lets go see mom! (???) Come on, sweetheart! Vi! Honey? Look who I got! Ah... okay, lets go- ~he sees the open cash register~ Come on, Vi. Want to close that for Mommy? Thanks, sweetie. Mmm... Lets go see if Mommies outside."

~Pool Hall~
~boys are playing pinball~ Tony: "Come on, come one! Look!"
Berni: "Go!"
Tony: "Look!"
Berni: "Here we go!"
~Tony loses~
Tony: "Here. ~hands Hub the slingshot~ A keepsake for you."
Hub: "Oh... thanks."
~Tony begins another game~ Tony: "Go, go go!"

~Hair Salon~
~Honey puts some change in the register~
Max: "I think I hear mommy! See! Hi!"
Honey: "Hi!"
Max: "Hub didn't show up! I thought I saw him walk in here... anyway, I have some marking to get done. But how did it go?"
Honey: "Oh... I- I managed."
Max: "Mmm."
Honey: "Did you need to borrow some change while I was gone?"
Max: "Why, are you short?"
Honey: "Yeah, when I left there were six nickels here, but now there's only two."
Max: "I wouldn't worry about it."
Honey: "You- you said that you saw Hub come through here? You don't think-"
Max: "No, I don't think so."
Honey: "No, I don't think so either. I can't believe I even said it. Help Mommy find them. Maybe they fell down here on the floor."
~Max tax some change out of his pocket and slips them in the drawer~
Max: "They're right here, Honey, under these bills!"
Honey: "Oh!"
Max: "What?"
Honey: "Nothing!"
Max: "Look, I have to go finish those test papers. See ya! You can help too! Bye! Lets go, Vi!"

~Pool Hall~
~the boys are still playing pinball~
Hub: "Oh no!"
Max: "Boys. Mind if I try?"
~Hub moves aside~
~Max quickly racks up a high score, the boys are impressed~
Max: "It's a wonderful skill to have. It's a shame it won't get you anywhere."
~Max and Hub leave~
~cut outside~
Max: "I've got a question for you, Hub. It has kind of a moral bend to it. Is it a crime to steal twenty cents from a place of business when that business is your mother's? What are you trying to do, Hub? Do you care so much about what those boys think you'd steal from your own mother?"
Hub: "I didn't do it because of that."
Max: "But why?"
Hub: "They were going to-"
Max: "Hub, I'm going to make it real simple for you. There are two kinds of people in this world, those who play at pool halls and those that don't."
Hub: "Well, you seemed pretty comfortable in one."
Max: "All right, make that three kinds of people. There are those who step out and start again. That's also something I don't advertise, especially to your mother. And as for the twenty cents, Hub, she's none the wiser. I slipped it back."
Hub: "You did! I can't believe you did that for me!"
Max: "I didn't. I did it for her. I just couldn't stand by and watch her heart break. Is this your first and last offense?"
Hub: "Yes."
Max: "Good, so lets go get a donut."
Hub: "A donut... now?"
Max: "I'm going to have one. You can have the hole if you want."

~Jefferson's Garage~
May: "And this unholy trinity has the crust to attribute this to Hubert."
Ollie: "That's what they're trying to say, ma'am."
May: "These things have been going on for far too long. It's time an example was set."
Berni: "We seen him!"
May: "That is utter rubbish! And if you think you can slink away now, you are mistaken. It's one thing to set the blame behind someone's back. It is quite another to do it face to face. Now, you come with me."
~enter Beauty Salon~
May: "Come in here, the lot of you. This is a beauty parlor, not a chamber of horrors. Now, come in! Hubert, these boys claim that you had something to do with the broken street lamp in front of Mr. Jefferson's Garage."
Ollie: "They said you were firing shots at it with a sling shot."
May: "Hubert, come here! ~May takes the slingshot from his pocket~ What's this?"
Hub: "It was me. I did it."
Ollie: "Are you sure, Hub?"
May: "Hubert, are you telling the truth?"
Max: "That doesn't sound like something you would do, Hub."
Hub: "Yes, it does. I'm sorry, I should have come clean earlier."
Honey: "Why would you do such a thing?"
Hub: "I don't know... I just did..."

~Sutton Apartment~
Max: "So, how long are you going to keep this up, Hub. Are you going to make your Mother and I pay for something you didn't do?"
Honey: "You're covering for those boys? For those pool hall hoods?"
Fat: "Thanks a lot, Hub, I was the only boy there besides Garnet."
Honey: "Where did you make that pot holder?"
Grace: "Honey, it wasn't my idea!"
Toppy: "Nor mine!"
May: "It was mine, but we'll get to that in a minute. Hubert, did you or did you not damage public property? Break a street lamp?"
Fat: "Hub broke a street lamp?"
Honey: "Hub didn't damage anything, except maybe my pride. He just said he did, which is worse. Didn't you! Now, I want to know where you have been!"
Fat: "Church!"
Grace: "Not technically."
Toppy: "Technically he was at youth group."
Honey: "The Presbyterian Youth Group?"
May: "You needent say it like it's a disease. I thought it would be step up from the pool hall which is where I found this pair passing their time."
Honey: "I'm raising a bunch of alley cats!"
Max: "Now, Honey!"
Honey: "I'm going to have to close down my shop! I can't keep an eye on you two, and Violet, and the baby! I have never been so embarrassed and so humiliated in my life! I'm raising a bunch of- I-"
Max: "Now, Honey, just-"
~Honey exits~
Hub: "What! Quit staring at me! You know what it's like to live in a cave or something? I can't go anywhere without one of you showing up wagging your fingers!"
~Hub leaves~
May: "Hubert!"

Mr. Fillian: "I'd like to thank you for the fine job you done on Ruthie's hair."
Honey: "Oh, oh, it's just fine. You know I never really got a chance to pay my proper condolences to you. I am so very sorry about what happened."
Mr. Fillian: "You must be thinking... well, Lord knows why... rests on me, any case."
Honey: "Oh, no, I'm sure you did your very best."
Mr. Fillian: "It doesn't make much difference now. I hate to trouble you again. I wonder if your boy Hub, is it... I wonder if he could sit with Ruthie for me tonight. I've got to tend the livestock... I haven't slept since the night before last and I want vigil kept."
Honey: "Oh, I- I- I-"
Mr. Fillian: "Mr. Wanless says that Hub is a very responsible young man."
Honey: "Oh, Hub's not- he- he- just... ~pause~ I'll ask him."
~Mr. Fillian nods and leaves~

~Sutton Apartment~
Honey: "Are you having second thoughts, Hub, because if you don't want to go you don't have to, you can always back out. He's asking a lot of you... especially of a boy your age."
Hub: "Mom!"
Honey: "Especially after the day we've had today."
Fat: "How come Mr. Fillian wants someone to sleep with her body?"
Honey: "Oh, it's just some people's way, Fat. Usually it's a member of the family, but I guess Mr. Fillian's all alone in the world now."
Fat: "Can I go?"
Hub: "No, you can't, Fat!"
Honey: "You can walk him over, okay, but you've gotta come right back."
Hub: "M-kay."

~Main Street~
Maisey: "I wonder what she looks like."
Fat: "Dead, probably."
Tony: "You saved my bacon, Bailey. Goody-goodies can get away with murder."
Berni: "They would have lynched Tony for it."
Hub: "You know, I don't think I'm anybody's idea of a goody-goody."
Tony: "True, but you're babysitting a corpse tonight."
Charley: "Bet he won't last."
Hub: "I betcha I will."
Tony: "You're bringing your little brother with you."
Charley: "Yeah, you can hold hands if you get scared."
Hub: "Ch!"
~the trio leaves~
Fat: "What do you see in those guys?"
Hub: "Who says I see anything?"
Fat: "Talk about a bunch of dopes!"
Buck: "What do you know, Fat?"
Fat: "I guess they aren't that bad."
Maisey: "What if Ruth Fillian isn't dead. They just think she is!"
Buck: "Middle of the night sits right up in her coffin."
Fat: "She's dead. Dead as a doornail. My mom did her hair."
Maisey: "What does she look like?"
Fat: "Dead, with curled hair."
Hub: "Would you guys smarten up! This is serious, all right? Come on! It's okay, I know the way."
~Hub and Fat continue walking~
Fat: "You're no fun anymore, you know that?"
Hub: "Fat! How would you like it if people were talking about Dad that way when he died, huh? Come on! Well, this is as far as you go, Fat."
Fat: "Can't I stay just for a while?"
Hub: "No, you're not mature enough for this."
Fat: "I'm mature."
Honey: "Hub, I forgot I made you a sandwich!"
Toppy: "You-who!"
Grace: "Honey! Boys!"
Hub: "Oh, what now?"
Fat: "I want a sandwich."
Honey: "Hi, Grace! Hi, Toppy. ~whispers~ Later."
Grace: "Wait 'til you hear what we thought of for the Youth Group fund raiser."
Toppy: "Honey, is it all right with you if we include the boys?"
Grace: "You know, dare devil acts of courage. Jack and Bob did one when we were kids. Stilt walking, acrobatics, juggling- oh, Hub, you'll love it!"
Toppy: "I know how you feel, wanting to fit into things. I was the same at your age. It's important to get involved, stay busy."
Grace: "And Hub, you'll be the that who gets to train the group!"
Hub: "Oh, please, no! " Honey: "What, Hub?"
Hub: "Aunt Grace, it will be me, Fat, and one other guy."
Fat: "Garnet."
Grace: "Oh, now, listen! Now some of those girls are actually very, very-"
Toppy: "Nimble."
Grace: "Nimble and gutsy. Nimble and gutsy!"
Hub: "I have to go inside."
Fat: "Cant I go inside? I'm mature enough!"
Honey: "Hub?"
Hub: "All right, but just for a little while."
Fat: "Do I get half of his sandwich?"
Hub: "Fat!"
~they enter~
Honey: "Oh, I hope that they're going to be okay in there."

Fat: "This is weird."
Hub: "Shh!"
Fat: "She can't hear us."
Hub: "Fat, if you don't grow up..."
Fat: "If it means I get to act like you, I can't wait."
Hub: "Dare-devil acts of courage... Can you picture it? Then I'd really be the laughing stock of this town."
Fat: "Garnet and the Nimble, Gutsy Girls."
~they both giggle~
Fat: "Say, Hub."
Hub: "What?"
Fat: "You know the bridge?"
Hub: "Yeah, what about it?"
Fat: "What's it supposed to prove when you jump? That you're not scared?"
Hub: "Of course you're scared, Fat."
Fat: "So you jump because you're scared."
Hub: "You're scared, but you still do it."
Fat: "Oh, so face your fears head on."
Hub: "Exactly."
Fat: "Do you think Dad was scared when he jumped?"
Hub: "Yeah, probably."
Fat: "That helps. Do you think she's in the same place as Dad or some place to the side because she did herself in?"
Hub: "I don't know."
Fat: "When are you going to jump?"
Hub: "When I'm darn good and ready. Why don't you say a Hail Mary or something."
Fat: "I could sing Skip to My Lou, that's what the Presbyterians do."
Hub: "I'm surprised we're even related."
Fat: "Lets open the casket."
Hub: "No!"
Fat: "I need to see what I'm supposed to be all upset about!"
Hub: "No!"
Fat: "It's probably empty."
Hub: "No."
Fat: "Come on!"
Hub: "No."
Fat: "Come on!"
Hub: "Oh, okay."
Fat: "Oh, really?"
~they open the casket~
Fat: "She's a real, live person, only dead. I never should have been allowed to come."
Hub: "Go home, Fat."
Fat: "Okay."
Hub: "And don't tell Mom we opened it."
Fat: "I won't."
~Fat leaves~
~later, Hub is dozing and a dog barks and wakes him up- he stretches, and does some sit-ups~
~later, Hub is dozing and Mr. Fillian comes in~
Hub: "Oh, hi, Mr. Fillian."
Mr. Fillian: "Couldn't sleep. You're a good kid. That's what they say. Now..."
~he takes the cover off the casket~
Mr. Fillain: "I could of done more for her. And as she sleeps the world turns. I don't believe you did this to hurt me, Ruthie. But you sure have. The thing is, why? Why didn't she come to me? Talk to me? I loved more than anything. Everything... I just wish I could have told you... I just wish I could have told you..."
~Mr. Fillian weaps~

~Main Street~
~Hub exits Wanless Furniture and walks to the apartment~
~Hub and Honey look at each other and smile~

Fat: ~walking on stilts and falls~ "Oh!"
May: "Henry!"
Grace: "Here it is! Outdoor Frolic and Fun. Dare-devil dynamos in no time at all.'"
May: "Oh, Hubert! Look at this!"
~May uses a yo-yo~
May: "This was attached to your Father's finger for an entire year. I thought he would wear it out, with my nerves in the bargain. Hubert, you may keep it if you like."
Hub: "Thank you, Grandmother. There's somewhere I have to be. I'll help out later, I promise."
May: "No, let him go."
Fat: "Oh!"
May: "Henry!"

~Hub reads Funeral Notice~
Tony: "Bailey, how'd you like cozying up with a stiff. (??) Didn't last too long, eh?"
Hub: "The night."
Tony: "You're kidding! Gee! Not such a candy after all."
Hub: "I'm not a candy."
Tony: "No! Then there must be- must be another reason for it."
Hub: "For what?"
Tony: "Why you haven't done the jump yet."

~Walking to Bridge~
Tony: "You have a chance before you hear the train. Now as the train comes around the bend it's going to honk."
Berni: "Once it honks, you can't change your mind. You can't run out the train, so don't try."
Charley: "That's what killed that ?? He tried to run."
Buck: "Hey, Hub, do you want me to keep you company?"
Hub: "That's a hot one."
Charley: "Hey, Bucks going to jump!"
Berni: "This I gotta see."
Maisey: "Buck's going to jump?"
Tony: "Didn't think he got it in him."
Fat: "Buck's got it in him just as much as Hub, dontcha, Buck?"
~cut to bridge~
Hub: "Whoa."
Buck: "Seems higher up here, doesn't it."
Hub: "You shouldn't have come, Buck."
Buck: "Oh, aren't we Mr. Bigshot all of the sudden. If you can do this, I can do this."
Hub: "~sighs~"
Maisey: "If they start right now they can be clean on the other side before the train comes."
Fat: "I should have said something to Hub."
Maisey: "But no, they can't do something smart like that!"
Buck: "It's coming, Hub, I feel it!"
Hub: "Come over here!"
Tony: "Bucks gone lily!"
Hub: "Come on, Buck!"
Buck: "Let me go!"
Hub: "No, move it!"
Buck: "Let me go!"
Hub: "You won't make it!"
Tony: "Jump!"
Fat: "Jump!"
Buck: "I can't!"
Fat: "Hub, jump!"
Tony: "Jump!"
~they both jump~ Tony: "I gotta hand it to you, Buck, I didn't think you could do it."
Buck: "Well, you thought wrong, Peretti."
Berni: "Hey, lets go to the Pool Hall... to celebrate!"
Tony: "Yeah. Come on, lets go."
Charley: "Coming, Hub?"
Hub: "Naw, I don't feel like it."
Buck: "Hey, I- I was a bit scared, I guess..."
Hub: "Me too."
Buck: "Hub, uh... don't say this to them, okay?"
Hub: ~nods~
~Fat looks at Hub and shakes his head in disbelief and awe~
~Hub pulls out the yo-yo and holds it~
Hub: "I miss you, Dad."

~Beauty Parlor~
Honey: "What happened to you? Did you fall in the river? Oh, Hub, it's freezing! Come here before you catch your death of pneumonia."
~she wipes his hair with a towel~
Honey: "And I have a one o'clock appointment today, and if it's not too much trouble and if it doesn't cut too much into your social calendar do you think..."
~Hub hugs Honey~
Honey: "What happened?"
Hub: "I love you so much."
Honey: "I love you so much, too! I love you so much!"
~they hug again~

~we see the girls walking on a board~
Fat: "Lets hold this up and see what it looks like."
Girl: "Oh!"
~they fall off~
Girl: "Who pushed?"
Hub: "All right, guys, that will work fine. Brad, you've got to stop falling."
Girl: "Yeah, Brad."
Hub: "All right, we're going to try that again. More energy. Make it look really real."
Girl: "Lets do it!"
Hub: "Good luck, guys."
Fat: "Hub!"
Hub: "That's great! Good work, Fat. There, that will look fine! As a comedy."
Grace: "Oh, I see! Well, sure! It made me laugh!"
Toppy: "But the parents will like it. You've really turned this around, Hub."
May: "You've turned a potential loss into a profit! You've been blessed with the Bailey ingenuity."
Max: "I'm impressed, Hub, you've really turned yourself around and I really don't want to know how. I'm just glad."
Honey: "Hello! Hello!"
Grace: "Hello! Can I hold Zack?"
Honey: "Yes!"
Max: "Thanks for keeping my pool playing days out of any conversations you've had with your mother."
Hub: "No problem."
Girls: "Hey, how'd we do."
Girl: "Yeah."
Hub: "That will work fine."
Girl: "Really?"
Hub: "Really."
Honey: "Well, what was that all about?"
Max: "Just man talk."
Honey: "Oh, I see. Well, is everything okay?"
Max: "Sure, couldn't be better. You know what, Honey?"
Hub: "Hey, Mom!"
Max: "I think Hub is going to turn out okay."
Honey: "I know he will. I just know it."

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