The Long Weekend

~Back Steps~
Honey: "Okay, come on!"
Max: "Come on, you guys."
Honey: "My doctors appointment with Dr. Barlow is at 8:15 so if you could just look after these two until Grace gets here... because she knows that you have to get to school."
Max: "Thanks."
Honey: "And... uh... Oh! Yes! My shampoo sink is clogged again."
Max: "No worries, I'll get it."
Fat: "By Mom! By Violet! By Zack! See you later!"
Honey: "Where are you two headed off to?"
Hub: "Oh, the New Bedford Bed Races are this weekend."
Fat: "All the teams racing beds are supposed to represent a business. We have to find one before school."
Max: "What about your mother's business?"
Honey: "Why, yes! Sure! You could, you guys could represent the Beauty Parlor! You can go down in the basement of the Hotel and get an old bed and then we could dress it all up in pink chiffon and you two could go roaring down Main Street in hair nets and smocks."
Fat: "Uh, thanks, Mom, but we were going to ask Ollie at the garage. See you."
Max: "See you. You know, Mrs. Sutton, you're beautiful when you smile."
~Zack cries~
Max and Honey: "Oh!"
Max: "Give me that big boy."
Honey: "Oh!"
Max: "I know, I know!"
Honey: "Okay, just look after these two."
Max: "Okay, buddy, lets go in and burp. I know, I know!"

~Jefferson's Garage~
Hub: "Come on, Ollie! Boost New Bedford!"
Maisey: "And when we win it will be great publicity for the garage."
Ollie: "Oh... I don't know guys... I mean... I only have to say the one thing that I'm kind of worried about... it's not going to cost me any money, is it?"
Fat: "It's just an old bed! We can borrow it and scrounge for decorations."
Del: "How come the Pawn Shop don't enter?"
Ollie: "Yeah?"
Maisey: "Pop said that if he had an old bed he'd sooner sell it than race it."
Del: "Ah!"
Fat: "Yeah, but there's a really swell prize!"
Hub: "Yeah, Uncle Del, Wanless Furniture is donating a Davenport fold-away sofa."
Fat: "Or fifteen dollars!"
Del: "A Davenport bed?"
Hub: "Yeah, Uncle Del, isn't a month enough sleeping on our lumpy, living room couch?"
Del: "Ollie, when we win that bed, you can take fifteen dollars off of my back-pay."
Ollie: "Fifteen dollars?"
Del: "Fifteen dollar."
Ollie: "We're going to bed race, kids! ~they leave~ Fifteen dollars?"
Del: "Yeah!"

~Beauty Parlor~
Grace: "Oh my gosh! Your romance, does it fizz or does it fizzle? I should do this quiz!"
Max: "Grace, I think you and Del would know without a quiz."
Honey: "Oh, I'm not talking about Del with you. All of you brothers have that blood pact where you tell each other about everything."
Max: "Grace, I think our blood pact is past the statute of limitations. So what's up?"
Grace: "So, this morning I go to the garage. Weeks ago I mentioned the Harlow picture, the one I really, really want to see and it's finally starting Saturday at the Regent. So do you know what Del wants to do?"
Max: ~sink unplugs~ "Viola! So what does he want to do, something else?"
Grace: "Well, apparently Ollie found some old, abandoned Bennett buggy in a farmer's field. They want to tow it to town and tear it apart for fun! They work on cars all day!"
Max: "Grace, the path to love is never smooth."
Grace: "Yeah, but does everybody else's have so many potholes?"
Max: "Grace, I'd better get to school."
Grace: "This romance quiz rates your romance from zero, pure poison, to one hundred, seventh heaven."
Max: "Grace, those quizzes are general... meaningless..."
Grace: "Oh! Honey's already done it!"
Max: "Oh? What did she score us?"
Grace: "Sixty-two."
Max: "And what's sixty-two?"
Grace: "Comfy-cozy."
Max: "Not that spectacular for a second year of marriage."
Grace: "It says here that this quiz is used by romance experts throughout America."
Max: "Yeah, well, those quizzes are meaningless. Well, look, Grace, well, uh... I have to, I have to go. Now, Vi, be good!"
Grace: "Uh-huh, have a nice day!"

~Dr. Barlow's Office~
Dr. Barlow: "Are you dressed, Mrs. Sutton?"
Honey: "Uh, yeah, come right in, Dr. Barlow."
Dr. Barlow: "Do you have a minute to chat?"
Honey: "Sure, I guess. Nothings wrong, is it?"
Dr. Barlow: "Oh... well, uh, no cause for alarm."
Honey: "I feel really good and strong and I opened the Beauty Parlor back up, which is no mean feat with four children."
Dr. Barlow: "No, the sulfur powders did the job, but the infection you suffered after Zack was born left severe, internal scarring."
Honey: "Oh, I see."
Dr. Barlow: "You're four children are all healthy, active. Keep you on the go, I imagine."
Honey: "Dr. Barlow, just be direct with me. I'm sure your telling me is far worse than anything that could be wrong."
Dr. Barlow: "It is highly unlikely, Mrs. Sutton, that you and your husband will be able to have any more children."
Honey: "Oh!"
Dr. Barlow: "Were you planning on a much larger family?"
Honey: "I wouldn't say planning..."
Dr. Barlow: "As I was saying, you have been blessed with four."
Honey: "Yes. Yes, I have been blessed."

~Sutton Apartment~
~Honey puts Zack to bed, then joins the others who are playing charades~
Fat: "You're an ape... an angel..."
May: "You're in a box, Grace. You are a box!"
Grace: "Mother, no! It's perfectly obvious! Del!"
Del: "I don't know, you're a door?"
Grace: "I could scream!"
Fat: "Screaming isn't allowed!"
May: "Be quiet, we don't want to wake the baby."
Honey: "Oh, Zack has slept through worse than this, believe me, in this house."
May: "Oh, Honey, you take my place. I haven't a blessed clue about this game."
Honey: "Uh, no thanks, Mrs. Bailey. I think I'm going to step outside for a bit of air."
Fat: "Trench... hole... um... in? In!"

~Back Steps~
Max: "You okay?"
Honey: "I really love being a mom, Max!"
Max: "I know you do!"
Honey: "I loved the specialness... being pregnant... I know we weren't planning a much larger family, it's just.. it's just the fact of that being taken away from me. Guess I feel... smaller somehow."
Max: "Come on, Honey. You're everything you always were. I love you. You know that."
Honey: "Keep an ear out for Zack? Just going to take a walk. I'll only be ten minutes."
Max: "Okay."
~Honey leaves, and May joins Max~
May: "Max, is everything all right?"
Max: "Everything's just fine. Yeah, we're okay."
May: "Max, it's normal to feel blue once the baby's born. Coping with an infant... crammed up in that two by four apartment. She needs to get away; you both do!"
Max: "It's been rough going for everybody, I guess, lately."
May: "I'm not concerned right now with the state of the world, or what's going on with the mine or in the town. Take the cabin. Go for a long weekend. There are enough of us to look after the children."
Max: "That's very generous of you, Mrs. Bailey. I don't think Honey would part with Zack for even two days."
May: "Max, I've had three babies of my own. I'm more than equipped to watch after a baby for forty-eight hours, so you and Honey go."
Max: "Romantic get-away! That might just be the ticket! Thank you, Mrs. Bailey."
May: "Good."

Callie: "Oh no you don't!"
Fat: "But where are we going to get a bed?"
Alden: "We're doing up a secret one of our own and we don't want the competition seeing it."
Hub: "Well, could you go down there and get us one of your extra bed frames?"
Callie: "Oh! Pally, does Eaton's help Simpsons!"
Fat: "We just need an old bed!"
Alden: "If anybody is going to win that davenport, it's going to be us!"
Hub: "You two!"
Maisey: "Figures! Afraid of competition!"
Fat: "Because you know we're going to win hands-tied."
Callie: "I'd laugh, but I'd bust a gusset."
Alden: "We've been working weeks dolling up our bed. All the gee-haws and do-dads- it's a real humdinger!"
Callie: "This race isn't for amateurs."
Hub: "Amateurs!"
Maisey: "You're begging for it!"
Fat: "We're going to beat you fair, square, and sideways."
Alden: "Ah! You think so, eh! Would you puppies like to weigh a little wager, say, a silver dollar for each of you?"
Hub: "A dollar, each?"
Fat: "You're on!"
Hub: "Fat!"
Maisey: "And you'll be sorry too, bub!"
Callie: "Uh! You'd better crack your piggy banks!"
Hub: "Fat, can you afford to lose a silver dollar?"
Fat: "We're not going to lose."

~Main Street~
Max: "I mean I think we should get away. Some fresh air, some relaxation, some time out of that stuffy little apartment... the two of us! Just you and me!"
Honey: "And not take the kids?"
Max: "Honey, the kids have plenty to do on the weekends in town! They have a bed race and everything, so come on! What do you say?"
Honey: "Oh, well, you certainly don't give me any chance to get organized!"
Max: "Honey! We're being spontaneous! I can get Ollie to loan me that old clunker he uses as a loaner! That will get us there."
Honey: "Not take Zack even?"
Max: "Honey, May's offered to take him and she's looking forward to the idea!"
Honey: "May is?"
Max: "Yes!"
Honey: "She wants a seven month old underfoot?"
Max: "She said so!"
Honey: "Oh! I don't know... the boys are so excited about the bed race."
Max: "Okay, look, look, look! We can come back for the bed race, but lets at least spend forty-eight hours together, alone! I mean, how many times has that happened since we've been married? Honey?"
Honey: "All right..."
Max: "Yes, all right!"
Honey: "Okay, okay! We'll go."
Max: "I love you!"

~Sutton Apartment~
Max: "Hello!"
Honey: "Hi!"
~Max shows her a bottle of wine~
Honey: "Oh!"

~Back Steps~
Honey: "Good bye!"
May: "Good bye!"
Honey: "Okay, be good!"
Hub: "I will."
Honey: Bye, bye!"
Hub: "Bye!"
Ollie: "Well, here you go!"
Max: "Thanks, Ollie!"
Honey: "Yes, thanks so much, Ollie!"
Fat: "Bye, Mom!"
Hub: "See ya, Mom! See ya, Max!"
Honey: "Good bye!"
May: "Well, Zack!"
Fat: "Oh, you're so cute!"

~car conks out in the lane to the house~
Honey: "Come on, girl! Come on! You can do it!"
Max: "Come on, just up to the cabin! Come on! Just up to the cabin! There we go! So what is that? Well, at least we're within walking distance."
Honey: "Yeah!"
Max: "Come on!"
~they enter house~
Max: "There. We're here. At long last!"
Honey: "Uh-uh! Oh, Max! You have been so sweet! Running around, planning everything these past few days. Making sure that everything is just perfect."
Max: "You know what perfection is? Is being here alone with you."
~they kiss~
Toppy: "Honey and Max?"
Honey: "Toppy and Bob?"
Bob: "What the heck? I told Mother that this is our weekend for the cottage."
Honey: "Well, Bob, it obviously slipped her mind."
Max: "Bob, we'd no sooner want to intrude on you than you on us, so if you would just give us a lift back into town."
Bob: "I can't give you a lift back to town, Max! I brought my new little two-seater coupe!"
Max: "You expect us to walk?"
Bob: "Well I am certainly not going to rip the bottom out of a four thousand dollar car carrying three of us back into town with all your junk!"
Max: "Bob, I'm not going to rip an engine out of a car on night as black as pitch!"
Toppy: "Okay, everybody! There is certainly enough room for two couples in this cabin for one night."
Bob: "Oh, Toppy!"
Toppy: "Now that we're all here why don't we try to make the best of it and have some fun! Max, you've got your shoes on, why don't you get some wood for a fire? Bob could pour everybody drinks, and us girls can go into the kitchen and whip up snacks. Come on! Fun time! Go, go, go!"

~May's Home~
~on the phone~
May: "Robert has no special right to help himself to the cabin without my permission. Max, you and Honey stay put."
Max: "Mrs. Bailey, we don't want to stay. I'm just hoping you could ask Grace to get a message to Del to see if he could come and get us. Mrs. Bailey, is that Zack hollering in the background?"
May: "Zackary is just fine. I just have to get him fed. Grace will drive out and get you before the bed race. Then we'll all drive out to the lake and have a bonfire. I'd like to speak to Bob."
Max: "Bob."
Bob: "Get out of the way! Hello, Mother, how are- ~silence~"

~Back Stairs~
Fat: "Why does it have to be my bed?"
Hub: "You called the toss, Fat."
Maisey: "Doesn't all of your furniture belong to the hotel anyway?"
Hub: "All we have to do is get across the street without the Cramps seeing us."
Fat: "Whoa!"
Callie: "I told you people before, deliveries to the rear, not the lobby!"
Fat: "Stay there! Hide!"
Callie: "How many times do I have to tell you, just take the truck to the back! It's around the corner, down the alley!"
Fat: "Come on! Lets go!"
~the trio runs across the street into the garage~
Del: "We need bigger casters. I think Ollie has a bigger set in the back."
Grace: "If I were a tree, what would I be? An oak, a willow, or an elm?"
Del: "hmm... I'd say you're more a cedar."
Grace: "A cedar? A cedar! ~sighs~ Del, I'm obviously a willow because I'm so good natured. I'm pliant and I'm bendable. Why on earth would you say a cedar?"
Del: "Because you smell so good. I'll get the wheels."
Grace: "I'll give him cedar. One! And two... and two more is for."
Fat: "How did you do on your quiz, Aunt Grace?"
Grace: "We scored seventeen out of one hundred. Oil and water. I always knew we were incompatible and now it has been proven by science. ~sighs and leaves~"

~May's Home~
~Grace storms in and slams the door, waking May~
May: "Oh! Oh, Grace, I could happily strangle you."
Grace: "Well, I'm through with Del and with men in all description. I'm becoming a nun."
May: "That's not easily done by a Presbyterian."
Grace: "I'm serious. I'll live out the rest of my days with you, Mother, in this house."
May: "Well, it will be nice to have company. Lord bless us, Grace, what's that you've gotten on the bottom of your purse?"
Grace: "It's grease! If Del didn't make me come down to the disgusting garage to have lunch with him."
May: "I doubt he forced you."
Grace: "There's no point in trying to talk me out of it, Mother. I'm reconciled to spinsterhood. From this day forward I am no longer Cupid's dupe."
May: "As you say, Grace. As you say. Coming, Zackary!"

~Bass Lake~
Toppy: "Honey! Max! Lunch is ready! Oh! There you are! Fix a sandwich, you two. I'm making one for Bob. Bob! I'm making you a sandwich, what kind would you like? Oh, you don't have to tell me, I know you want egg salad because you love my egg salad and I made it special! Oh, but I've got cold ham and roasted chicken too. ~Bob continues reading~ Don't mind Bob when he's reading a book. Me, I'm no great reader."
Honey: "Weren't you on the executive of the ladies Literary Circle?"
Toppy: "Oh, I read what's going around so I know what people are talking about, but it is not my way to pass time. No! I am a doer. I do-do-do. That's why I belong to so many clubs. Of course day one I join, day two I'm president. Bob, want an olive? Oh, there's his nibs! You didn't have to come and get it, Bob. I would have brought it to you, because that's me, born to please! You'd rather have a pickle, if you want a pickle just tell me what kind! Bread and butter, baby dill, gherkin."
Bob: "Toppy, will you please."
Toppy: "Will I what? Tell me, sweetie!"
Bob: "Will you give me the sandwich without the bar-rar-rar yap-yap-yap! Good lord, woman, you sound like a terrier!"
Toppy: "Can I fix you a sandwich?"
Honey: "Uh, no, no, no, I can get my own, and so can Max!"
Max: "Sure, Toppy, have a seat!"
Toppy: "No, I'm right here! Honey, want egg salad? Max will have to have chicken or ham."
Max: "Ham's dandy!"
Honey: "So, how are you enjoying Toronto?"
Toppy: "Couldn't be happier! Bob has a terrific job. He has to travel to Montreal quite a bit, but I don't mind! I'm making scads of friends. I'm taking a class!"
Max: "A class!"
Honey: "Well, good for you!"
Toppy: "I started ballet at the Dore Stella Mare's School of Dance! I always wanted dance when I was a girl, but there was nothing in New Bedford. Gosh, it's fun! And Doris! Well, the rose has certainly bloomed in the city. Not only is she attending the most prestigious school for girls, our Doris is poised to become debutante of the year."
Max: "Good for Doris!"
Toppy: "I tell you the best thing we ever did was get out of New Bedford!"
Honey: "So you're happy then?"
Toppy: "Never happier!"
~later, cut to the lake~
Honey: "Have you noticed something different about Toppy?"
Max: "I guess so, yeah."
Honey: "It's like all of her nerve endings are just rubbed raw."
Max: "I've never known Toppy well, but it always seemed to be that there was a healthy dose of hysteria running pretty near the surface."
Honey: "Yeah, but this is something different."
Max: "Hey, I don't think we came up here to think about Bob and Toppy. We came here to be together."
~they kiss~

Del: "Ha ha ha!"
~they push the bed around~
Ollie: "Smooth as silk!"
Del: "Not too badly!"
Maisey: "Next thing is decorating. Now, I think it's just as important as speed, Mr. Jefferson."
Fat: "Lets see what we can find."
Del: "Nothing too heavy, guys!"
Hub: "Oh, streamers won't weigh us down."
Fat: "Yeah, we can raid Mom's sewing box!"
Ollie: "See ya!"
~outside, May drives by and we hear Zack screaming~
Maisey: "Wow! Your baby brother must have lungs of leather!"
Fat: "Yup!"
Callie: (O.S.) "Hurry up! Right this way! Come on!"
~they watch the Cramps and two guys carry some odds and ends into the hotel as well as see another crew's bed~
Maisey: "Well... I'm not saying we're going to lose... I'm just thinking it. Hey, do one of you guys actually have a dollar if we got to pay up to old, man Cramp?"
Hub: "It's half of my new bike fund. Fat, do you got a dollar?"
Fat: "Uh... I'm not sure exactly... close!"
Maisey: "Fat, we can't be low-down welshers!"
Fat: "We won't lose! Just gotta do a whole lot better than streamers!"

~May's Kitchen~
Hub: "Come on, Aunt Grace, you're the one in this family with the imagination and decorating and that!"
Fat: "And we know you'll come up with an idea!"
Grace: "Well, I'm very flattered!"
Maisey: "But we only have one day! We can't count on Ollie and Del!"
Grace: "Listen, I would love to help, but I just feel I need a little break from your Uncle Del."
Hub: "Another one!"
Maisey: "Pop always says that you only squabble with the ones you love."
Grace: "Which merely explains why more people shoot their spouses than perfect strangers."
Maisey: "Well, it shows that you have feelings for the guy."
Grace: "Sorry! Not going down that road! It's a life of self fulfilled spinsterhood for me."
Fat: "Come on, Aunt Grace, you've got to do it! It's for us! When you're an old maid you've just got to love your nieces and nephews! we're all you've got!"
~Grace sighs, and throws a piece of the laundry she's folding at Fat~
Grace: "All right, I'll do it!"
Hub: "Thank you!"

~Bass Lake~
Toppy: "It's cocktail time! Fancy drinks have are the bees knees in Rosedale. I call these Loosey-Goosies!"
Max: "Well, thanks, Toppy!"
Honey: "Yeah! Aren't these interesting!"
Toppy: "Cheese puffs! Honey, Max, while they're hot!"
Max: "Sure!"
Toppy: "Nut anybody? Nut? Nut? Bob, do you want a nut? 'No thanks, Toppy, I married one!'"
~Toppy laughs~
Bob: "Judas, Toppy! You're babbling! Can't you enjoy two minutes of peace!"
Toppy: "I'm sorry, I was just trying to be funny."
Bob: "Well, put a cork in it!"
Honey: "Bob, I don't appreciate it when you call Toppy down!"
Bob: "When I what?"
Toppy: "It's all right, Honey! I talk too much. Bob has every right to tell me when I annoy him. There's more cheese puffs!"
Bob: "I'm going out to stretch my legs. Excuse me."
Max: "You know, Honey, I don't know I can take a weekend of this."
Honey: "Well, umm... we're in the country, and there's lots to do at the cabin here. There's nothing making us spend every waking moment with Bob and Toppy."
~it thunders~
~later, it's raining, Bob is listening to mournful music~
Max: "Are they talking at all?"
Honey: "We can't stay upstairs forever! ~sighs~"
Max: "Honey! Honey!"
~they enter the sitting room~
Honey: "Oh, there's Toppy rattling around in the kitchen. I'll go give her a hand."
Max: "So, Bob! How about a game of crib?"
Honey: "Toppy? Can I give you a hand?"
Toppy: "Zest an orange? Grate some peel?"
Honey: "Well, sure! It sure is fancy! You've sure learned some swell tricks in the city! Do you like Toronto?"
Toppy: "Bob really needed this get-away. He works so hard! And you? How's every little thing?"
Honey: "Me? Oh! Fine... just fine... actually, we had kind of an upset lately."
Toppy: "Oh?"
Honey: "I had a difficult delivery with Zack..."
Toppy: "Oh, Grace wrote me. I meant to send something or a card... We are so busy."
Honey: "Actually because of the complications of the... of the birth, we just learned that we're not likely to have anymore kids."
Toppy: "Oh, Honey, I'm so sorry to hear that!"
Honey: "It's hard!"
Toppy: "You know, we had a terrible time. Doris came whiz-bang ten months after we married and then three years and I lost the one. It was early on and we didn't tell anybody... then nothing! We tried everything going!"
Honey: "Toppy! I had no idea!"
Toppy: "Bob would really have liked a little boy. He stopped talking about it... well, for a long time now I sometimes wonder if it had been easier for me if... maybe things with Bob... well... maybe things would be different than they are."
Honey: "Toppy! I know we've had our differences, but... but, if it makes it any easier sometimes it helps to talk it out."
Toppy: "Talk?"
Honey: "About you and Bob! Are there troubles?"
Toppy: "No! No it's just... No! Our minister says there are no problems a marriage cannot endure when there are two loving hearts. Well, I'm dead certain that we've got at least one."

Del: "Hey, Grace!"
Fat: "You should see all the great stuff Grace got from the basement from the First Presbyterian!"
Grace: "Just dribs and drabs from old Christmas concerts."
Maisey: "She said we need a theme."
Hub: "Something positive to egg us on."
Del: "And this theme is uh... Christmas?"
Grace: "I'm taking my inspiration from the classical Greek sculpture winged victory. I just hope the rain lets up by tomorrow's race."
Del: "I'm sure it will rain itself out over night. So... what can I do?"
Grace: "Well... umm... actually when I don't know what I'm doing I prefer to do it by myself."
Del: "Is something wrong, Grace?"
~Grace leaves~

~Bass Lake~
Max: "You know there's something about this country air, Toppy!"
Toppy: "I think that must be my salmon croquettes."
Max: "No, I meant that it agrees with you. You look very lovely tonight."
Toppy: "Oh! I should go garnish!"
Max: "Know what, Mrs. Sutton?"
Honey: "What?"
Max: "This... uh... romantic music and this soft candle light... and the endless pitter-patter of the rain... such atmosphere should not be wasted!"
Honey: "Ah!"
~they begin to dance~
Bob: "Good evening."
Max: "There's that Bob! I'm still aching from that whupping I got at crib!"
Bob: "I'm, um, pouring myself a drink."
Toppy: "You don't need to do that."
Bob: "I'm sure I don't need to, Toppy, but I'm going to anyway."
Toppy: "No, I meant that dinners almost ready."
Bob: "Then I shall drink it with dinner."
Honey: "Bob, it wouldn't kill you to be a bit more pleasant given all of Toppy's efforts."
Toppy: "Oh, Honey, Bob's tired."
Bob: "I will be however I please, thank you."
Toppy: "It's not Bob's fault."
Honey: "Toppy, why do you keep making excuses for him?"
Toppy: "He works so hard! The Gerrards keep heaping responsibility on him."
Honey: "The Gerrards! Hugo Gerrard!"
Bob: "Toppy!"
Honey: "Hugo Gerrard? You're working for the man who tried to bankrupt your own family?"
Bob: "All Hugo did was good business. Judas, Toppy, I told you not to blab this to the whole family! Why can't you button it?"
Toppy: "Bob, where are you going?"
Bob: "For a drive."
Max: "Bob! Bob! Just wait a second! Bob! Bob! Wait a minute!"
~Bob gets into his car and starts it~
Max: "Bob! No! Bob! Wait a minute!"
~Max jumps in~
Max: "Ah! Bob! What the devils gotten into you?"
Bob: "I can't take anymore, Max."
Max: "Bob, whatever it is, you and Toppy can work around it!"
Bob: "It's done between me and Toppy."
Max: "Don't say that!"
Bob: "Moving to Toronto just proved that the problems aren't anything other than us. I know what she's trying to do this weekend, Max, but it's too late!"
Max: "Isn't she worth a chance, Bob?"
Bob: "I've found someone else."

~Main Street~
Fat: "Don't push. Not yet. Okay, wheel her on through!"
~they push the bed to the street~
Del: "Okay, swing her around! Swing her around!"
Hub: "Hey, look!"
~we see other bed racers~
Ollie: "Are those their bed pushers?"
Maisey: "No competition."
Ollie: "Yeah!"
Callie: "Yoo-hoo!"
Hub: "Look at the size of those guys!"
~Alden makes a money motion~
Del: "Come on!"
Del: "Easy, watch it! Oh!"
Fat: "Uncle Del! Uncle Del!"
Del: "Ow! Ow!"
Fat: "Uncle Del!"
Ollie: "Are you all right?"
Hub: "Are you okay?"
Del: "I don't think so. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! She's sprained! Yup! Okay, I'm sorry guys!"
Ollie: "Lets get you up! Easy! Easy!"
Hub: "We don't have a chance."
Fat: "But we gotta!"
Maisey: "It's hopeless with three pushers!"
Hub: "Fat, when you said that you quite have a dollar to cover Cramp's bet, how much do you actually have, Fat?"
Fat: "Thirty-eight cents."
Hub: "Fat!"
Maisey: "Fat!"
Fat: "I know, I'm a low-down welcher."

~Bass Lake~
Honey: "Well, Grace should be picking us up soon. I doubt that Bob and Toppy are going to be coming with us. They're still asleep. They're in the same room though. I thought that would be a good sign."
Max: "Yeah, they've got their problems, I guess."
Honey: "But sometimes I wonder if Bob ever actually loved Toppy. But I... maybe that's why she tries so hard. She wonders too..."
Max: "Mmm-hmm."
Honey: "What is it, Max?"
Max: "Honey, ever since you said you'd marry me, I guess I always felt you settled for me. I know, I know that Jack was the love of your life, but next to him I feel like I don't quite measure up."
Honey: "Max. Why would you say that?"
Max: "Because I know you're upset about us not having more kids. There's a part of me that makes me feel I don't have what it needs to make you feel happy."
Honey: "Happy! That's just not true!"
~a car honks~
Max: "That's Grace."
Honey: "Max, you've never said anything like this before."
Max: "Honey, in my heart of hearts I know you can't ask someone if they love you and expect an honest answer."

~Main Street~
Person: "Davenport is a ???"
Max: "Hi! Hi!"
Honey: "Oh! Hi! Hello! Oh!"
Max: "Oh, he's getting big!"
Honey: "Hello! Hi, Zack! How did you make out? Thank you very much, by the way!"
May: "Oh, well it took us a day to get used to each other, but now we're getting along famously."
Honey: "Now tell me, did you feel some tug backs to your mothering days?"
May: "Oh no, I'm more than happy being a grandmother. You can love them and hug them and then..."
~May hands Zack to Honey~
Honey: "Oh! Whew! Aren't you in need of a change!"
May: "Oh, yes."
Fat: "Hey, Aunt Grace! Aunt Grace!"
Honey: "Well, hi, Fat did you miss me?"
Fat: "Uh.. I'm uh... Aunt Grace!"
Grace: "What is it, Henry?"
Fat: "Aunt Grace! Come quickly! An emergency! It's Uncle Del! He's sprained his ankle!"
~cut to garage~
Fat: "So if we can get enough power at the start..."
Alden: "Well, lads, the race is about to begin. I think that in the interest of fair play we should ante up! Mr. Wanless will hold the pot."
~Fat gulps~
Mr. Wanless: "What's the problem, Henry?"
Fat: "Mr. Wanless, Mr. Cramp, I don't exactly have a dollar. I know I'm a low-down deceitful welsher, and Mr. Cramps wants, the bet is off."
Alden: "I want no such thing! Especially as my team is going to wipe the noses of Jefferson's Garage."
Hub: "We'll see about that."
Alden: "I have no problem taking Fat's marker redeemable for a dollar in labor for doing odd jobs around the hotel."
Fat: "You're on!"
Alden: "Edmund, perhaps you'd like to define a dollars worth of labor?"
Mr. Wanless: "Ah, well, lets see how about clearing the hotel's sidewalks of snow and ice for the whole winter."
Fat: "For the whole winter! Okay..."
~cut to start line~
Kid: "Okay!"
Kid: "We're ready!"
Kid: "You're still on!"
Kid: "You're going to witness greatness!"
Fat: "Yup, good! Ready?"
Grace: "Yes."
~various people talking~
Callie: "Hey, you people from Jefferson's Garage, that thing you'll see in front of you is my dust!"
Grace: "Get a horse!"
~Alden holds up a shovel and grins at Fat~
Fat: "Hmm!"
~May sees Grace in her get-up~
May: "Good lord, what's next?"
Mr. Wanless: "Ready! Set!"
~gun goes off~
~cheering and yelling~
Max: "Push, Hub, push!"

~cheering and yelling~
Callie: "Move!"
Grace: "Get out of here! Cheater!"
~the front falls off of the Cramp's bed~
~Jerfferson's bed loses control~
Callie: "Come one! Oh!!! Push!"
Fat: "Push!"
~Yeun's Laundry crosses the line first~
~cheering and yelling~
~cut to garage~
~Grace enters, still wearing the large wings, Del is soaking his ankle~
Grace: "Oh! Sorry!"
Del: "It's okay. Got my foot bandaged."
Grace: "So I see."
Del: "Can you tell me what you've been so quiet for these past few days?"
Grace: "I just... Darn this thing!"
~Grace struggles to get the knot undone~
Del: "Come here, I'll get it. So, you were saying?"
Grace: "Del, I don't think we have anything in common."
Del: "We live in the same town... we're related to half of it. Geez, this is a real doozer. Come a little closer."
Grace: "That's exactly my point. Because the things that we do have in common will only complicate things if things won't work out, which scientifically speaking, they probably won't because we don't have the right things in common in commin."
Del: "We have this in common."
~they kiss~
Grace: "Okay, we do have this in common."

~Bass Lake~
Fat: "If we hadn't have lost that wheel I would have been up one silver dollar!"
Bob: "Henry! You're so like your dad! The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree."
May: "Robert, I'm going to speak very strongly to Mr. Cramp. Involving a miner in gambling. And I hope to never hear of such shenanigans again."
Fat: "But Gran-"
May: "Not one word, Henry, or you'll be clearing my walkways for the winter. You can count yourself lucky."
Hub: "Fat, come out here. Uncle Del's got the fire going."
Bob: "Go on, go on! When I was twelve, Mother, you would have made me clear the walks with no second chance."
May: "Sometimes I wonder what good the discipline did. It's time you stop presuming privileges, Robert."
Bob: "That's funny, I thought I was a member of the family."
May: "You didn't think about that when you took off out of here and left the business on my shoulders."
Bob: "I had a choice to make, Mother, between the business and the family and I chose my family."
May: "Did you, Robert?"
Bob: "Nothing has ever been good enough for you, Mother, nothing. You've made it perfectly clear that I'm not welcome here, but if you want me gone, at least have the guts to say it to me!"
May: "I'm not going to give you an excuse to slam out again. Make your own decisions."
Bob: "This is my decision!"
Toppy: "Bob! Bob, wait!"
Bob: "See me march, Mother, you watch this!"
Toppy: "Bob! Bob, give me ten minutes. You, you stay out here and cool off and I'll go throw our bags together. Sweetheart, don't be upset."
Bob: "Toppy, it is done!"
Toppy: "What? What- Bob, I- I don't know what you're talking about."
Bob: "You do! You do! I can't keep it up anymore, Toppy, I just can't do it anymore! It is over!"
Toppy: "Go then! Go on! You think I don't know... you don't think I don't know about her, Bob? Go! Get away from me!"
Bob: "Toppy!"
Toppy: "GO!"
~Family stares at Bob as he gets into his car and leaves~
May: "He'll come to his senses, Toppy."
Toppy: "What do I do now? What am I going to do now?"
~Toppy cries on May's shoulder~
~Max and Honey walk to the lake's edge~
Honey: "~sighs~ I love you, Max. I really mean that. I just think that... love is different always."
Max: "Yeah, do you?"
Honey: "Yes. It's not the same love that I had with Jack, but it's no less warm and deep and lasting. I swore to you our wedding day from that day forward. As far as I'm concerned that's it; for better or for worse until death us do part."
Max: "Me too. Come here."
~they hug, then kiss~
Honey: "We have such a beautiful family. We're going to be okay."
Max: "Yeah."
Honey: "Yeah."

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