The Resurrection of May

~Mine Office~
Fat: "What a mess!"
George: "Oh, a bum must have broken in, I guess."
Grace: "It's just a shame all the hard-luck cases these days."
Police Man: "It's criminals, is what it is May. There's no point in locking it up."
George: "Why would Gerard bankrupt the mind if he didn't intend to snap it up?"
Hub: "The Gerrards are bootleggers, not miners."
George: "The bank's letting it rot. The town dying..."
Grace: "Opps! Careful, Henry!"
May: "I don't know what use it is, saving all of this."
George: "Mrs. B... uh... the miners have been asking the bank... they're hoping they'll reopen the mine under a receivership deal until a new owner is found."
Grace: "Is there a sale in the offering?"
George: "Rumors fly... but rumors are all the miners have to go on these days. It's getting desperate for some. You're thinking of selling off your land holdings, Mrs. B?"
May: "I'll do what I have to do, but not until it needs to be done."
George: "Good day, Mrs. B. Grace."

~Main Street~
~as they drive through town we see signs of further depression, closed businesses~

~Bass Lake~
~May stands surveying the land, Grace and the boys watch~ Fat: "Why did we stop? What's she doing?"
Grace: "Oh, your Grandmother's had the stuff knocked out of her, Fat."
Hub: "I'll go get her."
~Hub walks over to May~
Hub: "We should get going, Grandmother."
May: "This is where your Grandfather and I started nearly fifty years ago. Is this where it's all to end?"

~Bailey Home~
Harmond: "Sell it all, May. What you need is income, not the headache of real estate. We can provide for you. You can rest easy knowing Grace is provided for."
Grace: "Oh, I can provide for myself. I have a perfectly good head for business. Don't I, Mother?"
May: "Harmond, the apartment block."
Harmond: "You may not get what you expect of that. The parcel of land on Bass Lake is worth selling. Two hundred acres!"
May: "I have Leo McGinty's word that there's significant nickel on that reserve."
Harmond: "Minerals only have value if you've got a buyer who wants to develop them."
May: "Harmond, I am not holding a fire safe. The apartment block only."
Harmond: "As you will. Good day, ladies."
Grace: "Good day."

Girl: "And only good home brand keeps your ice box... good home fresh."
~Grace rushes in~
Grace: "Oh! Sorry! I was taking care of Mother."
Callie: "Would you mind stepping out for a minute?"
Girl: "Do I get the job?"
Callie: "Wait outside. We won't be long."
Grace: "Are we auditioning somebody for something?"
Callie: "Grace, I like you, but honestly, most people don't."
Grace: "I beg... I beg your pardon."
Callie: "Lets face it, Grace. People resent your family for letting the mine slip through your fingers. Putting the skits under New Bedford while you sit fat. Why should a well, heeled dilettante have a job when they're flat busted?"
Grace: "I'm not rich! Mrs. Cramp, I'm good at my job! I need my job! What if I stay off mike?"
Callie: "Why prolong the agony? Isn't it better to cauterize the wound?"

~Sutton Home~
Grace: "After all my family's trying to do in this town~" Del: "Hey! Come here."
~they hug~
Del: "It's okay! It's okay!"
Grace: "Del! The people in this town are so quick to think the worst thing! Have you noticed that? Sometimes... I hate this place! I really do!"
Del: "I know how you feel."
Grace: "Oh, Del! Wouldn't you just like to take off out of here?"
Del: "What do you mean, take off?"
Grace: "I don't mean... you and me together... at least not right now..."
Del: "Grace... I don't think is the best time for be making future plans."
Grace: "What are you saying, Del?"
Del: "Nothing... I mean... this is a bad time to talk."
Grace: "Well, it's too bad. We're talking about it."
Del: "Grace... ~he touches her face~ At this point in my life, I'm just looking for somebody to share some laughs."
Grace: "Laughs... me too! That's all I want! Laughs!"
~Grace gets up and leaves and forcefully shuts the door~

~Main Street~
~some kids are throwing a football, another family is packing a large truck~
Boy: "Ma says we can't keep the cat. Do you guys think you can find a good home for Pig?"
Fat: "How come you call him Pig?"
Maisey: "Well, look at him!"
Hub: "Sure, we can find a home for him."
Lady: "Kids! It's time to go!"
Boy: "See you, Pig."
Lady: "Let's get on the road. Hurry up, now!"
Hub: "Good bye, you guys."
Fat: "Good luck!"
Hub: "Where are they even going?"
Lorna: "South for work. Like the others. Not that a Bailey would care."
Fat: "Pretty soon New Bedford will be a ghost town.

~Main Street~
Max: "Hi, Grace!"
Grace: "Hi, Max!"
Max: "How are you doing?"
Grace: "Oh, mother and I are definitely going on a budget until I get a job. Boy! Two dollars sure goes quickly!"
Max: "So.. uh, Grace are you and Del having dinner with us on Sunday?"
Grace: "I couldn't say... I doubt it."
Max: "Grace, all couples go through rough patches through time to time."
Grace: "Oh look! Tinsel Times! How a lady gets her way."
Max: "It's five cents, Grace! Remember the budget!"
Grace: "Oh... right."
~a car pulls up and honks~
Max: "Well, I'll be."
Luc: "Didn't I leave you here a few months ago?"
Grace: "Around here. Are you staying out of trouble, Mr. Gerard?"
Luc: "Well, mostly licking my wounds."
Grace: "Luc, your father ruined my family's business. I think we've got you beat in the wound department."
Luc: "Listen, Grace, I wish I could express to you how I feel about that. I had no idea my father was going to pull your financing. If you... If you only knew how sorry I was."
Grace: "I know it wasn't your doing. It's the past, I guess. We should look to the future, right?"
Luc: "Now that's a get-by philosophy. Listen, I've decided to push ahead with my plans."
Grace: "What plans?"
Luc: "The resort! The thing is ballooning like crazy! It could turn this area on its ear!"
Grace: "If anyone can do it, I'm sure you can, Luc."
Max: "Grace!"
Grace: "Luc, you remember Max Sutton?"
Luc: "It's good to see you again, Mr. Sutton."
Max: "Sir."
Luc: "Can I show you something, Grace? Meet me later."
Grace: "I don't know..."
Luc: "IF you would just give me a chance to square things with your family. I'm staying at the hotel."
Grace: ~sighs~ "Okay... sure."
Luc: "Sure."
~Grace sighs~
Max: "Grace!"
Grace: "What! It's business!"
Max: "It's business! I'd say that fellows interested."
Grace: "He is not! Well, maybe a little. So what! Honestly, Max, a young millionaire is not the worst thing that's going to happen to me today."
Max: "Yeah? Wait 'til your mother hears he's back in town."
Grace: "Don't tell her! I think I should at least hear Luc's plans."
Max: "Grace! His father reneged on the financing and let the bank shut you down!"
Grace: "His father did, not Luc. Everybody thinks I don't have a head for business! I can handle it. I can!"
~she walks away and grabs Tinsel Times~

Luc: "Atlantic City of the North. Floor shows, golf courses..."
Grace: "In New Bedford?"
Luc: "Why not? There's nothing between the Poconos and the Banff Springs (??)."
Grace: "Oh, and these must be the tennis courts? Oh! That's marvelous!"
~Del watches from the garage~
Luc: "You really like it?"
Grace: "Oh, Luc! Society flocks to these places! You just have to know the right people, and I know that you do!"
Luc: "You know, Grace, I'm glad that you have this confidence in me. I'd really like to see you on the ground floor."
Grace: "Well, sure! Any floor! Ground floor, second floor, pent house!"
Luc: "No! What I mean is that I'd like to see the Baileys invest."
Grace: "Invest? Oh, Luc, I'm not sure what our investment position is now... currently."
Luc: "No, I don't mean cash. Look at this, Grace. What is the perfect spot for this? Bass Lake!"
Grace: "Mother will never sell Bass Lake."
Luc: "What do you mean never?"
Grace: "I mean never as in not ever."
Luc: "Have dinner with me tonight?"
~Grace looks across the road at Del~

~Gas Station~
Hub: "Hey, Uncle Del, know anyone who wants a cat?"
Del: "Nope."
Fat: "It's too bad the hotel doesn't allow pets. Violet really likes Pig."
Del: "Hey, I'm already sleeping on a couch. I ain't sharing it with two-ton cat."
Hub: "That's Aunt Grace with Luc Gerrard! That must be Gerrard's car. It must be nice to have that kind of coin, eh?"
Del: "If I had change enough to jingle, I know what I was doing more."
Fat: "What's the matter, Pig?"
Hub: "Maybe he's lonesome, Fat. It's hard to believe the Behans are gone already."
Del: "Well, if it's time to move on, there's no point in staying around."
Hub: "I hate being a kid! Somebody is always making the decisions and you either like it or lump it."
Del: "Yup, get used to it. Life isn't fair most of the time."
Fat: "What will happen if we ever leave New Bedford?"
Hub: "We aren't."
Fat: "Well, if we have to, you can't stop it."

~Grace's Room~
Grace: ~reading from magazine~ "Business meeting or social soirée Miss Davis gets what she wants. ~sighs~ When life throws a curve she rolls with the punches saying, 'What the heck, that might be a kicker.' ~sighs~ Be it business or romance you can succeed by following her simple rules. Number one, be confident. Say something wildly witty or continue to page forty. Or try a bright red lipstick. ~she puts some on~ ~cut downstairs~
May: "Hubert, why would you want to start on those files at this hour?"
Hub: "Well, you said the mine is in my blood. I don't want to give up on it yet. Grace: "Good bye, Mother! I gotta go! See you a little bit later! Good bye!"
May: "Grace, are you going out?"
Grace: "Uh, yes I am, mother!"
May: "Well, I was just going to put on a bite for supper."
Grace: "Well, none for me because I promised to visit a sick friend. It's someone you don't know!"
May: "Someone I don't know in New Bedford?"
Grace: "Have a nice evening!"

Grace: "Would you tell Mr. Gerrard that Grace Bailey is here, please."
Callie: ~picks up phone~ "Luc! Cinderella is in the lobby. ~hangs up~ He'll be down in a moment."
Grace: "Excuse me, will you? I'll just wait over here."
Del: "Grace! Whachu up to?"
Grace: "I'm just out for a few laughs."
Del: "Grace..."
Luc: "Hi. You look- terrific! Do you want to come up?"
Grace: "Sure thing... up? Upstairs?"
Luc: "Yeah, that general direction, yeah."
Del: "Hey, pal, where do you think you get off?"
Grace: "Del, do you mind? What the heck, that might be a kicker!"

~Roof of Hotel~
Luc: "Don't look down. Oh!"
Grace: "Oh!"
Luc: "There we go! My goodness!"
Grace: "Oh my goodness! ~gasps~ Oh!"
Luc: "You know, one of my favorite things is to take a take ?? to the top of Mount Royal and look down on the lights of Montreal."
Grace: "Oh! Gee, I'll bet the lights of New Bedford put Montreal to shame."
Luc: "You know, I'm not complaining about the view."
Grace: "Oh! My! Oh! I've never been treated like a princess! ~gasps~ Oh! I feel all tingly! Oh, I hope it's not a rash. Oh! Thank you!"

~May's Home~
Hub: "Grandmother, this is addressed to you. Maybe it came after the closing?"
May: "West Dominion Petroleum. No company sent so much mail to so little effect. This is the wretched venture that got us into this state."
Hub: "What did they do?"
May: "Precious little since the war. Your Grandfather met a promoter on a train. He must have been one blessed good salesman because by the time he got off the train in New Bedford he had use committed to some flim-flam mineral scheme."
Hub: "But I thought Granddad had this great business mind?"
May: "Oh, I don't know what got into him. He leveraged the mine to capitalize gas exploration."
Hub: "They didn't find any?"
May: "Poor grade methane. The bottom fell out the gas market... they exhausted their funds... the company hasn't done anything since. It was the worst move of your Grandfather's career. The strain of it killed him. Oh, I'm afraid I'm tired, Hubert. Stay as long as you like, Hubert. I'm going to bed. Lord only knows how late Grace will be."
Hub: "I'll file this stuff for you to read later."
May: "You can file or throw it in the fire, Hubert. Goodnight."
Hub: "Goodnight."

~Hotel Roof~
Luc: "Chicago, Manhattan, St. Louis- I mean you can only take so much go-go-go."
Grace: "Oh yes, Manhattan! Such a bore!"
Luc: "Oh, do you go often?"
Grace: "Believe it or not, my last trip was the bust to North Bridge."
Luc: "Grace, whether you appreciate it, you would be a wonderful addition to the resort. Please say you'll be a partner."
Grace: "What the heck, it might be a kicker! ~they hit glasses and Grace spills~ Oh, look! I'm so sorry!"
Luc: "It's all right, Grace."
Grace: "Why doesn't Bette Davis ever slop?"
Luc: "No- Grace- I- Uh... thank you. Now Grace, I'm serious. With your taste and your local connections... if you could only get your mother to part with Bass Lake."
Grace: "Whoa, Luc!"
Luc: "I know, I know. First things first. But Grace, more than anything I- I would just like us to spend more time together."
~they lean forward and begin to kiss~
Grace: "Luc, there's someone else... Well, sort of... No! There is someone else. Nothing will happen between us."
Luc: "Well, we can be friends... do business."
Grace: "Mother will never sell Bass Lake. Certainly not to a Gerrard."
Luc: "So what has this been about? You're playing me on, I mean, to what end?"
Grace: "Luc! I like you!"
Luc: "You know... my aunt was right."
Grace: "Callie? What did she say?"
Luc: "She said I ought to know a gold digger when I see one."
Grace: "Gold digger! What a nerve!"
Luc: "Well, it's true, isn't it? If I didn't have any money would you be here right now?"
Grace: "But you do have money!"
Luc: "Now if I didn't... if I were somebody else would you be here right now?"
Grace: "Okay, I thought about it! I thought about how rich you are!"
Luc: "But you knew you could never care for me."
Grace: "No, I didn't say care..."
Luc: "Good night, Grace."
Grace: "Luc! I didn't mean... ~sighs~ I'm so stupid!"

~Luc's Room~
Hugo: "All right. You're here early. I take it you struck out with Miss Bailey?"
Luc: "Leave Grace out of this."
Hugo: "Well, there's a lot of money at stake. I want that property."

~May's Home~
Grace: "Hub, where's your Grandmother?"
Hub: "In bed. Aunt Grace, does this mean what I think it means?"
Grace: "Well, what do you think it means? ~Grace looks at paper and gasps~ Mother! Oh, Mother! Mother!"

~May's Home~
~on phone~
May: "Could you tell me the current value of a Royal Union? ~pause~ Ah, thank you! You've been most helpful!"
Hub: "What did they say?"
May: "Grace, I'm getting dressed. Call the bank and tell Mr. Kendrick I want a meeting in twenty minutes."
Grace: "What if he's busy?"
May: "Tell him to get unbusy. West Dominion Petroleum has risen from the dead. New test holes drilled through the methane gas hit straight into a pool of crude oil. I'm going to get back the Silver Dome Mine."

Mr. Kendrick: "I am so sorry."
May: "Finally, Benjamin."
Mr. Kendrick: "Mrs. Bailey, you remember our district manager, Mr. Sainsbury?"
May: "Mr. Sainsbury."
Mr. Sainsbury: "I'm afraid I've detained your good manager, Mrs. Bailey. We have a rather important meeting scheduled later this morning."
May: "Ah, yes, with George Murphy. About the worker's plan to run the mine. I don't think you'll find that necessary after you hear what I have to say, Mr. Sainsbury."

Grace: "Mrs. Cramp, would you be good enough to ring Mr. Gerrard's suite please?"
Callie: "He's out, all day. Business."
Grace: "Well, in that case..."
Callie: "Oh! A note of apology? Luc told me things didn't go so smoothly last night. Oh! Come on! Do you think I'm going to read it?"
Grace: "I think I'll go upstairs and slip it under his door."
Callie: "You'll do no such thing. What kind of joint do you think I run? I don't let every little chippy run upstairs unescorted."
~Grace tries to sneak upstairs~
Callie: "Don't even think about it."
~a staff member comes in, distracting Callie enabling Grace to sneak upstairs~

Mr. Sainsbury: "So, Mrs. Bailey, it seems as though your husband was born with a proverbial horseshoe in his hand."
May: "That and great vision. In sixty days I'll be in a position to redeem my debt."
Mr. Sainsbury: "Assuming that the bank waits sixty days. You still don't have the capital to run the mine."
May: "I would expect the bank to reinstate my line of credit."
Mr. Sainsbury: "Oil speculations, Mrs. Bailey, is perhaps one investment more fraud than silver mining."
May: "This is not speculation, Mr. Sainsbury. The wells are pumping."
Mr. Sainsbury: "Well, so far. But how can I be assured that Alberta will not be pumped dry in sixty days?"
May: "That's hardly likely."
Mr. Sainsbury: "Well, be that as it may, you're asking the bank to lower the mine's history of default. There is even a suggestion that silver in the New Bedford area has been mined out."
May: "I plan to mine in something other than silver, Mr. Sainsbury. Nickel."
Mr. Sainsbury: ~sighs~ "A new venture! Can you show me any core samples, a comprehensive business plan or am I expected to gamble tens of thousands of our shareholder's dollars on a say-so of a sixty-odd-year old woman."
May: "I expect the bank to invest on my word."
Mr. Sainsbury: "We have had your word before."
May: "Gentlemen. The bank might prepared to sit by and watch this town dye. Rest assured, that is not going to happen."

~Luc's Room~
Grace: "Hello? Anyone around?"
~Grace walks in~
Grace: "Hello?"
~Grace goes to leave, but hears Callie in the hall~
Callie: "Another extra towel here for Mr. Gerrard."
Hugo: "I'll take a couple, please."
Callie: "Here, that fellows been burning my telephone wire. Big deal falling together?"
Hugo: "mmm hmmm. I can almost taste it."
Callie: "Any action you want to cut your sister-in-law in, is there?"
Hugo: "Come on, Callie! You know about my plans to build a resort."
Callie: "A resort! My aunt Frances! Hugo, there's more up your sleeve than your arm."
~Callie leaves, Grace is still hiding under the bed~ ~on phone~
Hugo: "Operator. It's a local call. 9832. Yes, it's me. Yeah, I'm still in New Bedford. ~silence~ Well, the nervous Nellie wants to see the nickel before he signs. ~listens~ Yeah. ~listens~ Uh uh. There's not that much time left. I need those core samples ready now. Okay. When he calls."
~hangs up, goes into the bathroom~ Grace: "Close the door! Oh please, close the door!"
~Hugo flings his pants and the slide under the bed next to Grace and she hiccups~

~Main Street~
Hub: "But why wouldn't they listen to you, Grandmother?"
May: "Sainsburys a pompous fool and Kendrick dancing along like some trained circus monkey. Oh good grief, not today."
Luc: "Mrs. Bailey! And you, young sir! My resort plans are right on track."
May: "Resort! In this economic time?"
Luc: "And I'd like to talk to you about purchasing a piece of your property, Mrs. Bailey. Bass Lake."
May: "There isn't a person in this town who values their reputation who would have any dealings with the Gerrard family."
Luc: "You think not. Mr. Murphy!"
May: "George, surely you have more sense than to be involved in this folly! I thought swindles of this sort were reserved for the swamp lands of Florida."
George: "Now, Mrs. B..."
May: "George Murphy, I expected more loyalty from you than this."
George: "Oh, get off your high horse, May! I've just come from the bank. They have no intention of opening the mine under any condition. Now I have to face the men and I have to tell them. Mr. Gerrard, if you want my little acreage on Bass Lake... it's time I cut my losses."
Luc: "Oh, Mrs. Bailey, if you could be so kind... would you return this to Grace? She left it with me last night at dinner."
May: "Come, Hubert, I think we've waited long enough for your aunt Grace."

~Luc's room~
~phone rings~ Hugo: "Gerrard. Yeah. ... May Bailey? ... What she... now, calm down! Just calm down. No. I won't let that old battle ax stop us now. ... I'll meet you at the site in ten minutes."
~leaves, and Grace runs out~

~Gas Station~
Grace: "Del! I need you!"
Del: "Did you have a real kicker last night?"
Grace: "Oh! Oh! Come! Oh, do any of these old jalopies work?"
Del: "What?"
Grace: "You heard me!"
Del: "Yeah, the Ford is waiting for pick up. ~Grace pulls him along~ What are you doing?"
~they get into the car~
Grace: "Follow that car. Oh! I can't believe I actually said that!"
~the car leaves New Bedford and travels into the woods~
Grace: "He was on the phone with some shady operator. Can't this buggy boot it a bit? And he mentions core samples. Nickel!"
Del: "So?"
Grace: "So, if he's buying the land for a resort what difference does the ore content make?"
Del: "Hmm... Well... which way?"
Grace: "Left would be down toward the mine... right would take us out to Bass Lake... Uhh... Right!"

~May's Yard~
Hub: "Hey, Buck! Buck, what's going on?"
Buck: "Downtown the miners are marching on the bank."
~Hub runs inside~
May: "Hubert, what is all the commotion?"
Hub: "The miners are going after the bank."
May: "Hubert, come back here! I don't want you in the middle of it! Hubert!"

~Main Street
~We see many people storming the doors of the bank~
Various People: "Open the door!"
~police come~
People: "Let us in!"
Stoneman: "Come on, guys! Get out here!"
~lots of yelling~" Stoneman: "Get out of here! Come on, go home!"
Man: "We want in there!"
~punches are thrown~
Stoneman: "I'm warning you!"
Fat: "Violet! Violet! Come one!"
~crowd presses toward Fat~
Stoneman: "Just relax, everybody! Move back! Get out of here!"
~Hub and May arrive~
~various people continue to yell as they destroy things along the street~
Lady: "May Bailey you are going to pay for this damage to the town!"
May: "Are you boys okay?"
Hub: "Yes, we're fine."
May: "Violet, are you all right, dear?"
Hub: "She's fine too."
Sainsbury: "This is outrageous! You should have monitored this situation."
Stoneman: "Monitored it? How?"
May: "Mr. Sainsbury, you and your bank will be held accountable for what you have done to this town. I'll see to it myself. Come children, into the car."

Grace: "I wish we could get closes so that I could hear what they're saying!"
Del: "Not without being seen. Grace? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you off. I'm just not sure. I mean, so much of my life is in the air these days... I... I don't want to get myself involved. I guess I have... I just want to be fair. I mean I... I have so little to offer."
Grace: "Well, maybe you should let me decide if what you have to offer is enough."
~they kiss~ Man: "There he is."
Grace: "Oh! Look who's meeting Hugo! I'm sorry, but it's Sainsbury."

~May's Home~
Grace: "Mother! Mother!"
May: "Grace, there's no need to call me like cattle. Mr. Gerrard returned this to me."
Grace: "Oh, Mother, this is nothing."
May: "Do tell."
Grace: "I slopped champagne on Luc."
May: "And where did this spectacle take place?"
Grace: "Nowhere public... it was Luc's hotel... it was all very proper. It was on the roof."
May: "On the roof!"
Grace: "Mother! This is so unimportant! What is important is that I overheard Hugo Gerrard plotting a shady deal..."
May: "Did you eavesdrop from the roof?"
Grace: "No! No! I was under his bed!"
May: "Grace, not another word until I've had some strong tea and my heart medicine."
~phone rings~ May: "The Bailey residence."
Mr. Kendrick: "Mrs. Bailey, please don't hang up on me. I could be fired if anyone found out I'd placed this call. But the fact is that I live in this town too. Mr. Sainsbury has accepted an offer from the Gerrards for a power of sale purchase of Silver Dome. You've got twenty-four hours to redeem your debt or you'll lose the mine for good."

~Hugo's Room~
May: "Why do you want my mine?"
Hugo: "Mrs. Bailey, news travels fast."
May: "You thought I was down and out. And my property could be had for nothing if the mine was kept closed and the town let down. I imagine I've surprised you, Mr. Gerrard."
Hugo: "Yes. Yes, you have risen."
May: "Why do you want the mine?"
Hugo: "First rule of business, own something that someone else wants to buy."
May: "You plan to get my land at Bass Lake for nothing, and sell it maybe."
Hugo: "You're aware of its growing value?"
May: "I'm aware of the stock market, Mr. Gerrard."
Hugo: "Whatever we think of the fascists, Europe is hungry for pig-iron and steel."
May: "I won't sell the land at Bass Lake, Mr. Gerrard. You can't force me."
Hugo: "If you had your old mine changing over from silver to nickel would be faster and cheaper than starting from start."
May: "If I have to I will. In a year..."
Hugo: "Or two, New Bedford will be dead. At least discuss partnership."
May: "I don't dance with the devil."
Hugo: "You may yet, Mrs. Bailey."

~Sutton's Apartment~
May: "The royalties from West Dominion Petroleum promise to be great, even with only six wells pumping."
Honey: "But you have until tomorrow to stop the Gerrards from buying the mine."
May: "The deal closes at the end of tomorrow's business day."
Max: "Mrs. Bailey is there anyway you could get the money that you need?"
May: "I would have to sell my entire investment in West Dominion Petroleum tomorrow."
Del: "Sell the golden goose."
Honey: "Mrs. Bailey do you really want to do that? If operating that mine is such a strain on you, getting the royalties... that's just cashing checks, right?"
Max: "Mrs. Bailey, this is more money than you're like to spend."
May: "That's precisely why I called this meeting. This decision will effect the future of this entire family, especially my grandchildren. They should have some say in it."
Honey: "Mrs. Bailey, you'd be back to working those long hours. It's a toll on your health. It could kill you!"
Hub: "Then let the mine go."
May: "And New Bedford too?"
Honey: "Mrs. Bailey, whatever you choose, we're going to support you with it."
May: "I'd like to walk home alone, Grace. Good night."
Honey: "Good night, Mrs. Bailey."
Fat: "Good night, Grandmother."
Hub: "Good night."

~Apartment Block~
~Pig meows~
May: "What a sound! You pitiful creature!"
Lorna: "Mrs. Bailey. It's Lorna MacFarlane."
May: "Of course, Mrs. MacFarlane. How's your husband, Eugene?"
Lorna: "Not so good, now that you ask. When Gene was blinded down in your mine you gave your word we would always be provided for. I'm holding you to your word, Mrs. Bailey. You'll not forget us."
May: "No, indeed I won't."

~Hotel Lobby~
Grace: "I read in this morning's chronicle that you're having an open house?"
Luc: "Hi, Grace. Yes, the investors are just dying to get on the gravy train. You know, it's not too late if the Baileys want to reconsider Bass Lake for the resort."
Grace: "It's clear you have a very low opinion of my intelligence. The resort won't happen! You never intended it to."
Luc: "Of course I do! There's money to be made, Grace."
Grace: "If that's what you honestly think, then you've been made the biggest fool of us all."
Hugo: "Every mining company in the country will want in here. We won't have develop Bass Lake."
Luc: "But, you let me dream this whole thing up."
Hugo: "Dreams are for boys. It's time to grow up, son."

~May's Home~
May: "This is their best price."
Harmond: "I say, you're letting emotions cloud good business sense."
May: "Oh, I know you, Harmond. If you were me you would sell all to the Gerrards and move to Pari."
Harmond: "As you will, May. You always do."
Hub: "What would Grandad have done?"
May: "He wouldn't have bowed to the banks a second time."
Harmond: "I'll register the sale. Let me find my own way [out]."
May: "Thank you. Now all we have to do is find the money to run the place."
Hub: "Grandmother, that sales man, the blessed-good one Grandad met on the train, what did he convince Granddad to do?"
May: "Invest in the start of the company in exchange for future profits."
Hub: "Well, why can't we do the same thing? I mean it's the future of New Bedford. We can find someone to invest in that."
May: "Maybe we can."

~Hotel Lobby~
Sainsbury: "Look who's here."
May: "Excuse me. I see what one finds in the viper's pit."
Harmond: "There's no conflict for me, May, to transact business from Mr. Gerrard."
May: "After forty years as the Bailey family's legal adviser I suppose the prospect of quick profits tempted you more than they did Mr. Sainsbury. After the investigation we'll see if you're both beyond reproach."
George: "Mrs. Bailey."
Grace: "Did you find them, Mr. Murphy?"
Hub: "Right where you said they'd be, Aunt Grace."
George: "We followed tire tracks to the land that abuts your property. Someones been taking core samples. Mr. Gerrard, you must know our deal is off."
Hugo: "Mr. Murphy, your agreement with my son is binding."
Luc: "No, it isn't. George, if you want out, go."
~Luc shakes hands with George~
Luc: ~to Grace~ "I'll see you."
May: "Ladies and gentlemen, a few moments, please. We know each other. We've been threw much together. But over the years it has always been the strength of this community that has made the hard times bearable and good times sweet. It is with great pleasure that I tell you I am going to reopen the Silver Dome Mines. And if any of you have a few dollars, you'll invest wisely. I invite you both as a neighbor and as a member of this community to invest in The Silver Dome Mine and in the future of New Bedford."
~people clap~

~Hotel Roof~
Grace: "Del! Bring the ice cream!"
May: ~laughs~ "You know, Violet, Mrs. Barlow said that she would like a nice cat. Dr. Barlow might put this one on a reducing diet, but you could at least visit him, eh?"
Honey: "So, Mrs. Bailey, do you really think you're going to investigate Sainsbury?"
Max: "Usually fellows like that keep their tracks covered."
Grace: "What could we really prove?"
May: "Well, nothing, but he doesn't know that. Let him stew 'til he's tender, as your father used to say."
Hub: "Grandmother, I'm proud of you."
Max: "Mrs. Bailey, here's to your health."
May: "Here's to New Bedford."
Fat: "Cheers!"

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